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:bulletblue: Writers--club Submission Guidelines :bulletblue:

We love to read all of your literature, but we do have a few guidelines for everyone to follow. :)

:bulletblack: Global submission limit of one deviations per week to the gallery (regardless of folder). We have this limit in place so that everyone has a fair and equal chance to have their literature seen by others. We do not want to overload anyone's inboxes; too many deviations coming out from one group only leads members and watchers to skim over deviation stacks rather than looking at them closely. We want all of you to have the chance to let your work shine!

Contest folders are exempt: submissions to these folders does not count towards your global submission limit.

:bulletblack: Help keep our galleries organized for readers! Please do your best to submit to the correct folder.

:bulletblack: We accept the following types of deviations:
         > text deviations
         > .pdf file text deviations
         > manga and comics
         > visual literature: prose and poetry arranged in a design or with artwork to convey the story
:bulletblack: We do not accept the following types of deviations:
         > artwork without any writing
         > submissions of pictures with the literature written in the artist's comments: please submit as a text deviation

As a side note, we do prefer to see poems and prose submitted as deviations rather than journal entries. We will allow journals if they contain primarily literature and not personal commentary, but we do encourage writers to submit deviations over journals.

:bulletblack: We do not tolerate plagiarism. Submit original content only, and deviations using preview images should include a note in the artist's comments about the image used: who made it, from where it was obtained, and whether or not you have permission to use it. Stock images and images for free use are acceptable. We highly encourage citing your visual sources properly.

:bulletblack: Literature with mature content must include a maturity filter and rating. Please keep in mind deviantART rules.

:bulletblack: We cannot accept the same deviation twice. The same deviation cannot be submitted to two different folders. This is the most common reason why deviations are declined.

Thank you all very much! We can't wait to read your work! :typerhappy:
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Greetings. I read that journals are frowned upon but could they be used in the case the author would want to publish a download link to a visual novel, for example? Or any other literary executable, for that matter.

Or would be necessary to publish a extract of the novel and the link in the description?

Thanks for your time.