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Kinda' accidentally stumbled upon "Wright as Rayne" a few days ago.  Wound up reading through.

Sarabeth is awesome!  Even if she is running a huge criminal organization, she seems like a good person.  Mostly ^^;.  Even with all of the questionable things we've seen her do, she seems to have good intentions behind them all, up to having a backup plan for Dorothy, which was something I'd been wondering about until she went more in-depth with it.  Also kinda' makes me wonder how she became the head of this organization in the first place.  And curious about her relationship with the prisoner she's currently talking to.  Like whether this person was legitimately dangerous and needed to be kept securely away, or if Sarabeth legitimately wronged this person.  But point is, she's wonderful as a not-that-bad bad guy.

Power seems to enjoy her position of power a bit more, and she certainly comes off as more villainous, but she's fun, and seems to enjoy trolling others (trolling them with purpose in mind, as opposed to simply for the lulz).  Even if she is obviously more villainous than Sarabeth, she's never really come across as quite that bad, even with things like kidnapping Candice.  And she does seem to care about Rebecca, even if she may not have originally intended to care about her as a person.

Lillian seems sweet.  I do wonder how much she knows about the business--if she knows anything, she doesn't seem to talk about it, anyway--and I do wonder how she and Sarabeth get along.  It's a nice little friendship she and Laura and Alex have together, anyway :).

Also, from the little we've seen, Candice is great!  It seems like she's going to get more important later.
Heh, wow, that means a lot, glad you enjoy so much. We definitely appreciate all of the kind words and we would love to hear your thoughts on things more often. Hopefully you enjoy what all is to come from everyone you mentioned and more as things proceed, will go ahead and say Lillian will be getting much more prominent soon. Thanks for the input.
So many comics! Very well done! Must take you forever for the ideas!
Yeah, the comics have been in the works for a long while now, and there's a big backlog on what all's to come. We have even more over at :iconblue-blood-heroes:. Thanks for the support!