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Your wrestling matches

WWE Day of Reckoning - Olav Sørensen VS The Undertaker (gray gloves)…
Here i tried to write all names of wrestlers and divas in this group. I've missed many names, if you don't see the name of your OC, comment this journal and i will add the name. Also i've missed a lot of last name. I have not seen them in your description.

- Olav Sørensen
- Andreas Brushes
- Tommy Solstice
- Rocker
- Norman the Bodyguard
- Ricky
- La Scimmia
- Brian Brushes
- Concussion
- Casey Johnson
- Bjørn Tennfjord
- Alex Rayne
- Raymond Kells
- Treason
- Niko
- Billy Thunderboots McDynamite
- Red Rovinescion
- Adunanza
- Archangel
- Cadavere Putrefatto
- Ciccio Rovinescion
- Donovan Clate
- Faccia Rovinata Rovinescion
- Fieno Rovinescion
- Fiore Rovinescion
- Franco Bear
- Gorillaman
- Iacopo
- Isdad
- Jack Dragon
- Master
- Mich
- Milosh fey
- Mirko
- Mummy
- Nessuno
- Raoul Chen
- Rip Rovinescion
- Sam Carter
- Rollman
- Yetiman
- Legend K
- Gargoyle
- Harald Næss
- Daniel Tyler
- Garrett Carmichael
- Karlos Charisma

- Lady Scarlett
- Lilith
- Miss Show
- Crazy Girl
- Amy Ackles
- Jordyn
- Lucia
- Aislin Wyatt
- Hannah
- Nina
- Sally Hayes
- Renee Wachter
- Karin Torre
- Alexis Leto
- Vitani Summers
- Scarlet Craig
- Blake Shay
- Victoria Pegaduro
- Cynthia Dagolpez
- Catherina Kontponchnaia Lowblowski
- Ox Nagasaki
- Ramona Lavandida
- Gina Russo
- Cordelia Carroll
- Vanessa Berndt
- Sadie Thorleif
- Evangeline Cena
- Katie Starr
- Aurora Ruedas
- Amber Martin
- Jessie Hart
- Jenna Nero
- Midas Dorada
- Akira
- Angel
- Aredhel
- Emy
- Ashley Waters
- Lupo Ghost
- Arri Azzaro
- Heather
- Ruby Revenge
- Amy Ackles
- Kitty Wilson
- Pamela Darcy
- Kaoru Fujikage
- Noelia Sanchèz
- Erica "Erin" Coldhart
- Destiny Carmichael
- Tiami Tyler
- Nikolah Tyler
- Danielle Tyler
- Cali
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Hey everyone, Just joined your group a few minutes ago and I'm a big wrestling fan and well I need your guys help. 

I have started a story line for my OC called Raven Heart. A little about her first. 

Raven was born in Neo Eden City (My fictional city for my Chronicles of Eden City series that can be found in my gallery) she is a identical twin sister however mistakenly Raven was taken and left at the City's orphanage where she grows up into a beautiful young lady unkowning her past. Then one morning she is adopted and brought into the SWF and becomes Raven Moon and soon becomes a fan favorite. She does however have her rivals and feuds with the Owner of the SWF who later on in the storyline I have Raven being forced to become Heel by Sigma and his band of wrestlers. 

Any help or suggestions are welcome and please share this and feel free to drop me a note anytime :)

thanks in advance :)
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i have a idea for a wrestling rp but i need a prtner, if anyone can note me
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hello im working on a tournament sereis with pokegirls i plan on doing wrestling matches in the future but can simply vote on my artwork by commenting if yod like i would link it but cant do to my system but trust me, cant miss it
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Working on some VERY NSFW mixed boxing and wrestling art over in Hentai Foundry! Anybody got a super sexy
female OC I can sketch/draw/doodle/paint/digitize?
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hello,if anyone is interested in RP,know that I'll be here

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