GaioumonBatou's Workshop: Existentialism

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October 30, 2008

This Workshop is now CLOSED. Thank you to everyone who submitted/ Please find below the seven entries for this workshop in which we would appreciate critique and thoughts. Meanwhile GaioumonBatou will also be reading!

:bulletpurple: Business as Usual by wyldhoney
:bulletpurple: Day in, the Rest is by leoraigarath
:bulletpurple: The Factory by Kitz-the-Kitsune
:bulletpurple: The man in the shop by fense
:bulletpurple: Click by EvenAfterTwelve
:bulletpurple: PING by CyberPhantom
:bulletpurple: Jimi plays the Blues by buildingsforbrains

Results will be on Sunday, along with a very good workshop from the lovely LaMonaca

October 29, 2008

:star: There are roughly 15 hours until this workshop closes, so make sure you note us your entries as soonas possible.

:star: A huge and special thank you to LadyLincoln and leoraigarath for their wonderful sub donations! The workshop is subbed up for another 6 months.

:star: We'll be fixing the CSS, Memberlist and another minor issues this weekend. Have no fear, the workshop is still here!

October 26, 2008

:star: Plenty of time left, but we'd like to see some entries roll in for this workshop!

:star: Our subscription has ran out :( if anyone is willing to donate a sub, we'd be more than appreciative because BeccaJS is poor!

:star: Many of you have asked about our memberlist situation. We actually have that many members now, that our list is longer than the character limit on journals! Therefore before our next workshop next week, we will be splitting the member list into 2 journals instead. Please bear with us whilst we organise this.

October 19, 2008

GaioumonBatou's Workshop: Existentialism


GaioumonBatou has nothing to say about his ridiculous username, or even much about himself for that matter. A second-year English Literature major, he's still got a long way to go on the road to learning, but he is happy about that as well. He currently attends university in southern California and on off-seasons lives at home with his family.


Existentialism is a philosophical movement that can be seen in many famous and often referenced literary works, so the idea is to familiarize you guys with the concept of existentialism itself. For this workshop, we'll be working with the style of existentialism that can be found in works such as "The Ballad of Sisyphus", Kobo Abe's Woman in the Dunes, Camus's The Stranger, and Kafka's Metamorphosis. In each story, the main character (Sisyphus, Jumpei, Mersault, and Gregor, respectively) does one action, day in and day out, all the while thinking of what purpose it serves. In some cases, like Sisyphus and Jumpei, the repetition of this action is their purpose, keeping them alive while also giving themselves a purpose to live. In other cases like those of Mersault and Gregor, the character ceases to do that one action, and in doing so, they come to the conclusion that life serves no purpose, and inevitably die. In the case of all four characters, though, there is one moment where they must choose, either to continue to do that same action day in and day out, or to come to the realization that there is no reason to do so, and stop trying.


The task is to write a story where the main character does the same thing, day in and day out, focusing on that one moment where they must choose between living or dying. Beyond that, the story is entirely up to you.

Here are a few reference links, in case one would like to go into more detail.
Existentialism (Stanford University Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

Wikipedia focus on existentialism through literature

How to Submit

After submitting your entry as a new deviation or scrap, send us a note with a link to your piece. Include the subject line "EXISTENTIALISM" in your note. The deadline is midnight October 29, 2008. All times are set for GMT. GaioumonBatou will respond to the entries on November 2, 2008.

A note from Writers-Workshop: Please note that this is a PROSE workshop, meaning that we will accept only prose entries. Proofread your work before you send it in so that grammatical and spelling errors are minimal. And most of all, have fun with it!

:postit:On Accepting Critique

:bulletblue: Always thank the critic. This gratitude must be as sincere as possible, even if you did not like the critique given, because the critic has taken time to offer his/her opinion of the piece.
:bulletblue: If you do not like the critique, it is not necessary to mention so. Simply thank the critic and move on. You can always ignore their suggestions, while not making a scene of it.
:bulletblue: If you are unsure of what the critique means, feel free to ask the critic what s/he meant. Building a rapport with your critic is one of the best ways to survive in a workshop and to learn. If you want examples, ask. Similarly, if you like the suggestions given, mention it. Critics have feelings too. :)
:bulletblue: In the unlikely case that a critic offers rude/sexist/racist/etc comments, feel free to contact Writers-Workshop in a note, and we will try to help you. A decision regarding the rudeness of the critique will be taken, and if we're not sure ourselves, we will consult with one of the GDs or anyone else high up on deviantART.

:postit:Call for workshop hosts!

We're looking for people to come along and host a workshop! Did you know that any member can partake in a workshop? If you have a good idea, then why not consider sending us in a proposal?

We ran a poll last week to find out why people hadn't applied to host workshops and it turns out the main reason is a lack of confidence. We would like to encourage everyone to have a go, regardless of status, symbol or popularity. We're looking for good workshops and want to ideally be booked up for the rest of the year.

So if you're interested, take a deep breath and send in a proposal!

(Note: We gladly welcome all proposals, but we feel it our duty to mention that we are booked 'til next year in poetry and prose, while free-for-alls are lacking. Just something to keep in mind. :) )


Our anniversary is coming up. Can you believe it? One whole year of having amazing deviants host workshops where you can actually get substantive help in improving your craft. We're still in the process of deciding exactly what our celebrations will involve, but we're counting on you to take part and have fun when we announce it. :drunk:


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I read about this workshop yesterday, so I couldn't write my entry for today :tears: Can I, by any chance, submit it with a one-day delay?