Conorschild's Workshop: Results

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conorschild's Workshop: Results

March 30, 2008

A word from Writers-Workshop: An interesting and difficult challenge, this brought in several interesting revisions. Thank you conorschild for hosting this workshop and for offering critique to each participant!

You can read all the entries here.

:star: Special Mention: Sprawwl, who isn't a member of our group (but only technically), but offered a concise and exacting critique of one of the entries here.

conorschild's Comments and Top Picks

Okay, first off I want to thank everyone who took part in this workshop. I realise this was a hard task, especially with such a limiting word count. The main thing I looked for in each piece was that the shorter version contained the same emotions and feel of the longer piece - and I think that everyone manage to achieve this, which is no mean feat.

If there was a common problem with any of the pieces, it was that the wrong things were being cut - a lot of people were liberal with cutting the description, which while left plenty of words for dialogue meant that some pieces felt empty and hollow. With this in mind, the pieces I chose for my top picks managed to avoid this and keep the soul of their stories alive.

In Take the Plunge, Erin88possibly achieved the best reduction of the longer piece. In particular, she wasn't afraid to mess around with the chronological order of the story in order to keep the word limit down, rather than just take out sections of it. I didn't feel that I knew the characters any less for reading the shorter version, and the newer version is also a good show of how much this writer has progressed with her work over the past few months - not just in terms of completing the task but in general writing ability.

In comparison, berylalexandros's During Murder In The Dark's shortened version didn't come out so well from the workshop - but I can assure you this is a fault of the process rather than the writer. The reduction of the piece was clearly a hard task and not one that I would envy, but I think JessaMar did well to retain the claustrophobic atmosphere of the original. A comparison of this to the excellent original would be very helpful in spotting exactly what elements are really needed in a story.


Congratulations, everyone! Look out for our next news article. We have a surprise activity for you.

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I miss this workshop >.< Lack of time... I would love to have free time.
Anyway, I'm really curious about the "surprise activity"! :excited: