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Harem House #4 (Punishment) by BigGoatGuy, literature

De Jacht deel 17 by Valgergo, literature

De Jacht deel 16 by Valgergo, literature

The Nerd and Her Skater Boy by BigGoatGuy, literature

Mother's Day Bondage by BigGoatGuy, literature

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Fiction v/s Reality Darkness v/s LightDear humanity, i have already witnessed my dear cousin trapped in the endless void with no escape. She’s just too young to meet the lord who have cast spell on her before her birth. It made me think twice about the darkness that the unlucky people have succumbed to. If you are ready to explore this adventure with me, then let me take you to this expedition and let the story transform you into a hero of the millennium.Sincerely, Eva ShursikovaBased on a real life storyChapter 1: The other side of the worldThe world is a beautiful and colorful place, tell me where you are, i can try and guess, maybe you’re in the garden watering your lovely flowers. Is it tulips? Is it daisies? Is it sunflowers? Maybe you’re in the streets going to your favorite restaurant and witness the crowds including the cars? Maybe its an amusement park with roller coasters that have colorful lights?As you walk down the street, on the quiet and beautiful hometown of yours, you see the yellow raised dotted markings on the edge of the gray clayey pavement and you probably know what purpose it serves. Who doesn’t anyway? But judging by the pavement, can you guess what the story of this book is about? This, my friend is a tactile pavement, for your experience.No, better, let me ask you a few questions.When have you last been judged for your vision?Do you remember the last time your people take you to witness the Phoropter?When did your peers ever told you that you need the key to assist you to catch up with the mother light?The key as in the small squared piece of glass in frames, its handles have screws too.For those little babies, they offer colorful ones that blend in with their cute baby skin. As cute they are in advertising, how adorable these nurses are to wipe the fears of these amateur little adventurers. When you see them in your younger years, what was first thing to come to mind?Stick a note on that line.Your people see that you spend your energy on these bright screened either a typed or a touched device, whatever you feel like scrolling on to embrace your laziness, one day, they want to check on you. So they take you to the clinic and when you go to a specific room, can you recognize the sheets that have different sized letters? Can you see the chair next to the Phorotroper?Luck decides your fate, are you special and worth to the light or you are in the menu for their next course meal. You see these frames, try them if it fits like a shoe. Are you getting strikes on your head when you are focusing on the letters? It must be energy consuming, right? So many keys to chose from because they’re for a specific case as the illusions manifest themselves from host to host.Once you pick the perfect key, you go to school with them. Who knows? Maybe you have a neighbor in your case. And then, you and your peers do the unthinkable. Your people ask you to try the aura of the key, in some cases, you want to try other people’s frames. Then you question someone’s cage, which illusion was made. It’s all just some innocent frames play, nothing much.Until you witness what the darkness has in collection.Are you a part of the collection? Have you been infected?Chapter 2: Dependent or independent?Walking around the hallways, you are aware of the dangers that you’ve seen in media.Illusions follows you everywhere you go. Once you drop those frames, the illusions comes back to say hello. If you keep up with me, I guess you might have the same thoughts as I have.Why?Depends on how well the illusion haunts you, did you ever felt the cold floor, bending down your body while trying to find these frames? And is it always the random guy that finds them for you?Why? Why do you act so……Have you ever felt stressed about sports just because the frames are so fragile? What are they made from anyway? Plastic? Glass?Why? Why do you act like you’re blind!?Wait…..About that….Do you ever had a hard time reading? Or seeing the chalkboard? I don’t know what you see, no one will know what you see but what we all know is the two different rivals, near and far. What is the purpose of frames? To help expel illusions while you are doing work. Do you think you have become one with the darkness?When was the day you were forced to spend a day without the frames?In this desperate time, the illusions never fail to remind you of your weakness as well as its origins. You tell everyone how bad your vision is, get a cycle of head strikes and why does your vision look like a masterpiece made by an artist? A background of nature, sunlight and buildings that now looks like it was made by a amateur painter, the smudges, the blurs, you are familiar with it. Chat about all day