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Writers-Essentials is a group for writers, built by a writer. I wish to share my passion for the written arts with fellow Deviants and teach those who wish to learn the craft.

I feel that Deviant Art doesn't put enough emphasis on the Literature Community and I hope to change this. It may go slow but I know we can change the way Literature is viewed here on Deviant Art.

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Profile bullet 1 by PonnuiLiterature Features
Profile bullet 1 by PonnuiWorkshops and Lessons Weekly to Biweekly
Profile bullet 1 by PonnuiTips that every writer should know
Profile bullet 1 by PonnuiWriting Advice for every type of writer
Profile bullet 1 by PonnuiContests
Profile bullet 1 by PonnuiBrainstorm sessions with like minded writers
Profile bullet 1 by PonnuiLive Google Hangout or Join.Me. teaching sessions

And much more!

I will add things to the list as they come and I'm always open to suggestions. So don't be afraid to Note me with your suggestions and comments.

As for Submissions, every genre is allowed and every format is acceptable. We accept short stories, poems, songs, graphic novels, novels, book series, and much, much more! We even accept submissions of visual art as long as it has to do with your story; like a character profile or a world map.

Please submit deviations to the appropriate Gallery Folder. If there is a Folder that you would like me to add, just send a Note and I'll fix it up for you. The Featured Folder is for Admin use only, so please DO NOT submit to the Featured Folder.

There is currently a 4 deviations a day (per folder) limit on submissions. Limits may change as the Group expands.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions, just shoot me or the Group a Note and I'll be glad to work it out with you.

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Prompt: Open a story, poem, etc. with the words "You have changed"

These words can be in any context, good, bad, or anywhere in between. This prompt can be written as a story, poem, or any other manner of literature, there is no set format.

Please submit all prompt entries to the Prompt 2016 Gallery folder by Sunday, March 20.

If anyone has any prompt suggestions shoot me a note. You'll get full credit for your suggestion.

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Prompts 2015
General Fiction
RennieThe satchel bounced against her hip as she dashed through the forest. Though nobody was pursuing her, Rennie’s feet carried her across the familiar path at top speed. Tears gathered, but did not fall from her pale grey eyes. She had known how they would react if they ever found out, but it had been an accident. A spur of the moment decision that had ruined her life. Pom and Lily had been playing in the treehouse and she had been assigned the role of “monster”. ‘Oh, how apt they must feel that name is now.‘ She thought. Rennie had spent the afternoon launching attacks against the twin’s “castle”. The backyard had been filled with the joyful sound of the girls’ giggles. A sound she would never be able to hear again.As the sun disappeared from the sky and was replaced by a sliver of moon, Rennie’s aching legs begged her to slow down. She walked through the forest, listening to the symphony of insects. Rennie and her siblings had often played in the vast forest surrounding the family’s cottage, but Rennie herself had spent many more hours out there alone, reading or drawing until she ran out of daylight. The dark, twisted shapes made by the ancient oaks brought her strange comfort, like friends offering her a kind embrace in her time of need. She brushed past them, putting as much distance as possible between her and the past. Her life had always been unstable, like a carnival ride that hadn’t been built right. From what she remembered of her birth parents, they had been doting and kind. They were young, but had struggled to conceive a child. Rennie was their miracle baby. Then there was her first foster family. They had been nice too, at first. But once they discovered her secret, they chucked her back to the agency. Then came placement after placement. Some were nice until they found out, others were cruel off the bat, but the end result was always the same. It suddenly occurred to her that she had missed dinner. Rennie sat down and dumped out the contents of the satchel. All that it contained were a pen, some sketching papers, a can of bug spray, a bag of trail mix, a stack of photos, a chapter book, and a compact umbrella. Rennie stared at the umbrella. It was funny how such a simple object could call forth such pain. The tears finally spilled over and rolled down her cheeks. She flashed back to that afternoon. It had been just before dinner and she had been making her next attempt to take over the treehouse. “Roar!” Rennie yelled as she pawed at the tree. The higher she got, the more the girls squealed. “Get away monster!” Pom said, brandishing the umbrella like a sword. “Roar! You don’t scare me, little girls.” Rennie said as she neared the treehouse’s porch. Rom popped the umbrella open. “This is my magical-beast repeller. Get back!” Rennie hissed, as if in pain from the invisible rays coming from the beast repeller. She slid down the tree and fell dramatically to the grass. The twins were cracking up now. Rennie hammed it up, rolling around in mock pain. And then it happened. Pom was pointing the umbrella at her again. Then she was tumbling through the air, falling from the treehouse their mother had always complained was too high. Before she could think about what she was doing, Rennie lifted her hand and stopped Pom’s descent. The three of them froze, Pom in the air and Lily looking wide eyed over the treehouse’s railing. Then their mom came outside and started screaming. Her cries broke the spell, and Rennie dropped Pom the remaining three feet to the ground, where her mother scooped her up in a big, protective hug. “No wonder no one else wanted you.” Their mom yelled, still shielding Pom from Rennie. “You’re a monstrosity, a freak. Get outta here! Go away and don’t you dare come back.” Rennie stepped back, stunned. In moments, she had gone from daughter to monster. Up on the balcony, Lily had begun crying. Rennie grabbed the first things she saw and threw them in her satchel. She had taken off running without even stopping to grab her clothes from the little room she had just started thinking of as her own. No doubt they had already phoned the agency to complain. <i>How dare you send us that dangerous child!?</i> Her parents would say. Rennie created a small fireball on her palm and used the orb to illuminate the family photos from her satchel. So many smiling faces, so many memories in the eleven short months she had known them. For the first time since her birth parents had dumped her at the orphanage after discovered her powers, she had felt at home. She had parents and siblings, people that loved her, so long as no one knew what she was. Rennie realized they weren’t going to be her siblings and parents anymore. Sweet little Lily and Pom with their matching pigtails and bright smiles. Her brother Viel, who teased her for liking books, but had protected her from the bullies at school. She had tried <i>so hard</i> to protect them from her magic. Everyone said people like her were dangerous and she had tried to prove them wrong and be normal. But she couldn’t. Rennie extinguished the flame and put all her belongings back in the satchel. She had lost her appetite and she could feel the exhaustion creeping in. Once the sun rose, she could make her way to the river and follow it to the next village. She knew she couldn’t go back to the orphanage, not this time. She had found her home and she had lost it, there was nothing out there that would be better than what she had had. Rennie wiped her eyes, folded her arms beneath her head, and tried to fall asleep....

