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A few weeks back I received a message from someone asking me to write a story for them.  So, I did!  He gave me his info and what he wanted to see and I made it happen hehe.

I figure since I've got all my other stuff here, I'll post a story too!  The client requested I write in second person.  It took some work but I managed to do it hehe.  Anyway, without further ado, here it is!

                You and Miriam had been friends for several years.  You’d grown up together and had stayed close all through school, but when you both went to college, you weren’t able to talk as often as you’d been.  You both liked to meet up and hang out over college breaks throughout the year.  It’s Spring break, so you’re looking forward to hanging out with Miriam again.

                Miriam is a tiny girl, standing at 1.6 meters and weighing 40kg.  She’s pale with long dyed red hair, and very small framed.  You’re not that much bigger, standing at 1.66 meters and weighing in at 43 kg. Miriam is wearing a pair of tight jeans and a tight tank top, and you’re wearing cargo shorts and a t-shirt.  This evening, you’re hanging out with her at your parents’ house, who are out of town for the weekend.  You’ve been catching up with her and lost track of time, realizing its dinner time.  After a discussion, you both decided where you want to go for dinner.  There’s a new restaurant you’re both interested in and want to check out.  Upon reviewing the menu online, you realize how expensive it is.

                “Well… damn… Are you sure you want to eat here?  It’s pretty expensive!” you say to Miriam.  She responds, “Well, I mean, we do both want to check it out.  Besides, I’m a girl!  You should treat me!”  You laugh and answer, “What? Yeah, ok! Sure you’re a girl, but we’re just friends!  Now if we were dating, that’d be different!” Miriam sighs, then sarcastically says “Well, aren’t you just a shining example of chivalry… Besides, you still haven’t paid me back for loaning you $20 last break!”  You sit up and exclaim, “What?! I SO paid you back!”  Miriam angrily says, “No you didn’t!  I would remember that!”

                You sit back on the couch, trying to remember if you’ve paid her back or not.  As you’re thinking, you notice there’s a wrestling match on TV.  You’re positive you’ve paid Miriam back, so, noticing her small frame, you decide to challenge her to a wrestling match where you’re sure you’ll win.  You turn to Miriam and say, “OK, how about this… I SWEAR I paid you back!  But you don’t remember it… soooooo…“ , you point at the TV, then smirk at Miriam and say, “How about we wrestle for it?”

                Miriam looks at you with a blank stare.  “Seriously?  You wanna wrestle me?”  You respond “Well, yeah!  Seeing it on TV made me think of it.  Aww, you scared?”  You flex your muscles.  Miriam looks at you and laughs, then says, “Well.. I mean… you’re bigger than me.. and a guy… and I’ve only really wrestled with  few friends here and there.  But, after seeing those “muscles” of yours… I’m up for it!  I’ve won most of my matches.  I usually pin my opponent down and sit on them and mess with them.”  You laugh and ask “Really? Awesome.  Well, if you win, not only will I pay for dinner, I’ll even give you the $20.  Plus, you can sit on me and mess with me as long as you want.  Deal?”  Miriam smiles and answers, “OK!  Sweet!  I get money AND get to pick on you!” You smile back and say, “Ha, hey! First you’ve gotta WIN!  I haven’t really wrestled before either… but I think I can take you.”

                You’ve got a mat your sister sometimes uses to practice her gymnastics on, so you pull it out and set it in the middle of the living room floor.  You pull your shirt off, then stand with your hands on your hips and arrogantly say, “Ha, I’m so gonna win.  I wonder what I’ll do with my $20?”  Miriam laughs and states, “Don’t think too much about it… since you’re gonna be paying me.  Oh, so we’re taking our shirts off? Fine.” Much to your surprise, Miriam grabs the bottom of her shirt and pulls it off, revealing a pink bra.  Your eyes open wide.  You’ve always had a small crush on Miriam, but had discussed dating in the past and determined it was better to be friends.  But you’ve always found the petite girl very attractive. 

                Not wanting Miriam to know, you try to gather yourself and wipe the surprised, excited look off your face.  Knowing full well what she’s doing, she says, “Oh, these pants are new.. I don’t wanna mess them up. “ Then she smiles and unbuttons and unzips her jeans and slides them down her legs and steps out, wearing a tiny white thong.  She stands with her hands on her hips and waits for your reaction. 

