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October 19, 2008

A word from Writers-Workshop:

It was impressive to see all of the insightful and welcoming comments being left on the entries, and I think that this is honestly due in part to the host herself. There was some very creative and thoughtful interaction going on between the host and the workshoppers.

As an oversight on my part (GaioumonBatou here), there was an entry not added to the list, that being Thunder Moon by starrsilver. If you could take some time to read and give feedback on her work, I am sure she would be quite grateful for it.

JessaMar's Comments

First of all, I want to say what a pleasure it's been to host this workshop.  The number of submissions (14) was respectable without being overwhelming, but more importantly, I enjoyed reading each and every one of them.

I hope that this has been an educational experience for everyone, as it has been for me.  What I learned was how very different people are, in the very best way.  I never expected that anyone would write exactly what I would have written from a prompt, but I had certain expectations of the sort of things that I would see the prompts manipulated into... and generally I was wrong.  It reminded me, much as I have been reminded when I've participated in similar things, that two people never see quite the same thing.

The most popular prompt, used in six out of the fourteen submissions, was "Write something about two people who never meet."  Actually, I think that dr3amup's submission Candle could qualify under that prompt too, although that wasn't actually the chosen prompt.

Nearly everyone who used the "two people who never meet" prompt chose not to take it too literally, which is course the best way not to take it.  I think that everyone who participated understood the workshop well and made an honest effort of it; as a general rule I was quite satisfied with the extent to which they manipulated the prompt without ignoring it all together.  I often would have liked more rambling detail in the author's comments, but everyone shared enough that I understood the important things.  A lot of people chose to use some inspiration from their personal life, which is a tactic that I support; as I said in a comment to UnfeelingAlloy, writers should know how to use all of the resources at their disposal.

I chose the following top picks because 1) I feel that they represent a good selection of what was submitted, 2) I feel that in writing style they are among the highest-quality submissions, 3) I feel that the authors made good use of the prompts, and 4) I feel that the author's comments were very well-done.  Naturally, they are also among my personal favorites.  I have added all of the submissions to a collection, and I encourage you to go read them and find out which are your personal favorites.

A Note With No Name by TenshiKoneko, written for the "two people who never meet" prompt.  It demonstrates the impact that we can have on other people, sometimes without even meeting them.

When things are new, there ... by dimerization, written for the "Take a sequence of at least five words out of this workshop introduction" prompt.  It is about the author's experience with being in a new place.

the Library Ghost by cupcake-of-chaos, written for the "two people who never meet" prompt.  It is about a shy young man who falls in love with a girl in a library.

Never the Twain by UnfeelingAlloy, written for the "two people who never meet" prompt.  It shows a different sense of the word "meet".

Thanks again to everyone who participated in this workshop!

Congratulations everyone and thank you for your hard work! Look out for our news article and journal with a workshop on existentialism!

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I am speechless as well - thank you so much, Beryl! I feel very honored! :hug: