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Living room is done. by Wretched--Stare Living room is done. :iconwretched--stare:Wretched--Stare 1 0 My Review Desk smells awesome. by Wretched--Stare My Review Desk smells awesome. :iconwretched--stare:Wretched--Stare 2 2 Cleer Audio's FLOW hybrid ANC headphones by Wretched--Stare Cleer Audio's FLOW hybrid ANC headphones :iconwretched--stare:Wretched--Stare 7 0 The Chamber by Wretched--Stare The Chamber :iconwretched--stare:Wretched--Stare 5 0 Back in Black by Wretched--Stare Back in Black :iconwretched--stare:Wretched--Stare 1 0 AKG by Harman by Wretched--Stare AKG by Harman :iconwretched--stare:Wretched--Stare 1 0 Marble Madness  by Wretched--Stare Marble Madness :iconwretched--stare:Wretched--Stare 7 8 Wake Up shake up by Wretched--Stare Wake Up shake up :iconwretched--stare:Wretched--Stare 3 0 Greener on the other-side by Wretched--Stare Greener on the other-side :iconwretched--stare:Wretched--Stare 1 11 Fuel by Wretched--Stare Fuel :iconwretched--stare:Wretched--Stare 1 0 The wish by Wretched--Stare The wish :iconwretched--stare:Wretched--Stare 4 6 HIFIman HE350 by Wretched--Stare HIFIman HE350 :iconwretched--stare:Wretched--Stare 2 0 Good morning by Wretched--Stare Good morning :iconwretched--stare:Wretched--Stare 6 6 Tunes by Wretched--Stare Tunes :iconwretched--stare:Wretched--Stare 1 0 Mr Funk man chew by Wretched--Stare Mr Funk man chew :iconwretched--stare:Wretched--Stare 7 0 My Second Best pair of Headphones. by Wretched--Stare My Second Best pair of Headphones. :iconwretched--stare:Wretched--Stare 1 0

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Templum Silvae by MyrddinvanderWind Templum Silvae :iconmyrddinvanderwind:MyrddinvanderWind 9 29 circulus 100 by MyrddinvanderWind circulus 100 :iconmyrddinvanderwind:MyrddinvanderWind 4 0
Xinvar and the Business Man
The city streets were bustling as people went about there daily lives, unaware and uncaring about the world that surrounds them. With so few who knew what would happen in only a few moments. A man in one of the tall skyscrapers was taking an elevator to the twentieth floor, humming a strange tune to himself. The elevator then stopped and the man walked out and began narrating his every action.
"Xinvar looks out to the hall to see if anyone else was around. Once he had determined that no one can see him, he leaves the elevator and heads towards the northern part of the building." The man said, he walked through the construction area until he reached a window. "Xinvar finally has sight on the target's location, he then looked around one last time to make certain no one was watching. He has now confirmed no one else is on the floor that's under construction. He now uncloaks his sniper rifle and begins to set up, aiming towards the building."
"Xinvar now has the weapon deployed, he now loo
:icontravelingbard:TravelingBard 5 2
Camille's Origins Chapter 1~ A request
The wind howled as the setting sun lowered beyond the horizon. A pregnant woman with long golden hair was mourning over a tombstone of her late husband. She recently lost him to unknown causes and now must raise a child on her own. Her husband had few enemies in life, but the ones he did make were extremely powerful, and a few days before his death he warned his wife, Adelphe Reed, that they were being watched and are in danger. Remembering his words she was aware that there were watching eyes on her, and hurriedly said her goodbyes. She touched the headstone and got up. She quickly and quietly left the graveyard, hoping to get back home to safety, and as she left the gates she noticed a well dressed man watching her from across the street.
He had a devilish grin as she turned and started walking down the road. Nobody else was around and only the light glow of the street lamps could be seen down the long streets. As Adelphe continued to walk she noticed the man behind her following her
:icontravelingbard:TravelingBard 2 5
Dusk's Origins Chapter 1~ A request
In the city of Wolf Street, there was a boy who sat on a streets edge, watching people go about their business. He was eyeing the people to see who was more gullible than others. The boy had no parents to speak of and had dark brown hair with dark blue eyes. He soon saw several well dressed women walking down the street. The boy saw the kindness in their faces and knew they would help him if he merely asked the right way. He wrapped one eye with a cloth, and ran up to them.
"Excuse me ma'm, can you spare several coins, my mother is very sick and I would work, but I can't see very well." The boy pleaded, giving a pitiful look up to the women.
"Oh you poor thing, of course you can have some money." Each woman gave dusk three coins each. Dusk thanked them and walked off. Once they were out of sight he removed the cloth and counted the coins."
"That was a pretty despicable thing you did back there, tricking them into giving you more money." A man stated. Dusk was startled and jumped forwar
:icontravelingbard:TravelingBard 2 3
Indian Celtic by MyrddinvanderWind Indian Celtic :iconmyrddinvanderwind:MyrddinvanderWind 7 7 Evolucion De Esferas by ivankorsario Evolucion De Esferas :iconivankorsario:ivankorsario 26 11 Busted by monkeymagico Busted :iconmonkeymagico:monkeymagico 2 0 Mechanism by GrahamSym Mechanism :icongrahamsym:GrahamSym 429 169 The Many Colors Of Oscillations by tiffrmc720 The Many Colors Of Oscillations :icontiffrmc720:tiffrmc720 64 18 Albert Einstein by ivankorsario Albert Einstein :iconivankorsario:ivankorsario 44 16 The language of flowers 2 by ivankorsario The language of flowers 2 :iconivankorsario:ivankorsario 20 11 130412 190 by ciokkolata 130412 190 :iconciokkolata:ciokkolata 15 2 130412 195 by ciokkolata 130412 195 :iconciokkolata:ciokkolata 19 8 BooHiss by monkeymagico BooHiss :iconmonkeymagico:monkeymagico 2 3


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Thank you everyone for the Favorites, Llamas, Features, Comments and just being you. 
I am so glad you are all here. :)
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ElinorBrushwater Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you so much for the favs! Much appreciated!
ciokkolata Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2018
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You’re welcome:)
Mana-Ramp-Matoran Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm glad your roomate did at least something for you. I had your address at one point and was gonna send you a couple of Bionicles for fun, but then you moved again. :XD: Gotta get that address from you again in a note or something. I hope your cake was good. And an Old Spice gift box? I think he's trying to say something there. :giggle: The Convo Died :stinky: Well if its any consolation, my Family didn't do anything for my birthday this year, and I turned 30. So I'm 3 decades old now, and nuffin! Oh well, family are the people who disappoint you, friends are the family you chose to be a part of. :hug:

What's your computer doing now? :roll: Goddamnit its annoying thinking how bad your machine is. You can't sell off or trade in or barter with someone some of your headphones to get a half way competent machine? Seems like there's something you could do.

Hopefully. Its looking like it'll be a half way decent holiday for me. My MTG friends and I are exchanging gifts, so there's that to look forward to. Not sure if Family is gonna do anything. My dad says he'll get me something, but he just wants me to name something and he buys it. But what I want is some thought put into it. I honestly don't care what the gift ends up being, just put some fucking effort into it. But me, I'm a big proponent of custom gifts, or at least something kind of unique. I went to Etsy and got some custom MTG greeting cards and commissioned an artist to do some alters of two of the cards my friends play. Altering the art and extending it out to the borders of the card is quite a common thing in the MTG fandom. So it's a nice little personal touch, and I value that way more than an expensive gift. Thoughtful gifts are the best.
Wretched--Stare Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks so much. :)  :hug:
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