    You don’t want Miriam to be under the impression you’re distracted, so you quickly say “Ummmm…. Soooo…. Are you ready to wrestle?”  Miriam laughs, knowing in her mind you’re checking out every inch of her body, then says “Hope you don’t mind that I’m wrestling in my bra and panties.. it just seemed like the best attire if we’re gonna be rolling around wrestling each other…”  You shake your head, then say, “OK… so… how about we have a best of 3 match?  You win by either pin or submission.  If it’s a pin, it’s for 10 seconds.  Work for you?”  Miriam smiles, claps her hands, and answers, “Yep! Let’s do it!”

    You and Miriam both get on your knees, facing each other.  Ready to go, you say, “Ok… here we go… Ready…. Set… GO!”

    The match starts with you and Miriam having a test of strength.  You interlock your fingers with hers and try pushing her down onto her back.  You figure you’re not the strongest guy out there, but you should surely be stronger than this frail little girl.  But, to your surprise, she pushes back with surprising strength.  After a few seconds, Miriam says, “Ha! Wow!  You’re such a wuss!  You can’t even push me around!”  You laugh and say, “Shut up! I’m just not trying!”  Miriam responds, “Yeah, sure you’re not!” You double up your efforts and she seems to be exerting hardly any effort as she pushes back.  Realizing you’re not going to be able to take her down as planned, you break the test of strength and tackle her onto the ground.  You’re lying between her legs, which are locked around your waist.  You’re surprised at how strong her legs are!  She looks up at you and says, “Haha, how’s that feel?”  You respond, a little frustrated, and say “Oh, I’m just warming up! That’s all….” However, in your mind, while you struggle between her legs, you’re already starting to wonder if this wrestling challenge was a good idea.  Miriam looks up at you as she’s squeezing you from the front in a body scissors, then she puts her hands behind her head, looking like she’s completely relaxed as you struggle. 

    She laughs at you, and says in a high pitched, mocking voice, “C’mon!  Why aren’t you trying?  Don’t you want to win the match too?”  You snap at her and say, “I AM! I didn’t think you’d have such strong legs!”  Miriam laughs and says, “Ha, that’s the thing, I DON’T!  You’re just a wuss! I’ll give you some relief…” She releases the body scissor as you sit between her legs on your knees.  As you try to gather yourself, she quickly spreads her legs wide, slides forward on the mat, and moves her legs up your body, locking her ankles and calves around your neck.  You can’t believe you’re locked in another submission!  You grab her legs and try to pry them apart, but she quickly puts an end to that by grabbing your arms with her hands.  She starts rocking her body side to side, and after a moment, she’s gained enough momentum to force you down on your side on the ground, still in her head scissors. 

    You look up at Miriam and say, “AHHH! Damnit!  I thought you said you’d only wrestled a little bit!  This is like a pro move!”  Miriam states calmly, “I have only wrestled a few times!  That doesn’t mean I don’t know any moves though!  I’m just doing what makes sense for the position, that’s all!...  Kind of like this!” With that, she grabs a handful of your hair and pulls your head up enough to slide her body down so your head is now stuck between her thighs, with her panty-covered crotch right against your mouth.  She’s smiling down at you as she releases your hair then leans back on her hands.  You keep slapping at her thighs and trying to pull them apart.  Miriam flexes her thighs several times for added pressure as you keep on trying to escape, with your attempts gradually growing weaker. 

    After a few moments, your attempts come to an end, and Miriam asks, “So…. You look kinda stuck there buddy!  Wanna give up?”  You stare up at her, frustrated, before finally letting out a sigh and saying, “Fine.. ok… you win the first round…” Miriam tightens her thighs on your neck again, leans forward to brush her hair away and cups her hand next to her ear, asking, “What was that?  I didn’t hear you say ‘I give up’!”.  You grit your teeth, slap her thigh and say, “Grrrrr… I give up!”  Miriam puts an arm up and pulls it down against her while saying, “YESSSSSSS! Haha! I won!”  She then pushes herself further forward, rolling you onto your back and moving on top of you. 

