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The real reason Mystique changed uniforms!

For the Brotherhood prompt contest. Been meaning to partake in these for a good wee while and rushed to start/finish this today.

Yay exams are over and bring on summer!

If you dont get it, Pietro's accidently put his hat in to wash with Mystique's white dress and it's come out pink. Bugger.

I kinda like they way it came out, considering I had no references. Although, as always, the scan muted the colours. But what boring colours they were!

Edit: the text was a last minute decision, cause wasnt sure if it was understood. Hence the crappy
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mizuzu-sama's avatar
Theirs a special place in hell for people that purposely do that...
chaoswolf1982's avatar
Sure, she could easily just shapeshift and make it look like she's in her old dress... but this gives her an excuse to wear tight black leather and murder Pietro, though not in that order.
Wriggle's avatar
exactly - its all about the revenge! (and the leather)
avidfreakazoidfan's avatar
This is amazing! I once left a red wrapper in my pocket and the whole white skirt came out pink. :( Great job! :D
MSDaggers's avatar
Mystique's face in that third panel is awesome!
Wriggle's avatar
haha thanks very much :) glad you liked it
123noona's avatar
Ayame-Hyuuga's avatar it :iconimhappyjrplz:

Congrats on winning! :giggle:
Wriggle's avatar
aw thank you very much :)
Ayame-Hyuuga's avatar
You're welcome! :D
La-Mishi-Mish's avatar
Ahaha, this is awesome XDD Glad it won, it's pretty funny haha. Congratulations! :dance:
Wriggle's avatar
:) thanks very much
La-Mishi-Mish's avatar
You're welcome ^^
annoyingasallhell's avatar
congrates I loved yours it was great :)
Wriggle's avatar
aw thanks very much :)
MastersDaughter13's avatar
congrates. u did really good.
Wriggle's avatar
Gothicthundra's avatar
Congrats in winning, OMG.... I love your style... porr Mystique.
Wriggle's avatar
lol poor mystique indeed - much appreciated :)
LaylaAlvedo's avatar
If she catches him she'll kill him.^^
Wriggle's avatar
you bet your arse she will ;)
LaylaAlvedo's avatar
Make that when she doses.^^
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