how bad your vision is. Maybe it’ll teach your peers a thing or two. Chances are you will never surpass what these unlucky people have been through. These frames are just marks of the darkness. You have only consumed a fraction of it. Have you ever heard of being helpless without these frames? Maybe……Because you think that you are all defenseless. That frames of yours is nothing compared to the suffering that people who actually met the darkness face to face. These shades are just to protect them from the heat and nasty infectious monsters since they cannot directly get in contact with the light. Even the people that have barely escaped alive from the darkness now viewing dark blurs, they know what true horrors of the damage feels like. How can they get in touch in with their planet? Well, let these people who actually have been unfortunate to succumb and be trapped for eternity into the illusions and epileptic lights guide you through their adventures.Is it dangerous? Or is their a hidden message? If there’s one thing experienced people ever taught you in this world, its how to learn to cope and understand with the darkness, to dig in to find alternatives to find equality in our cruel society, yet people still chat way too much, unnecessarily information about their journey to the childhood clinic.I don’t know, I don’t wear frames so I don’t have the unfortunate feeling. I only have my poor soul who all I can do is watch her learn to cope with the darkness, be brave my youngling, be happy! Chapter 3: Behind the animationWe all know the world of animation. But in this story, we don’t talk about realistic 3d movies to the point that our beloved characters resemble 3 quarters human and one fraction cartoon, instead we say about hand drawn cartoon makers. If you can recognize these characters with usually thick black frames…...ahem!Thin black frames, then you are certain to form an imaginary bond with them if you have their taste of fashion. The children have colored ones to develop this chain further. I can give you an few examples but I’ll let you decide. Once we have this chain between fiction and reality, we began to lie to ourselves that we behave like certain fictional characters. The force is lying to us so that they can give us two elements.Laughter…….And……RelatableWhat did I lecture you about how people acting like they are working for the lord of darkness? Can you remember? Can you focus with me? These cartoony individuals can’t focus on their important tasks, only in chasing after their frames and then humanity turn them into memes that you see everyday on your devices. I wonder, how popular does it get? Is community of these framed people a thing?Just remember something my friendThe world of illusions is different in fiction. But if we need to apply their logic, is everyone apparently blind? I have questions until this day. I am not a part of the darkness but I have set up this expedition just for you, my friend, dear traveler. All you need is fiction knowledge, self awareness and good attention span, they are on sale, at discount, buy them right now before we enter chapter 4.Before I prepared this expedition for you, my friend, I was once a youngling who watched how several cartoons cope with the illusions. As time went by, I, in my god form, picked the only method, that was superior to others, that coped with illusions, the only method I can trust. It was one blue creature with red clothing that brought some sidekicks to get sand that would be made into glass and his family helping the soul who was unfortunate enough to become one with the darkness.Several times, individuals would drop their frames and may not even try to find them. Not in case of the blue soul.As I learned the hard truth behind media, I have written my own cartoony talented creatures similar to blue aliens, just with different talents and I have one who also was unfortunate enough and then showed it what the world of darkness feels like. I want to show the world, society and humanity how illusions manifest themselves into dangerous, incurable visions.Chapter 4: First in hand experienceWhat did you think was going to happen when the day has come for them to truly experience the darkness? It has formed a corrupted bond between reality and fiction but if you would like to know the truth, stick with me. To them, the frames are a sign of supposed respect for their teammates and something like a precious jewelry they need to protect including the owner. To enemies, its a sign of obvious weakness, depends on if you want to appreciate it or break the rules. Do you have the same experience of them? Unless you have strong friends as your backup. Do you trust them?Once they drop them, there is no one to help. What benefit can they do now? The illusions, mutated, has finally managed to chain them and restrict their true capabilities completely. They can try for hours to look for these precious frames that they can’t live without but they will be eternally reminded of their sins and consequences that they