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Did faint painful memories press firmly upon  you?
Did the sharpened blade of your past life come back too?
Did the chasm of your utter blackness leave some haughty?
Did beguiling dreams of fame break your body?
Did words uttered venomously poison your mind?
Did drowned and guttered thoughts you sadly find?
Did crawling things with ugly faces haunt your days?
Did nights of abysmal gray blight your ways?
Did awful wounds of mortal stings mar your flesh?
Did your dirty family line with you strongly mesh?
Did the high season of borrowed love leave you cold?
Did poets of art that claimed false joy die of old?
Did peace and laughter long ago leave your land?
Did peril and chaos come to take its stand?
Did resurrections of ancient fears rise up?
Did raucous living and disgust fill your cup?
Did those memories finally assert the truth?
Did you covet another's abundant ruth?
Did life abandon your hopes to vanquished thoughts?
Did echo from your bleeding ears jump stained gun shots?
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The golden priest stood in dumbstruck horror, acid dripping from his warrior lover's tongue. Droplets of the supposedly 'merciful' goddess' tears pored upon dry, decaying Earth. Her skin was pale, her eyes streaming with salt and ice. Never had she wreaked of wrath, anger poisoned her aura, thickening his fogged, breaking world. "What the hell...did you just say?"
His stoic, unshaken whisper chilled her shattered heart. "You heard me, you damn human. I said I'm done."
"Done? Done with what, exactly?"
Molten iron churned, erupting as thunder roared it's reply to cocky lightning. Crimson dripped freely from clinched fists. Her fangs nearly cracked from grit pressure. "Done with this. Whatever the hell this...this cluster fuck between us is." Before he could step further toward her, she roared flames once again, "I'm done with giving all I am an' you brushing me aside like I'm shit! I'm done with the cold stares, the word-damn it, human, they HURT!!!" She backed away, wounded but strong,
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Sakura and Cigarettes
"You sure about this, Urameshi?"
Yusuke lit a previously used cigarette, smoke clotting the back of his throat before soothing into relaxing smog. He sat lax on the stone wall of Genkai's estate, sakura blushed in awakening from their hybernation. He released a breath, rolling his cigarette between his index and thumb. Damn, he could practically smell her on his skin. Perhaps his Mazuku was rearing it's primal traits. Not that his natural demenor strayed that of his breed. He shrugged, his brows cringed in aggrivation. "Why the hell wouldn't I be?"
Kuwabara's broad back lay against the wall, his brutish body fraying in an attempt to act cool. "You know what she is, man. What did Koenma call it? A para...pera..."
"A parasite?" His voice grew taunt, poised to attack for the sake of his Ivy. "Yeah? So what the fuck does it matter? I'm a Mazuku, Kurama's a fox, an' last I checked Yukina is an Ice Apperition."
He rubbed the bandage binding fresh wounds on his forearm, "I'm not downing what
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Beauty Behind the Glasses
Leaves veiled midsummer sun, casting gold rays unto her Shuichi. His slender fingers weaved through mounds of silk crimson, white teeth sharpened to a sophisticated, yet dangerous point. He seemed so calculating, primal in that instinct urged her to keep her distance from hidden danger. But, what held her to his side were his eyes: sly pools of molten emerald, reclusive in nature, but at times she could swear on every star in heaven ember cinders lay dormant beneath his kind persona. This was her Eros, her light amidst the dark, her....her lo-
"Maradona?" Mr. Yakutori called in monotone aggravation, tapping his pen off tempo. "Miss Maradona?!"
She shook her head, ebony bangs thick before her gentle face. "H-huh?"
A choir of giggles followed her broken trance.
"Miss Maradona, I asked you if you knew the value of X if it is squared."
She bit her lip, cursing herself for taking this advanced math class. Why oh why did she set herself up for disaster? "U-uh...". Her thundering heart
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It's new so there aren't many/any members yet.

There are no requirements for joining except that you should be eighteen or older...The content submitted is completely up to you. It can be poetry, flash fiction, fanfiction, haiku's, short stories, chapters from stories,summaries, etc.

Just have fun. :)
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bisouette Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2019
hey all, I’m mainly here to role play. If you’re interested, please note me!

-3rd person, paragraph style
-descriptive writing!
-decent grammar
-story driven first, but smut is a big component
-Romance! (MxF, I only play female)
-I also like Adventure plots!
-human or humanoid

-modern settings, historical settings, sci-fi or slight fantasy are all good!
-kinks I’m good with: bondage, tentacle stuff, pregnancy (both regular and ‘mystical’- like rapid growth, etc. for story reasons or just something you like, both are good!), breast growth (if you’re unclear, just ask)
-cute sappy romance stuff + honesty interesting interactions
-I will only RP with original characters (I usually make a new character or characters per RP)
-I can also play as multiple characters (for like a harem RP or just one with some drama) depending on what the story needs
-It would be cool if you’d play as multiple characters too for some extra juicy plots

-violent relationships, violence in general, killing off characters
-1st or 2nd person 
-script format
-furries (sorry! Just not my cup of tea) or anthros
-MxM or FxF (again, just not my thing)
-certain kinks (bathroom stuff, foot stuff, etc. might want to ask if unsure)
-Canon characters/ characters from fandoms
AuthorAmbroseGrimm Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2018  Professional Writer
How do I join? I cannot find a join button...
Tart-Deco Featured By Owner May 26, 2018
Hey, note me if you're into RP!

--romance (hetero)
--historical fiction
--modern day
--slight fantasy
--slice of life
--pregnancy (for story purposes or your fetish, either are good)
--paragraph style, 3rd person
--long term RP's
--one shots RP's

--some fetishes (ask if unsure)
--1st or 2nd person
--things that aren't human??
--script format
polegaria Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
May I join this group with my stories, Midnight, Midnight: Enter The Reaper and the upcoming Midnight:Souls Demise?
HellToastIII Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for letting me be a member :)

BlueDiamondSnow Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey ThatNohleeGirl and JakeAStrife and LamiaeBlackstone... and anyone else. I have a paranormal urban novel written that I would love to have someone read. I'm 100% up for reading exchanges! Anybody want to?! I'm dying to get some feedback from someone. You can read the description here. It's available to buy on Amazon, but I would just send you a copy for free if you want.…
ThatNohleeGirl Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2013  Student Writer
Hey everyone. i just finished writing my first full length novel (yay). So i'd like to know if anyone's interested in being a proof reader?
It's a steampunk fantasy set in the 19th centuary. Really dark.
So...any takers?
JakeAStrife Featured By Owner May 5, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Have you had any readers yet? If not, I would like to check it out.
I have a novel of my own, that's scifi/fantasy.
It's called Dark Dayz. I plan to launch a kickstarter for it soon, but few have got to read it so far. Would you like to exchange?
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