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SS Winners Hall of Fame

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Winners Hall of Fame


1st place: :iconmardefune: with
2nd place: :iconsouthernwriter2: with


1st place: :iconmeloannechen: with
2nd place: :iconlugal: with
3rd place: :icona-wakefield: with…


1st place: :iconbonfirelights: with
2nd place: :iconsouthernwriter2: with
3rd place: :iconrhaevyn: with


1st place: :iconmardefune: with
2nd place: :iconwhippedblueicecream: with
3rd place: :iconnicolaigrey: with


1st place: :iconsouthernwriter2: with
2nd place: :iconwhippedblueicecream: with
3rd place: :icondobbyscookiesock: with


1st place: :iconypplejax: with
2nd place: :iconlugal: with
3rd place: :iconnicolaigrey: with


1st place: :iconlugal: with
2nd place: :iconsouthernwriter2: with
3rd place: :iconbrodskales: with


- 1st place: :iconmodji-33: with
- 2nd place: :iconkt-munson: with
- 3rd place: :iconpeacekeeperd: with


- 1st place: :iconlugal: with
- 2nd place: :iconareksandura: with
- 3rd place: :iconanimaraven: with


A big round of applause :clap: to our 2018 SS3 writers clara-01 & weyrwoman-lessa for their entries, which are located at >…

Beneath the reviews and awards is the announcement for the next Contest!!!

SS3 Reviews:

"The Demon of Saint-Eli” by clara-01 at 9,993 words
Mélodie Rivers brings us her rendition of the Baron's Masquerade in this steampunk scifi-fantasy.  Usually I take notes while reading and compile them into a review at the end, but this time I read straight through because it reminded me of a layered cake, and I wanted to understand what each layer was made of before passing any judgements.  First and foremost, the first sentence was a doozie.  While the flowery language lends itself well to the theme, it is important to make sure one doesn't over do it.  Run on sentences are especially notorious in more poetic compositions.  It took a moment to get my footing as a reader because I went in expecting Violet to be our main character, only to shift focus to Simeon after she delivered the news and he politely dismissed her.  I appreciate, however, that once he was introduced there was no confusion about who's story this was. That said, I was satisfied with the side characters identities. Violet stayed firmly who Violet was designed to be, and so did Sybil, without either character coming across as a carbon copy of the other.  The only character who didn't feel genuine to me was the mad doctor (if you read it, you know who this villain is, but I wont name names!). While his motive was flushed out nicely, I felt he lacked depth when he met Simeon and immediately allowed Simeon to join in cahoots without any suspicions.  He even let this "admirer" of his work leave the house without any fear of it being a trick or him running to the police or shouting out loud about the deep dark experimental secret to the world upstairs.  I understand that this lack of judgement on his part helped to propel the story toward its climax, but I feel it also deescalates the story a bit because of how little consequence there were to Simeon's trespassing.  But lets talk about Cake for a moment: Mélodie doesn't give you all the answers right away.  She layers them in.  First there is the mystery that Violet delivers to the investigator. Then there is the matter of the method of murder being employed by the villain which needs unraveled.  But in discovering the method, we walk away with new questions, such as "what IS the investigator? Why does he have these unnatural powers?"  Once we solve the mystery of who the killer is, then we are left asking why did he do it, and why this way?  Each answer is paired with a new question until you finally reach the ending of the story and all is revealed.  I felt this formula was well executed and despite a few personal choices that made me pause (i.e. why is it in fiction, so many people wink at people they just met?) the story reached its resolution and stuck the landing.

"The Purge” by weyrwoman-lessa at 1,008 words
Weyrn delivers a sensory driven exploration of an emotion. At least, that is what I believe it is.  Here we have a story based on the cover "If this is Heaven" where we are limited to the main characters experience, without context to aid our understanding.  The writing is very short, to the point of being threadbare.  Most of the time I had no idea what was going on, which had the unfortunate effect of making it easier to spot grammatical and spelling errors. The first of which was confusing the subject in the third sentence.  The next was "these wild", which doesn't quite fit.  I believe it was meant to say "this [...] wilderness", but Im speculating.  All very minor notes, but in a narrative that purposefully starves the reader of information to evoke a specific emotion, the little things look bigger.  Technical critique aside, I'd definitely recommend that readers read this one TWICE!  I think there are certain details planted in the progression of the main characters journey that carry a double meaning. Most notable of all: the loud bang that woke her up and started her frantic flight in the first place.  The summation in between the line breaks confirms what we only just begin to understand has happened. I think giving us this clarification and rewarding us with an answer to our suspicions is a good thing, I do think though that it could benefit from a bit more filler.  We're starved for perspective.  Once we go back to spectating through the main characters point of view as the debacle ends, I still felt confused. I don't know if Ive ever read a story before that purposefully dodged giving the reader any character bias. It was like her mind was a void, and aside from fight or flight ANS reactions to instinctual fear, we have no sense of who she is. What we have read are the characters sensory inputs without any internal analysis. As such, when we reach the end and the script is flipped (now we have less sensory info and all emotional input, specifically emotions like defeat and abandon) the vague remarks at the end didn't clear anything up for me.  turns out, I still have questions! Who are the "they"? What character traits are we referencing from the they? what kind of Home did she see in the light, what makes it Home? Is it familiar to her?  Theres so much room for this story to be padded and enriched. (10x more space for this contest specifically, but unlimited space for the authors personal choices).  I think this is a clever, and unusual style, and I'd be thrilled to see the author push it a little farther.

Thank you both for entering, I hope you enjoyed the challenge and I look forward to seeing you again in future quarters! Without further adieu, Here are our winners:

The SS3 of 2018 contest winners!

