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I’ve known how to breathe all my life,
at least that’s what I’ve been told.
No one taught me
no one showed me how
I just opened my mouth and
breathe in,
breathe out.

If I never had to learn how to live
why does it sometimes feel
so goddamn hard to fill my lungs
and let go of everything
like I’ve been born to do?
Why did no one tell me about the earth
and how it lives too,
about how when I press my ear to the dirt
I can hear it wheezing and
crying all at once?
Someone once told me that,
someone once said that the Earth is alive
and it inhales children’s footsteps
and exhales the trees whispers
and sighs the soft sounds of love.
Someone once told me that.
Now that they’re gone it’s as if
the trembling of the ground has
ceased and my lungs suddenly
just squeeze
and everything that I’ve known
has left
and now, it’s a struggle to breathe.
As a child I didn’t know how hard my lungs worked
I didn’t know what they had to
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Picnics With You
mud stained feet
crossed, tangled and
cherry tip fingers
brushed away.
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Mature content
You Knew :iconwriteacrossme:writeacrossme 2 6
A Creator
I know myself so well, I don’t think I know myself at all.
An introduction is difficult because there’s so many layers to a human, I wouldn’t know where to start. If I told you anything, it would probably be the most surface, typical things, I’d bore you to death. I could tell you about how I’m allergic to my own cat, how I hate sand with a burning passion, about how my worst nightmare is talking in front of people. You might argue that those things make me who I am, but I don’t know that anyone cares. I can try to dig deep but really, I’m not even sixteen, what do I know about myself?
All I know is I stopped sleeping a long time ago.
I’m not an insomniac, to clarify. It’s just that everything seemed too much, all the words, the music, the fresh pages of a book, the worn down green graphite pencils. How could you possibly go to sleep when there was so much to be made, drawn, created, written? The year I found this out, I was ruined.
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Oli Sykes by writeacrossme Oli Sykes :iconwriteacrossme:writeacrossme 0 7 Black Veil Brides Collage by writeacrossme Black Veil Brides Collage :iconwriteacrossme:writeacrossme 12 18 I Am Free by writeacrossme I Am Free :iconwriteacrossme:writeacrossme 3 10
There's an End to Everything
My lungs have become glass; my heart stone and my brain is just a puddle of nothing. I’m dropping, dropping, dropping, but I never hit the ground. I don’t even know, is that possible? There has to be an end to everything, or so I’ve thought.
I guess I’ve just been wrong a lot lately.
I can feel the random stabs of pain that jolt up my spine and course through my nerves. They cause me to jerk and groan, but my eyes refuse to open.
I like the way her hand feels sifting through my hair; the way her arms wrap around me and how she breathes softly in my ear. Her breath is unusually gentle and her grip remarkably tight. People have always underestimated her; though not me. Even she herself doesn’t understand. I’ve watched her repair things thought to be irreparable and I’ve seen her do things that no one else would dare.
Unconsciously I can feel her grip on me loosen and her breathing cease. At this, my eyes flutter open and another bolt of electrici
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Beach Baby by writeacrossme Beach Baby :iconwriteacrossme:writeacrossme 2 3
Ninety percent
He is about sixty percent dead. Maybe seventy percent, it’s hard to tell.
His long arms hang loosely on his shoulders and his lips are cracked, chewed. His damaged blue eyes lifelessly scan the book that lies on the table in front of him. Even though so numb and cold, his eyes don’t fail to amaze the people that stare at him curiously. They have a fascinating sparkle and are filled with wonders, but it’s easy to see that soon the power will fade. With time he collects scars. And with those scars, his life begins to leak and disappear down the rusted drain.
His handsome face is hidden underneath dark shadows, gaunt cheekbones, and much too pale skin. His callused hands have scars across the knuckles and bruises line the side of his neck. He taps his foot, tap, tap, tap. Pause. He looks up for a second and the girl across the room catches his eyes. He averts her gaze and turns back to his book anxiously. Tap, tap, tap.
Study his long dark lashes, the effor
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I'm Falling Apart
Nothing about Death is romantic.
Romance is not the cries of agony heard from miles away, the blood that seeps into the floorboards, nor the ropes that hang from the ceiling. Romance is not the hand that goes limp on a bed with white sheets… not screams of help in the moonlight.
Romance is slow dancing with no music, kisses after a fight, promises of the night.
But Death… Death is harsh, cruel, angry, and alone. So alone. His boney fingers wrap around the necks of the innocent and hardly ever the guilty. His teeth are sharp, his eyes are dark, his soul black and coated with the ones he reaps.
We grieve, we pain, we hurt, we suffer…
All because of Love.
Love is deep, dark, and vast like the ocean. My mother told me this once when I was small; she told me that while it makes some stronger, it can break others. Did it make me stronger? I have no idea. Am I broken? Maybe. Maybe I am.
And Anger grips us so tightly, with only the biggest efforts we escape.
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Bad Little Boy by writeacrossme Bad Little Boy :iconwriteacrossme:writeacrossme 3 22 Practice by writeacrossme Practice :iconwriteacrossme:writeacrossme 1 9
86. Seeing Red
And I walked out the door. I walked straight out through the front yard, pulling a bag over my shoulder as Anna ran behind me, screaming frantically, "No! Come back! Kota! No! You can't leave, please!"  I didn't say anything, even. I ignored her, pulled out my car keys, opening my truck's hard beaten doors when she pulled down my arm ferociously, yanking me back. "Oh no you don't! I invested my whole life into you!" And then I told her what I had wanted to tell her for a long, long, time. I told her I mistakenly gave my life up for hers. I told her I didn't love her anymore. I told her that she was obsessive, clingy, and crazy. I told her it was over.
Then my world went black.

And white, bright. Bright, White. Then wide eyes… insane smiles. Laughter and a loud metal lock, bright red hair; freckles. I could never be sure, but I guessed this thing I kept seeing was a she. A girl. Anna; my Anna. Maybe. And I stood up, I tried to claw my way out the bright white room, but it proved
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It's All for the Peace by writeacrossme It's All for the Peace :iconwriteacrossme:writeacrossme 2 16 Take my Hand... by writeacrossme Take my Hand... :iconwriteacrossme:writeacrossme 9 26

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  • Reading: The Catcher in the Rye - J.D. Salinger
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I'm not sure yet, but I'll probably make a new deviantArt account. There's nothing I want more than to be more active on here - because I really do love interacting, critiquing, and such, but it's hard for me to motivate myself to do that on this account. So, more than likely I will create a new account and of course follow all my old friends and everything, maybe to start out repost a few deviations. But I think it'll be best that way.

When I make it I will post it in my next journal. Be on the lookout :)


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United States

Hey! I'm Alisyn, but you can call me Alisyn, Alice, or Ali. I'm just your typical teen girl with blonde curly hair and really long legs :stare: I play basketball and have been since I was 6 years old... I love writing and drawing, but writing is definitely my life. No matter what it's the thing that keeps me grounded when I want to fly away :giggle:

I'm a pretty friendly and positive person, even though can get sad sometimes. :noes: I try to smile as much as I can and be kind to those who I meet. But ya know, I'm not perfect.

I love music, like I can't live without it. If you want to know what I like go ahead and check my interests/stamps. I'd say I've became a lover of mostly just metalcore, but most rock will do it for me and some Alternative and electronic, if done right. Not a fan of rap, country, or hip hop, but it doesn't mean I don't respect them. I'm always listening to music, and if you have anything you think I should try listening to, I'd love to hear! :dummy:

Drop me a comment and I'll try to get back to you! I'd love more than anything else feedback or comments on my art... it makes my whole day happier! Constructive criticism, I might add. Thank you, hope you enjoy my page :)

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Current Works:

The Fourth Dimension (2nd draft) - 14,136 words

To Be Continued:

The Assassin's Selection (Nanowrimo 2012) - 51,068 words, about half way done.


The Fourth Dimension (1st draft) - 80,095 words, currently in second draft.

Powerless (Nanowrimo 2011) - 44,126 words, so bad I've decided to leave it the way it is.

Novel statuses last updated January 6, 2014


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Merry merry meeeeeeeeeeerry Christmas Alice, I know I know I wrote something else already but I like to repeat myself :giggle: Have a wonderfully sploshooberific time today and in the final bit of 2014, I'm wishing you all the best for next year and all the years to come. Thank you for being my friend. :heart:
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We really really really need to find a time to talk soon. I know we're both busy but maybe sometime over the weekend we can find an hour or two to squeeze in for talking? I would love that.
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I'll definitely let you know when it arrives! I texted your dad back but I think text messages sometimes do and sometimes don't get sent (I don't know what's up with that). I'm ashamed to say but it'll probably be a little while before your present is done/arrives :ashamed: But the good news is that after this week I should be done with the worst of the worst, so I can definitely save an hour for you!

p.s. I'm nearing the end of the second book of the Maze Runner series and if Minho dies I will riot
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I did really well! I can't wait to tell you all about it~~~

That's weird! But they'll probably reach me through WhatsApp if you want to contact us. Oh that's ok haha mine took a long time to get sent to you too ^^;
Yayyyyyyy I can't wait to tell you a ton of new exciting things and hear about everything with you :D:D

:o did you almost pass out in the first book when Chuck died? Like I know you knew it was coming but still!!!
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Best of wishes for a great year ahead as well! :D :heart:
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Thank you!!!! Lots of homework still but everything else was perfect! I dont think I'll ever have 'little' homework haha.

I appreciate it! YOU TOO! :D:D:D:D:D:D
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