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Welcome to Writers--club!

:bulletblue: Our Submission Guidelines are available here.

:bulletgreen: To submit to our critique program, please refer here for instructions and more information.

:bulletorange: You're serious about writing. We're serious about writing. Thus, the next step is looking into the world of publishing; we will be working with a new literary journal to bring publishing opportunities to dA. Please watch or join the group and keep an eye on our journal for more details!

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Enlightenment Can I tell you a secret? I've never had a dream.What? like ever?Never. but that's not the secret.Oh?I love it now.Hmm,Yeah, I used to hate it. Envy all the creative people who would have cinematic dreams with adventures and drama, and ask when am I going to get those kind of experiences?That makes sense. Guess I won't tell you about my dream last night. It was pretty epic.I bet.I mean, it was. Romance, gore, happiness; what more could I want?Right.Listen. I fell in love with the perfect person, lost my child to a disease, but in the end fell happy. I mean?Yeah, fifteen years ago, I'd hate you for telling me all this. You think it's funny, but for real. I would wake up and cry because I thought something was wrong. That I did something wrong or I was broken. How do I fix something I have no control over? You know?Hmm, I mean do you want me to answer that? I can try. Listen, have you tried to think about a person you have a crush on before falling asleep? Or thinking about a perfect day while you're lying in bed? Those usually help me fall asleep and have some great fantasies. You're trying to make me mad, but it's not going to work. I don't want to have dreams anymore. I've realized I wanted dreams because back then I thought my life wasn't worth anything. Like a lame-boring life-no one would want.Still is. I don't want your life.I'll enjoy death.What? Woah, listen, you know, Steph, Rob, Sammy, and hell, even-even-I-care about you. I was just kidding about not wanting your life. Sheesh. You're so dramatic! Chill out! I'd kill to have your life. I won't kill you though-Stop. I'm not suicidal. I'm overworking, stressing out, hate my job, and maybe a little pissed, but I enjoy sleeping now.Sleeping? Death? Listen, you're not doing a good job at making me feel any better. What's wrong with work? Where is this coming from?I get home; struggle to fall asleep, but once it happens. I slip into that darkness. Like a mini-death-when I start to wake; I fight it. I try to stay in that; in the nothingness. Finally, when my body makes me get up. I feel resurrected. Ready. Maybe I was only sleeping for two hours, or maybe it was ten hours, maybe it was more, or less; but that darkness was consistent, reliable. It never changes. Now, I work harder, eat healthier, read more-damn it! And I think it's because I know when I sleep it won't matter. It will all melt away.Shit. That's some gangster stuff. I just wanted a beer. You do this every time. Now, I'm going to have to tell Steph this whole story otherwise she'll worry about me and why I'm so grumpy all of a sudden, and why I'm being rude to the kids, and she won't let me just say you did the usual crap again. She'll want to hear the whole story, then she'll call her sister and tell her the whole story. I just wanted a beer.I don't know what 'gangster stuff' means. No. It's not that. I hope this is what happens. In death. A Cosmic Void.
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Concrete Monsters by AnnaGiladi

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In His Arms“My family will find us Azure.” Merri watched the rain fall, a creation of her sadness; and the reason she could never be with Azure. Could a weather spirit like herself, find happiness outside her families tight control? “Let them.” Azure's powerful arm wrapped around her, pulling her from the window. Turning she leaned into his chest. Her small hands clinging to his chest, as her heart did his words. He sounded arrogant but strong. Merri wished she could have but a touch of that herself. “You could have left me there,” Merri looked up, his coal-black eye burned with determination. “You could have lived a normal life.” Merri felt her own eyes tear up, and the rain poured all the harder. “You lost everything.” If she hadn't been so weak. “Your friends.” Azure wouldn't have turned his back on his friends that told him to let her go. “Your family,” She should have mated with the old troll. Now there was a bounty on both their heads. “Even your hoard.” A dragon's pride, accomplished over the span of their lives. Gone, given away to smuggle them out of their own homeland. “We left our homes but still they won't free us.” Merri struggled to leave his arms, she didn't deserve them. “More precious than a hoard.” Azure tenor voice rumbled out, his arms pulling her to his chest. Her struggles were nothing to his diamond hard strength. “Is the family I have now.” Kissing the top of her head, his navy blue hair cloaked over her, blocking her from the small broken down cabin. “I don't need friends who would trade safety for innocent lives.” The beat of his heart calm her soul, calming down. She clung back onto the man she loved, letting the tears she held fall with his words. “I have a family in you Merri.” Pulling her head up with a touch of his clawed fingers. “What is normal, is being with the love of my life.” He gently caressed her tears away. “I would face a thousand hardships. If it meant you stood by my side.” Leaning forward he pressed his lips over hers. Tender, and strong, just like him. Merri lost herself to his warm touch. Instead of hand clung to his arms, she warped her arms around his neck. Her guilt crumbling in the wave of his protective care. “I love you Merri.” Azure whispered above her lips when he released her from his arms. Opening her eyes that she didn't even notice she had closed. Merri felt a smile form on her lips. “I love you too, Azure.” Merri let her smile bloom, and with it the rain stopped. Azure looked around her to the window. “Come with me,” Azure grab her hand. Racing her outside, the cottage they were cooped up in, sat in the middle of a small clearing. Azure eyes were shooting around the skies. “What are you looking for?” Merri wondered, he looked so serious. “There!” Azure pointed to her right. Peaking over the canopy of leaves and needles were a wondrous array of colours. “A rainbow.” Merri whispered, it was only the top of one, she couldn't see it all, but still it help rekindle her spirit. “That rainbow will be ours. We just need to weather this storm.” Azure told her, pulling her to his side. “Together.” “Together,” Merri firmly said, believing in their love once again....