- 1st place: :iconclara-01: with
- 2nd place: :iconweyrwoman-lessa: with

The prizes for the 2018 3rd quarter are as follows:
1) 60 DA Points
2) Featured in the Writers-Guild-DA & Comical1 journals
3) Featured on Comical1's Personal winners hall of fame journal

1) 30 DA Points
2) Featured in the Writers-Guild-DA & Comical1 journals
3) Featured on Comical1's Personal winners hall of fame journal


Covers for the 2018 Short Story Fourth Quarter Contest:

Secrets of the Sea by Comical1
Escaping Paradise by Comical1

BONUS: This Quarter we're doing something NEW!

Because of all the outstanding saga's we've had in this competition, One of these covers will have an optional Sequel Cover running next quarter! sneak peek:

2018 SS4 - Schedule of Events:  

Submission Starting Date: Oct 02, 2018. Submission Deadline: Dec 02, 2018
Review and Award Reveal Date: Winners will be announced by Jan 1st, and we will begin the 1st quarterly challenge of 2019!!!


All entries have to follow these rules:
1) No fewer than 1,000 word count | No more than 10,000 word count, based on the image of the quarter (writers choice of two pre-made covers each quarter).

2) The title of the cover you select needs to appear somewhere in the body of the text for your entry to count toward the contest.

3) Must mention contest its being submitted for in the deviation description.

4) All entries must be submitted to the SS Comp Entries album in the group gallery.
You choose one of the two covers and write a short story around it that meets the 4 rules (the 4th rule tells you where to submit it). If you win, you are awarded the prizes listed for your placement (1st, 2nd, or 3rd). No covers are awarded. We award short story reviews, DA points, and free publicity via journal announcements about your work.  Quarters that include book trailers as prizes will be annotated as such from the beginning of the quarter.  Please direct any questions you have about the contest to Comical1 and she will be happy to answer them for you.

The prizes for the 4th quarter will be as follows:
1) 60 DA Points
2) Featured in the Writers-Guild-DA & Comical1 journals
3) Featured on Comical1's Personal winners hall of fame journal

1) 30 DA Points
2) Featured in the Writers-Guild-DA & Comical1 journals
3) Featured on Comical1's Personal winners hall of fame journal

1) 10 DA Points
2) Featured in the Writers-Guild-DA & Comical1 journals
3) Featured on Comical1's Personal winners hall of fame journal

Important Information about the timeline
I know most if not all of our contestants are always anxious to hear the results, so I felt a little breakdown of how the timing is planned was in order:
-Each contest last 3 months total, making it possible to have 4 quarters per year.
-The writing and entry portion of the contest last the first 2 months for contestants to get their entries finished
-The judging portion of the contest last 1 month, allowing the judge(s) time to read all the entries and make a fair decision for the winners (but Im a procrastinator and read them at the end, so if you need an extension, just ask!)
-Prizes other than DA Points are awarded between the day the winners are announced and the end of the following quarter *DA Points are awarded immediately

ALL aspects of the breakdown per quarter provide excess time for irl issues that can and do come up. (Not just for the contestants, but for the host as well)

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RidgewayFiction Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2018  New Deviant Hobbyist Writer
Chris here.

I've started submitting my ongoing Fantasy Novel "Village of Spirits" to the Novel Chapters folder here. It is my hope that I'll get you all hooked on my work.

Meanwhile, I'm definitely interested in meeting and talking with as many of you as possible. Message me, comment on my page, ask any burning questions you may have if you do indeed get hooked, and I'm happy to read your works in return and offer thoughts if they're welcome. Hope to talk with lots of you soon.
themoldysausage Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
I have a writing question. I've created a character who's a superhero. As a hobby she enjoys spelunking. I want her to have a job as well, but I'm not sure what sort of job she should have. Any suggestions?
ThePoeticPaladin Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2018  Professional Artist
I'm not sure if you've already gone forward with this idea, but something that occurs to me would be a park or game warden. It's the perfect job to take them away from civilians (where they can do superhero stuff in the open) and there's tons of caves for them to logically have built the interest from. It also gives you the freedom to move the character around to different locations that all are good settings, because there's national parks all over (and she could even be called over to consult with a canadian park if you wanted to move the plot up towards the arctic for a story, as an example).

If you already came up with something else, I'd be interested in hearing more about your character. I love indie superhero stories!
themoldysausage Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
I ended up deciding that having a job didn't effect the plot, so she wouldn't have one. But thanks for the suggestion.

And, the character's pretty cool. She becomes the host body of an ancient greek sorceress' spirit and uses her powers to fight evil. It's a pretty cool story. I'm close to publishing the first chapter, so go ahead and watch my page for when it comes out.
weyrwoman-lessa Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
If there should be no tension between her work life and her private life, geologist. If there should, probably something considered extraordinary boring, like tax officer. Or something very exhausting, like nurse.
Garrison-Kelly Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2018  Professional Writer
Good evening! Quick question: what is your policy regarding mature content? Forgive me if this ends up being a bone-headed question, but I can't find your rules anywhere. Thanks in advance for the response! :)
JaylinRay Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2017
Hey! Thank you for accepting! I hope to find some good stories here!
GoHaNViDeLSoN Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you for accepting me and also accepting my latest Journal Entry about my Fanfictions.Bunny Emoji-87 (Thanks) [V5] 
Aiiley Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello everyone thanks for adding me :D, I'm writing some kind of novel slightly influenced by Star Wars. These stories as I state every time I write them will mostly be based upon notes/tales told by different characters that will appear throughout their stories which are absolutely different than the SW we typically know. We'll get to know different characters in a more 21st-century world which combines action, drama and romance.

Thanks again for accepting me and see you soon I hope!
Newlium Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2017  Student Writer
I have a short story on my page that I would love feedback on <3
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