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Self portrait. Most people say "looks like you just killed someone and got away with it". Fun
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You're so cute I just want to kiss you :licking: haha
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haha, yeah you do like you just killed someone. but it's a really good pic of ya. so woo!
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I like this pic... the colors are really nice... it is slightly motion blured but your eyes are so stunning that it makes a nice effect.. good work :)
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well you are incrediably sexy and in a way i see what they mean.. you probably could, a total femme fatale meow hehe I will behave now.
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purple! *reaches to pet the purpleness* you hve very deep much so that one would have throuble knowing much about you, or how you're feeling because of their great depth in this picture. The lighting suits you sell and plays along your soft skin tpnes contrasting with tat of your brilliant hair color. The caller aslo helps define your sleek and fragile looking neck, giving it a playful elegance all its own.
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hehe, you're good looking @@ i really like your hair, its awesome :o
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Beautiful... the colors are stunning
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beautiful, wonderful look on your face
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Nice close-up of you too
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