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May 18, 2008

A word from Writers-Workshop: Thank you for participating! There will be no special mention this time round as we did not see much in the way of critique. We hope that this is an exception, and that you'll find time to peruse each other's work in a more dedicated fashion next time. We have faith. :)

BeccaJS's Comments

When you only have 5 entries, I think it is difficult to make a top pick. I think due to the fact there was only 5, I’d top pick them all. Each submission had a variety of qualities and weaknesses, and I enjoyed reading them all.

I was a little disappointed to see very little comments from our members this time. In fact two of the entries only had comments from me as workshop host. I understand this time of year brings exams and outside lives mean you are very busy, but it was sad to see. We have almost 300 members and 5 entries, I would have expected a bit more. Next workshop, I encourage every one of you to just read one of the submitted entries and offer your thoughts- just one, not all of them.

But let’s not these thoughts cloud those who did take part. Revision is one of the key elements to effective writing, realising the elements that need working on in your work. It is an essential practice as a writer and one that will help you develop and understand your own style. Each of these pieces showed an improvement from the original to the next draft and now have had the critique to take it to the next draft.

All Wrong by illuminara
illuminara wrote with much emotion. Emotion is probably one of the elements that a lot of writing can sometimes lack, and probably one of the most important. To get the emotion right you have to connect it to the audience and provoke them to feel how you want them to.

Christina's Story - an Excerpt by ria88
What I liked about ria88’s piece was we got a great sense of character. Christina has attitude, a bit of background and appealed to the audience this piece is clearly geared at. With a bit of development on the language and word choices, this piece could really work.

Florida  by 8ankH
8ankH brought to this piece excellent pace. Sometimes we get too excited as writers and forget about pacing the writing, especially dialogue and in doing so you can lose emotion and subtlety.

Tarnished Notes by itzjusdrama
This is a great start to something I feel is going to be bigger. Great readability with lots of opportunities for development!

To Drown a Rat by batousaijin
I think if I was going to have a top pick, this piece may be leaning towards it. Technically the piece was sound, and the story was interesting and emotive. batousaijin has touched onto a future workshop without realising it! (not telling you how though!)

Congratulations everyone! Look out for our news article and journal with a workshop on revising poetry.

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