were responsible for in the past. Pain in headsStress in eyesTrauma in their originsTheir frames do not wait for them, they don’t need the owner. The illusions mess with their willpower, no matter how strong you are, lying to you about your own location and your surroundings. A tree looks like a building fading in the fog, a rock looks like it sinking in the sand, books looks like whiteboards, you can describe it all if you know objects that blend with the blur and optimism that its a similar colored object if your vision isn’t just dark like a shadow.Can you see your own scratches and bruises? If not, you only see your energy getting drained and if you ask why, it’s because you try to hard too hard to survive without the frames and you know well that its useless to use your skills and even learn. Did you give up? Yes? No? It doesn’t matter as long as you’re deprived of the frames, the scratches, the bumps, the trips, it’s an endless cycle.You can’t feel their pain, you don’t know how to handle half of the darkness. You are blinded by the catchphrase of laughter and internet memes to see the tears of suffering. The darkness that exists is trying to speak to you, stuttering words about the hidden dangers and you instead find the deprivation of lenses beautiful.You never had dealt with the deadly shards, only have misplaced and mindlessly forget its existence. Maybe you’ve spent a day without them, that’s because fate decided it was time. Fear and its family members, the loneliness, desperation, hope. Fear is the ingredient for the illusions. If you don’t get in touch with your team, you can never speak to them. If you don’t follow your friends, they’ll never come back for you. The cold arises and the floor hardens. The darkness covers your vision and you have completely lost your path when you can’t feel the skin. You are trapped in an unfamiliar maze where every step you take is a different direction, be it forward or backward.Sometimes, you forget that you ever had frames and try to behave like your people. Are you able to copy their daily routine​? You can try for yourself without any success ever. People see you like a dim-witted, clumsy and careless person as if you have completely downgraded yourself like it’s a transformation.You don’t know what its like to fear for having the frames off and being so helpless. Behind the TV screen, you are just lazing around laughing and lying that you relate. As soon as you think that you can do well without the frames, the hard reality shatters the attempt. Do you realize that you have no clue where your step is? You might wish that you had the frames.Or better, someone that can drag you from the sorrows.You better pray to fate that you don’t find broken glass. Do you want to know how to stop the darkness from taking over?CryCryCryLet your beloved ones know your suffering. Let them be your light and guide you. If you see the warm hand with the frames, take the chance. My friend, learn to understand the darkness and cope with it. Don’t be scared my child…..Chapter 5: What they've been throughThe darkness becomes a child’s aunt or uncle your choice, either lord has given you the ticket to be your guardian angel for the rest of your life, raising you all by itself or you can blame the creator for their unbalanced diet. The creator never gets experienced enough to prepare for guidance. And that is what I complain on trouble of society that it never have space for corrupted vision.Does your beloved one know how you laugh?Does it know your skin tone?The concept of colors and light is a foreign unknown language to them. Access to knowledge of the latest news is like security check if they can keep up with the speed of light since every single of so called trained professional never come prepared for these unfortunate people. How about having to wait for time before you can no longer trust them? Their training never give them the piece of information they needed at some point in their darn life.As colors is an unknown language, never understand the taste of colors that you might end up looking like a pop star if you’re never accurate enough. Does anyone help give you a boost because you don’t have a taste of style? If not, too bad, it’s a shame if you got raised by the dark as an infant and never get to say hello to rainbows. At least you will permanently never fear the dark, unless you can see shadows that punish you for getting deprived of the lenses that you just got prescriptive with when diagnosed or for not taking your dose of magical gel.Does this gel ever work? Of course not.The cities become a maze. If you want the prize, you’re own your own. Does your city ever have a mind to think of bumps that send an energy to the stick like a wire to flow to the child of Dark Lord? If you’re lucky, you don’t get your breath taken if there’s loads of obstacles waiting to slow you down.Can you trust your peers? Answer me again!CAN YOU TRUST YOUR PEERS!!!No you can’t. Because humanity has no brain cell to think of different mutations of illusions