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Critique Program

We are re-opening our critique program, remodeled so as to actually give members a guaranteed source of feedback. In order to submit to the Critique folders, please read the following guidelines:

:bulletred: The first ten submissions to the folder will be selected randomly by club staff.

:bulletorange: You may submit to each Critique folder once a day. Your submission will not be accepted until you critique someone else's work already in the folder. You must provide a link to the piece you critiqued in a comment on this journal.

:bulletpink: There are two Critique folders: Prose and Poetry. You can only critique a piece in the folder to which you are submitting; for example, if you are submitting to Prose, critique something in Prose, not Poetry.

:bulletyellow: You cannot comment on a deviation that has already been critiqued; you must wait for it to be removed and replaced with a new piece. With this system, ten pieces should constantly be cycling through the program.

:bulletgreen: When we say critique, we do NOT mean the critique function available only through the Core program. We simply mean a regular comment on the deviation with your feedback and thoughts on how to improve the work. You may use the Core critique if you have it, but you absolutely do not need it.

How To Write Your Critique

:bulletgreen: In the first line of your comment, please copy and paste this message: Writers--club Critique Program. This is to help identify the piece as already critiqued and mark it for removal from the folder for staff.

:bulletblue: In the middle of your comment, write your critique. This means feedback on grammar, spelling, flow, characterization, plot, etc. Any and all of your thoughts on the work are welcome. What did you love about it? What did you not like about it? What ways can the piece be improved? Your critique must be five sentences or more. Remember, you can only get feedback if you give it first, so give your critique the depth you'd like to read for your own work!

:bulletblack: In the last line of your comment, please indicate which folder you would like for your own piece to be sent to after it has been critiqued. Staff will remove pieces from the Critique folders when they've been given feedback, and because we get around a hundred submissions each day, we do not have the time to look at your work and decide where to place it. You must indicate to staff which folder you want your work to go to.


1. You select a horror story you want to submit to the Critique Program. This would be Prose.

2. First, go to the Prose Critique Folder. Pick a piece in the folder that does not already have a Critique Program comment.

3. Write your critique according to the guidelines above. Remember to include all three elements: Critique Program mark, your critique, and the folder you want your work to go to after critique. In this example, you would write at the end that you want your piece to go to the Horror folder.

4. Submit your horror story to the Prose Critique folder.

5. Comment on this journal with a link to the piece you critiqued. Staff will check that you have indeed critiqued before submitting to the folder, will remove the critiqued piece, and accept your submission.

6. When your work has been critiqued, it will be removed to the folder indicated in your comment.

If you have questions, please comment below at any time! This journal will be kept accessible on the homepage for your convenience, so you can keep submitting critiques and asking questions.
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Would I allow to post front cover of stories? I have horror story called Do You Believe? that has front cover