    She straddles your throat with her crotch pressed against your chin, pinning your shoulders between her ankles and thighs, and places her hands on her hips.  She looks down at you and says “Ha, I bet you regret challenging me to this wrestling match now, don’t you?  We still have two more rounds!”  You’re lying still under her with your arms by your side as you turn your head to the side and say “No… I can totally take you!  You just got lucky this time!”  Miriam grabs your hair again, pulling your head facing forward, and squeezes your face with her thighs, forcing you to stare up at her.  She’s laughing, then says, “Ha! Yeah, ok.  Surrrre.  You’re so full of shit.  You can’t handle me.  Now I’m gonna start thinking of what I wanna do with my $20 as I beat you in the next two rounds too!” 

    Miriam gets off you, then gets on her knees again, hands still on hips.  She looks at you and says “So… wuss… you ready for round two?”  You get off your back, slam your fists angrily on the ground, then say, “OH YEAH!  That’s it!  No more playing!  You’re going down!”  Miriam tilts her head back and laughs sarcastically, then says, “Sure… take me down then… Ready?  Set?..... GO!”

    You try to start the match with an early advantage, lunging at her and pulling her head next to your side in a headlock.  You clamp down on her firmly, but not rough, then say, “Ha!  What were you saying? You’re not going anywhere!”  She struggles and kicks as you squeeze her head between your arm and body while she’s on her hands and knees.  You can’t believe how strong this girl is, and as she puts one hand on your chest and the other on the ground, she’s able to push herself out of your headlock.  She sits back up on her knees, looking pissed, then quickly tackles you onto the ground.  As you and Miriam struggle for position, she’s able to wrap her legs around yours.  You put all your strength into freeing your legs, and she’s able to grab your wrists, stretch them above your head, and pin them down, now holding you in a grapevine.  Surprised, you say, “I can’t believe it!  What the hell?! How can you be so strong?!”  Miriam quickly responds, “It’s not a matter of me being strong!  It’s a matter of you being so weak!”  You continue struggling as you’re held down by this tiny girl.  She sees that you can’t do anything, so she moves both your hands together, then grabs both wrists with one hand, freeing up her other one.  She places her forearm on your throat, then looks down at you with a smirk. 

    “Come on Andrew!  You better turn this around.  Otherwise I may have to tell all our friends at our high school reunion how I totally whipped your ass in wrestling!”  You try to respond but can only muster sounds as her forearm crushes your windpipe.  Miriam giggles and turns her head to the side, then says, “Huh?  You tryin’ to say something?  I can’t hear you!” You look back at her, directly in her eyes and see how much she’s enjoying her total domination.  You buck desperately to try to get her off of you as you’re about to pass out.  After a few attempts, you’re able to at least make Miriam lose her balance.  It’s short-lived however, as, in a quick move, Miriam plants her hands on the ground and  releases your legs, only long enough to jump up and sit on your chest, full weight, with her feet planted next to your head. 

    Miriam laughs at you as you try to catch your breath from nearly passing out, bucking, and her weight on your chest.  She smiles down at you and says, “You ok?  You look like you’re having some trouble breathing!”  Between gasps, you respond, “Damn!  You just about made me pass out!  What the hell!”  Miriam sticks her lip out in a pout, then says, “Awwww I’m sorrrry.  I don’t wanna choke a friend out!  I’d feel bad.  But at the same time.. I wanna win!”  You place your hands on Miriam’s knees and try pushing her back, saying, “Well, so do I! And now that I’ve caught my breath… GET OFF!” 

    You try pushing her back with your weight as you try sitting up, and she continues sitting on your chest, smiling as your attempts fail.  You can’t believe how it seems like you’re putting all the effort you can into this match, and she seems to be hardly even trying.  After a few moments, she sits up just long enough to drop her ass right back down on your chest, forcing the breath out of your lungs.  As you’re coughing, she drops her legs next to your head, pulls it up, then folds them underneath your  neck, locking you in a triangle choke.  She places her hands on your stomach and pushes down, giving her enough leverage that you’re once again struggling to breathe. 

    Miriam closes her eyes and giggles as she has you locked in another inescapable position.  No matter how hard you try, you can’t dislodge her thighs on your neck and head.  After a valiant effort, you finally scream, “FUCK! Damnit! I GIVE UP!”  Miriam releases the hold, smiling and clapping and so pleased with herself.  She slides off your chest and sits next to you, leaning back on her hands and looking down at you.  “Woohoo! If we’re doing the best of 3…. I guess I’ve won!”  You snap back, “NO! Damnit!  We still have a third round!  Now it’s a matter of pride, I have to win at least once!”  Miriam tilts her head to the side and says, “Really? Are you sure?  I mean… from the way things have been going… I’m pretty sure it’s just gonna be 3-0!” You respond, “No way!  I’m gonna win damnit!  But hey… If you’re so sure you’re gonna win this round too, how about we make it a winner takes all round?”  Miriam responds, “Ok.  I’m fine with that.  I’ve got no reason to worry! Why don’t you just relax and gather your strength?  You’re gonna need all of it to win!”  You laugh then say, “Whatever! I don’t need ALL my strength.. just some!”  However, inside, you know full well that it will take a 110% effort for you to stand a chance against her.  After a few more minutes, you sit up, then say to her, “OK… I’m ready… Are you set?”  Miriam responds, “Oh, I’ve been ready!” You start the match: “Ready, set, GO!”

    This time you decide to pull Miriam tight against your body in a bear hug.  She squirms against you, trying to push her body away from yours, but, much to your surprise, she’s not able to!  You wonder if maybe her strength all lies in her legs.  As she struggles against you, you’re able to turn her around so her back is facing you and pull her tight against you once again.  She writhes against your body, and you’re able to use your weight to force her down onto her stomach.  You straddle her ass, then state, “Ha! Well, looks like I found your weakness!  All your strength is in your legs!”  She responds, “Don’t you remember? I took gymnastics back in high school! Duhhh of course my legs are strong!  But it still doesn’t matter when I’m wrestling a wuss like you!”  You laugh, then reply “Oh yeah!  I totally forgot about that… oh well.. whatever! Shut up! Hell yeah, I’m about to win!”

    While still straddling Miriam’s ass, you lay down on her and wrap an arm around her neck, pulling her up slightly to apply additional pressure.  Overcome with confidence, you laugh and say, “HA! C’mon! Give up!  Time for me to finish this match!”  Miriam grunts and says, “No way!  This isn’t over yet!”

    With all your weight leaning forward onto her back, you fail to notice Miriam bending her knees, preparing to try and use her leg strength to push herself up.  As you think she’s about to give, she quickly presses her knees into the ground and slides back, forcing you to lose your grip and fall forward in front of her. She quickly scoots out from under you and straddles your back with her hands on your shoulders, using her full weight to push you down on the ground and hold you there.  She states, “OK!  You had your fun!  Now it’s my turn!”  She slides up to sit on the middle of your back, plants her feet in your armpits, then reaches down and pulls your head up in a camel clutch.  To make it more effective, she wraps both her hands around your neck to pull your head back.  You find yourself once again trapped in an asphyxiating hold by this small little 1.6 meter, 40kg girl, with no hopes of escaping.  As you try to kick your legs and force yourself up, you find that you’re unable to do so under her weight. 

    As your struggles weaken and eventually end, she releases your neck and you fall back down on the floor, exhausted.  She brings her legs back astride you, then grabs you and rolls you over onto your back.  She drops her ass firmly on your stomach, knocking the breath out of your diaphragm, now fully straddling you.  You’re half dazed as you stare at Miriam straddling you with her hands on her thighs.  She smiles, then casually reaches down and grabs your wrists with her hands.  She inches up on you until she’s straddling your lower chest, then pushes your wrists down to the ground before sliding up another few inches and placing her knees on your biceps.  Miriam smiles down at you, then says, “I think I’m gonna put your $20 towards a new outfit.  And I hope my dinner that you’re gonna buy for me tonight is good!..... 1………….. 2…….”

    Miriam counts her pin over what seems like an eternity.  You’re helpless to do anything as Miriam sits on your chest in a schoolgirl pin. Once she reaches 9, she smiles and releases your wrists, then sits up on your chest with her hands on her hips.  “10. I WON!” She claps her hands, then giggles as she does a bicep flex pose while sitting on you.  You respond, “Ugh…. I can’t believe I lost to you…. This is so embarrassing…”  Miriam looks down at you with her hands across her chest and responds, “Yeah, I don’t blame you for being embarrassed.  You lost to a little skinny girl who weighs less than you AND is shorter than you are!  Not only did you lose, but you lost THREE TIMES!  I didn’t even have to try to hold you down for the last pin!  I just sat on you.  Sucks to be you!”

    You look to the side again, ashamed about how Miriam completely dominated you the whole match.  You state, “Yeah yeah yeah….  You’re a lot stronger than I thought… ok.. you won… will you get off me?”  Miriam quickly and cheerfully responds, “NOPE!  Hey, don’t look over there! Look at me!”  While laughing, she slides further up on your chest, eventually straddling your throat again with your chin pressed right against her panties, then slides her thighs tight against both sides of your head.  She places her hands on her thighs, then looks down at you.  “Ha!  I never thought I’d end up pinning you down like this.  I wish I’d have known how easily I could beat you before now!  I would’ve wrestled you all the time back in school!  Anytime I was having a bad day… I’d just come over and wrestle you down again!” 

    You respond, “That would’ve sucked!  This kinda sucks too… please get off of me?  I’m ready to go!”  Miriam laughs, then looks back down at you and says, “No way!  I won our wrestling match!  Let me enjoy my victory.  Stop asking me to let you up.  I’ll let you up when I want to!”  Sarcastically, you say, “I’m asking you to let me up again! LET ME UP!”  Miriam responds, “Shut up!” She then slides herself further forward, straddling your face with her pussy right against your lips and nose.  She laughs at you as she wiggles back and forth on top of you, grinding herself against you.  You reach up and grab the only part of her you can reach.  Grabbing her ass, you try pushing her further forward and off your face with all your strength, but she doesn’t budge.  She reaches back and slaps your hands away, then giggles and says, “Oh, do you want me sitting further up? OK!”

    Miriam slides even further up, straddling your face completely. You can barely see past her panties as her crotch is right over your eyes. You hear her laughing as she grinds herself on your face.  You can’t help but notice that as she continues grinding, her laughs slow down before eventually turning into gentle moans.  You realize she’s using your face to get off!  You try kicking, and she lifts herself up long enough for you to catch your breath, then states, “Stop moving so much!  Let me finish!” Before you can fully catch your breath, she once again sits back on your face, grinding away.  All of a sudden, you feel your face covered in her juice as she finishes using you for her own pleasure.  As you feel her breathing slow, she slides back to once again straddle your chest, pinning your biceps with her knees, right as you feel you’re about to pass out.  You look up at her and see her eyes closed as she appears completely relaxed and sits on top of you, running a hand through her hair.  You’re still trying to gather your thoughts and your breath, when she slowly opens her eyes then smiles down at you. 

    “Ahhhhh…. Hehehehehe… nothing like a good victory celebration…”  You open your mouth, trying to muster a sentence, but all you can manage is, “Ummmm… yeah.”  Miriam leans forward, fully recovered from her orgasm, and slaps your face gently with her hands, then tilts her head to the side and, with a smile, says, “You ready for dinner, or are you full from all that juice?”  Once again, all you manage is, “Ummm… ok.” 

    Miriam stretches as she straddles you, then puts her hands on your chest and pushes herself up off of you and stands next to you, extending her hand.  “Come on!  Time to go!  Get up! You owe me dinner! And $20!”  You grab her hand and she pulls you up.  As she gets dressed again, you walk to your wallet and get $20 out and hand it to her.  She notices your dazed look, so she runs up to you and pushes you around playfully, laughing and saying, “Awww, c’mon! Snap out of it!  Don’t you get boring on me now!  So, I wrestled you down, humiliated you, and even came on your face… No big deal!  We’re just good friends, heehee!” You halfway smile, then say, “Yeah… I guess so hehe.  But.. I still can’t believe that just happened… please don’t tell anybody.”  She responds, “Well, I won’t tell anybody about how I used your face to get off, but you better be nice to me or else I’ll pin you down again in front of everyone!”  You laugh, then say, “OK!  I can do that… Ready to go?”  “OK!  Yay!  I hope dinner’s good.”  Miriam leads the way as you close the door and head out for dinner.


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I've always been a fan of women's wrestling, both the legit stuff and the fantasy stuff, but can't draw worth a shit lol. So when I found a digital art program, I tried my hand at it and I think it turned out pretty good! I've come a long way since I first started.


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