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:postit: Results of EveningDownpour's Workshop on Nonfiction Poetry

A word from Writers-Workshop:  The purpose of this cycle is to challenge the writer, making them take a new perception on a literary form they may not have previously considered and experimenting with it. This workshop especially enlightened the participants about nonfiction poetry and all embraced it with effective results. Some of the poetry produced has been some of the strongest we have seen and we congratulate all 16 participants for their efforts.

We would like to firstly thank EveningDownpour for her dedication as a fantastic workshop host. Her comments left on the submissions were invaluable. We'd also like to thank her for hosting such an interesting subject for a workshop, as nonfiction poetry isn't a common concept, but this workshop proves it can work.

:star: Special mention:  to SpokenAubade who left a fantastic critique on mwiings' piece, Remember .  It is gestures like this, where people who haven't participated in the actual workshop, but still take the time to critique who make the literature community smile!

EveningDownpour's Top Picks:

If there's one thing I bet the participants of this workshop will tell you, it's that writing nonfiction poetry with the specific purpose to inform or instruct (or both) is pretty damn difficult!  Sure it sounds easy - consider all of those children's rhymes that tell you about dinosaurs and alphabets - but when it comes down to really conveying facts instead of a complex emotional message, writing tends to hang itself up and default to encylopedic enjambment and/or confused personal experiences.  Indeed, even when we believe we're teaching or telling, we often wind up commenting or persuading, so trained are we to draw the reader in and grip them from an emotional core.  Is it possible to hit the emotional core and still be informative?  Can we teach a lesson without making it feel like class notes or well-intentioned advice?  That's what this workshop aimed to discover.

It'd be a damn shame not to mention batousaijin, both for his diligence in writing four incredibly fun workshop poems and for his accomplishments with Urinal Etiquette.  Urinal Etiquette took a common "Man fact" and put it out there for all the world to see, using both humor and flashback to describe the relationship between a man and his member - and their need for personal space.  It stayed true to the purpose of the workshop and stood as its own accomplishment in regards to poetry and poetic form, and was a true pleasure to read.

My other favorite comes courtesy of John-A-Dreams, who taught us about Herschel - the first man to discover water on Mars.  Though the poem strayed in some ways, feeling at times like a story instead of a poem, the experience and the facts combined to provide such a beautiful, intelligent take on an event that inspired us in so many ways - and continues to do so today.  Indeed, On Martians, with a tone entirely separate, captured the very essence of nonfiction poetry.

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It was a really good workshop and I really enjoyed the comments and the work process. Thanks a lot to EveningDownpour for this lovely task!