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Its too bad that wasn't 42nd, 42 is the answer to everything, its the answer to life. :meditate:

As you can see its my icon now, so I'm using it because its bad ass. :tighthug: Thanks Greg. :D
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Lol more Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy references.

I am glad you like it, welcome sunbro.  
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Yup. :D

You need to make a sunbro hug or fist bump emote.
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Sunbro Fist Bump by Wretched-Bones That's awesome Greg. Sunbro-hug. :hug:
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Thanks , when you are Summoned to someone else's world online and part of the Heirs of the Sun this is what you look like , normal phantoms are white, Dark ones from the bad covenants are Red, protectors from the bell and rat covenants are gray as you might have guessed Blue Sentinels only when invading the guilty or helping the weaker Way of the blue covenant are Blue other wise they are just white . The way of the blue is called the way of the meek or noob, to DS-2 player. because you summon a  Blue Sentinel to help you when you get invaded with their ring. and hide like a little mouse. 

I was literately invaded a bunch of times the other day by Arbiter Spirits they are blue.

If you Sin in the game that is kill good NPS's or invade other gamer's realms  and I did kill a bunch of  NPC 's a few  by accident and some to complete a assassination mission for a wizard( and I didn't need to just to get an object from them) but anyway you gain Sin the more sin you have makes you a wretch and then the Blue Sentinels come looking for you!    Sin follows into game plus, I didn't know this. 

Well the good news is they are all dead and when you kill a Arbiter Spirits you lose some sin, I have none now EVIL Laughter!  And they are yelling at their screens noooo you #$%&!
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