Mature Content

Mature Content

The legend of the origin of the grapes. by DandelionPawPrint

Mature Content

Verdwenen Kleren Deel 2 by Valgergo

Mature Content

Verdwenen Kleren Deel 1 by Valgergo
De Jacht Deel 2. by Valgergo

Mature Content

Mature Content

Science Fiction
One Aon Fatality - Official eBook Cover by Vaporeon249

Mature Content

Rules of the FetishArtAssociation (FAA) [WIP].WIP Rules for the Fetish Art Association.I. Membership. Membership may be obtained by any Deviant of good standing, by: 1a) requesting to join the group, or 1b) accepting an invitation to join the group. 2) Sending a note to the group with the following pledge: "I, [enter username], do solemnly swear to uphold the values of legality, consent, and compassionate understanding that forms the central ethos of the group. I accept that failure to uphold these values will result in the revocation of my membership." 3) An admin will accept or reject the application within 72 hours. II. Submission of Fetish Content. Members may submit fetish content to the gallery by the following the correct procedure: 1) The member requests to submit a deviantion in its correct folder. If no relevant folder exists, the member should send a note to the group requesting its creation. 2) The members follows up the request by sending a note to the group referring to its mature content tag (Moderate/Strict) and its specifics (Nudity/Sexual Themes/Violence/Gore/Strong Language/Ideological Sensitive), in addition to the reasoning for the same. 3) An admin will accept or reject the submission within 48 hours. Any rejected submissions shall have a reason for their rejection attached. 4) The submission limit is one piece per folder, per day. III. Election of Admins. At the current time, the election of admins is at the sole discretion of the Founder. IV. Revision of the Rules. The above rules may only be revised upon approval of the Founder.
Graphic Novels
Book Series
Blade Quest Vol.1 Cover by darkone4587
Young Adult

Mature Content

Character Profiles
Mage Nodarel (Season 1) by Blueredor
World Maps
Multi Genre
Eat You by Vaporeon249
Fan Fictions

Mature Content

Gay Marriage in Northern Ireland by haileysthelimit

Mature Content



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