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I am unbelievably proud with the results of the workshop. When I was approached with the opportunity to host it, I was excited and nervous--how many people would take on the challenge? Better yet, how many people would take it seriously?

The answer is 10. Ten wonderful writers took on the challenge, and all of them did a wonderful job. The entries are both pleasing, entertaining, and all of them could be likely in an unlikely situation. I enjoyed the different voices from each of the writers and the approach they took to ensure fanfiction to be unique while still holding tight to the characters/world they borrowed.

I was impressed with the amount of entries that took the fan fiction element and spun it into an engaging story. Even if I wasn't on level with all of the fandoms, I was quickly pulled into the storyline, the amount of detail given (never too much, but always just enough) was refreshing and pushed me out of the monotonous description dumps that clutter most fanfiction.

If I had to pick a star from these ten, I'd quickly point out LunaticStar's Lost to the Wind God. From the get go, this fiction pulled me in and hauled me along for the ride. Flashback scenes can usually go one or two ways: Good or bad. This writer's usage of the flashback enhanced the story and gave us a lot of information in an interesting and timely way. I've never read any Star Wars fan fiction, but this one was great!

I encourage all of you to read the ten pieces. If you have little time on your hands, pick one or two. Get in there and leave these writer's with information that can help bring their writing to a different level. Fan fiction or not, it is writing, and good writing helps make good fan fiction!

To the writers who participated: Thank you for taking the challenge, and I will be sending you each a note with a personal critique!


Look out for our news article and journal with our next workshop, coming soon!

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Wow, that's wonderful...what a great turn-out. I'm glad to have participated. :)