in a vision. If you can barely send a message to light, then prepare to get frustrated by framers. Disgusting act of the people who watch too much fiction and never blend with league of darkness thus leading to misunderstanding of both darkness and light. For sure, if you want to prove the truth, tell them you don’t have sight reflexes.Foolish people, thinking they are angels without knowing the existence of the Dark Lord and its victims, I don’t say they are devils, I say that they are out of reality. I never saw one’s blind be confronted with an ignorant who thinks they’re have white wings. I just guide to what you know as the web on our phones or whatever you have.What else is untrustworthy in this planet? Devices for guidance? Oh yeah, because local shops never bother to think about people corrupted in darkness to give them a piece of program to live. But don’t worry my friend, as computers evolve, maybe they’ll blend in eventually, but its made by humanity, so your choice. Still, it hasn’t reached the maximum level of efficiency if the two elements corrupted souls depend on in their existence are……Energy connection between feelings of matterAnd energy connection between sonic waves and the windAs message to all unlucky people who just said hello to the dark lordYou are not aloneChapter 6: How to reach youAs the colors is an unknown language, the souls of the Dark Lord needs a different language and luckily the light understands that language to get in touch and guide them. Using the power of energy manipulation to connect with the matter of the walls of the invisible maze, you will have to solve the puzzle before opening the tunnel of light.Every electric spark received by the slightest bumps and heat changer means that you are more sensitive and smarter than your peers who underestimated you. You know what you touch and people can look dumb when they don’t stretch their secondary sensors. But when it’s just the space, it’s nothing but the cold. They are nothing without matter and energy,To be continued.......I am planning to write a book in the future
Scorched Neon history backstory (UPDATED)Scorched Neon is an alternate 1980s post-apocalyptic world. It involves imagery such as mutated anthropomorphic animals that walk upright, blending a mixture of themes similar to cassette futurism and cyberpunk realities. In 1984, scientists started to build robo-tv heads. Throughout the years they invented cassette futuristic cars, phones, computers even hologram traffic lights. Fairfax City was constructed in 1988 in Washington state and was built into a concrete dome city. In 1991 Underground cities were constructed over the years in preparation for the nuclear war. The American scientist conducts experiments by creating anthropomorphic animals with radiation. In 2083 Mayor of Los Angeles was renamed into Neuvo Angeles. On December 12, 2084, a group of disguised semi-trucks was used by Russian spies to set five of semi trucks explosion and three of the trucks sent a group of terrorists to kill 900 innocent people (for example Trojan Horse) On the night of December 18, 2084 nuclear war broke out. Russians started to launch nuclear missiles and were impacted at 11:59 p.m. On May 14, 1985, a green glow rain storm (aka radioactive rain) started pouring out around the globe on every continent as a result of developing a mixture of anthropomorphic animals, plants, clay, bugs, etc. People lived underground city for years. On the early morning of August 12, 2098, Radiation was completely cleared up. People from the underground were creating their own individual factions. The second Civil War between Fairfax of America and New America began in 2121. Fairfax is an evil corrupt faction and wants patriotism in the wrong way by forcing children to join the army and enslaving innocent mutated animals. In 2159, one of the Underground City in Northern California was attacked by Fairfax troops, and many children to trained to be soldiers Including Xander along with his sister April. Ten Years later, Xander and his sister manage to escape to Fairfax City to lay low and meet friends to stop evil. Hello I would like some feedback for my Scorched Neon?
Hello, everyone, I am a writer trying to get exposure/commissions maybe. I write both erotica and sfw works. when i do get paid I do it based on what the customer thinks its worth. for free or for exposure. 

Here is a sampling of my work. docs.google.com/document/d/16X…
Mr Thinkalots Fantastic Space Journey book by IMMayes     Mr Thinkalots Spectacular Space Journey book by IMMayes  

Thank you for letting me advertise, I am the author of these two books. They teach global warming and climate change, they also discuss topics such as plastics, recycling, war, healthy eating and much more. Thank you to anyone who faves or adds them to there collection, the main message is how we, as humans need to look after the planet better.
I kept it soft on `mature´, but by law I must use the warning option! 
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