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Mature Content

The Snowden Junior Snoops: The Baby Doll Mystery by MisterMistoffelees

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Echo: TR- Prologue by Spirit--Productions
Science Fiction
5028 Short Story - In Preparation by MoofMiser
Historical Fiction
Mythologia Issue 01: Page 09 by centrifugalstories

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Comics and Manga
Sucker - Chapter 5 - Part 2 - Page 22 by E-Domino
Prose Critique

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Are you ready to take the next step? We know you're serious about writing and we are too. For our brave writers who are looking to get their start in the world of professional publishing, we will be gathering up a list with a handful of publications that are accepting submissions each month.

Since we're in the eleventh hour of the month, we're listing publication with deadlines in the next few weeks.

There are countless literary journals and anthologies accepting submissions out there, but a good number of them charge a reading fee. However, since a good many of us are early in our writing careers and often do not have the funds for paying submission fees, we will only list publications that do not charge a reading fee.

We list the name of the journal, the submission deadline, what type of literature they're looking for, and if they are a paying market or not. We encourage going to each website individually to read submission guidelines.

:bulletblue: Publishing Opportunities :bulletblue:

Name of journal: Broken Eye Books
Deadline: June 30th
Media: Fiction
Market: Paying

Name of journal: Organic Lifestyles Magazine
Deadline: Rolling basis
Media: Articles
Market: Paying
Website: www.organiclifestylemagazine.c…

Name of journal: Bare Fiction
Deadline: June 5th
Media: Fiction, poetry, theater
Market: Non-paying

:? What does no simultaneous submissions mean? This journal mentions that they do not accept simultaneous submissions; this means that they are asking you to submit your work only to them and to no one else until they've given you a response.

Name of journal: Track//Four
Deadline: June 6th
Media: Poetry
Market: Non-paying

:bulletred: Our Advice!

While it's definitely tempting to only submit to journals that pay their contributors, it's a slow and tedious process to develop a library of publications that can require making literally hundreds of submissions. We highly recommend submitting to both journals that pay and those that don't, for getting your name out there and having a publication to list on your resume or CV is always worth something.

You may have several pieces published with non-paying journals and though you won't see the money then, there's always the very high possibility that having those publications on your resume will be a key thing discussed at that job interview you're waiting for, or something to highlight in that scholarship application you're working on.

Happy writing and submit with confidence!
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Is this group still going I have been waitting since the 5th of sept to have a piece accepted?
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So my dastardly brother has decided to make himself of benefit to society by starting a blog wherein he critiques books. He'll mostly focus on self-published authors and beginners rather than doing the works of traditions basically don't expect him to run around talking smack about George. R. R Martin. Pfft, chicken. Anyway, if you have something that you want critiqued, go ahead and shoot me a note. I'll get it to him. This will be public and might get a little brutal depending on how much he finds, but he won't be mean or derogative and he's actively trying to help. Last thing to know is that these crits won't be book long or even entire chapters worth, he'll pick one or more sections of varying length, edit them and upload.

That should be everything. Feel free to ask questions.
Fare thee well my future friends.

P.S He's been critiquing for several years now, has written several books and is widely read so he is somewhat experienced
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