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:pointr:Can I submit my literature here to be promoted?

No! Unlike many literature groups on deviantART, Writers-Workshop does not accept random submissions for promotion. Only submissions for active workshops are allowed.

:pointr:What does the group do?

We run monthly, topic-centred workshops based on discussion, practice and critique that can help both new and experienced writers build their skills. You can read more about our workshop structure on the About Us page.

:pointr:What workshops have been run before?

You can find a listing of past workshops in our workshop archive.

:pointr:What can I do about my awesome workshop idea?

You could volunteer to host a workshop or leave a workshop suggestion.

:pointr:Am I supposed to write a critique if I submit to a workshop? What if I'm not a premium member?

You are expected to leave feedback on at least one other person's work if you submit to a workshop, but it doesn't need to be a formal critique. Any kind of helpful comment, long or short, in the critique widget or in the comment box, is great!

:pointr:Am I guaranteed personal feedback on my submission?

Unfortunately not. While our team, and many members, work hard to provide feedback to as many people as possible and the workshop host always leaves general feedback, you may not always get a personal response. However, that's the exception rather than the rule! Many members say they've found some of the best feedback they've ever had at our workshops.

:pointr:If I write the best piece in the workshop, what do I win?

Nothing - Writers-Workshop is not about competition. There are no winners or losers, nor any "bad" pieces of work. The idea is that even if you're not entirely happy with your writing for a workshop, the experience will have been valuable and let you use what you have learned in your revisions or in future writings.

:pointr:What does 'free-for-all' mean?

A free-for-all workshop is a workshop for both poetry and prose, or one that otherwise includes all kinds of writers.

:pointr:How do I become a member?

Just hit the join button at the top of the screen and a staff member will respond to your request as soon as possible. We would like our members to be active, but understand sometimes that isn't always possible. This community exists with your support and for your benefit. We don't expect you to participate in every single workshop, but the more you do the more you may find your own niche in writing and the more dynamic the workshops will be. You can learn a lot by reading other people's work, giving critique and doing the workshops - so what are you doing still reading this?

Note: If a staff member has asked you to read the FAQ, there's no need to comment here! Just let them know you're done by replying to their request.

:star: FAQ last updated: 9th January 2011

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