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Four Weeks, Page 20

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Adam's Comments:  Heh.... I love that to Sareena and Misty, "relaxing slow day at work" is an exorcism. Nice to give their job a bit more focus, especially when it involves getting to draw Darryl, Sonia and Anna again. All three are just fun to work with in any circumstance. Drawing them the always somehow feel like a family.

Actually it feels like it's been a hit since Misty's power got a spotlight too. Either way, neat to see a brief snippit of. Especially since it gave me the chance to make a geeky Pokemon reference in the 6th panel.

Kind of a hard one to comment on for me, but we've been tweaking how we've drawn faces lately and this is where things started to get more into the groove. In earlier pages of both comics I kept drawing heads in the old style and having to go back and fix it, here I didn't slip up as much and they came out very natural.

Martin's Comments:  Yeah, it's been a long while since we've really seen Sareena and Misty just in their element dealing with some random magical thing on the side; truthfully it's never really been as much of a focus of the characters as it probably should be but we did have a whole Black Princess chapter focused on them going about their day doing that with most of the focus being on doing an exorcism so it is at least ground we've covered before.

In general I kind of get the feeling this is a chapter that would be stronger on a re-read than it is following it update to update given the scattershot and puzzle piece-like nature of it, and I'd imagine that probably most of all extends to the Black Court segments since I do tend to find them the hardest ones to talk about a lot of the time. They don't really have as much of a clear overarching narrative as the others going on, but I do think you can at least see pieces sort of clicking together in terms of something of a broader focus, in particular how busy they've been lately with the various other parties they've been dealing with and the god issue approaching, and how having a more mundane for them night like this has been something of a rarity of late. The next page with the Black Court is actually the last one with them for the chapter; the other plot lines get a bit greater of focus in the remaining eight pages, though the next one with this crew is one I've been looking forward to so don't want to come off like I'm just casting them aside or anything.

This is also a page I've been looking forward to, of course. It was definitely fun just getting to do them being kind of wacky and fun in a pretty clear joke page. In particular I like the stuff with Daryl here, he's just a really fun character to write for.

One other thing here that might be easy to miss with the night color scheme - the highlights on Sareena's hair and face and her blue eye change colors when using her magic. We previously saw a bit of an indication of that here when the change first became evident -

That's something that'll probably be leaned further into later but I do think it's an aspect of her redesign that we should be able to do some pretty cool stuff with.
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