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Many people asked me to createno floders in the gallery for some wrestlers , but when submiting the deviations it's not accepted , so now I have created 2 new folders , Justin Gabriel and 3MB as requested ..
So , now try to submit your deviations one more time and if you face any problem tell me so I could tryto fix them ..
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Sasuke  Nakamura by HeroforPain
#36 John Scene-a by HeroforPain
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Rey Mysterio Blend by ShutupDemi
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Alberto Del Rio Mii by reneg661
Alberto Del Rio by reneg661
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Alberto del Rio by MiryMiya
Brothers of Destruction - Kane Undertaker
Undertaker and Paul Bearer by PandaPawPaw
Kane by PandaPawPaw
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CM Punk by PandaPawPaw
WWE Superstars: CM Punk by FIREARROW1
CM Punk by Darknlord91
CM Punk by Darknlord91
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.Too Dashing To Resist. by CharismasXe
WWE Cody Rhodes ID Wallpaper Widescreen by Timetravel6000v2
Cuddly Embarrassed Cody by MiryMiya
Cody Rhodes Collage by Bubbles1253
Dolph Ziggler
Dolph Ziggler by Darknlord91
Dolph Ziggler [MLP] by TheScottishKitty
Dolph Ziggler in MLP Form by tomboygirl546
WWE Dolph Ziggler ID Wallpaper Widescreen by Timetravel6000v2
Kofi Kingston
Kofi Kingston Mii by reneg661
McMahon Family
Shane McMahon Mii by reneg661
The Miz
The Miz by reneg661
MVPZilla N Serpentino Marella by Ravyn-Karasu
WWE R-Truth Custom Wallpaper by BullCrazyLight
Randy Orton
Randy Orton by Darknlord91
Rey Mysterio
Joanna Mendez aka Reina Mysterio by thejoannamendez
The Rock
The Rock (WWE) by reneg661
Santino Marella
WWE Superstar Santino Marella Custom Wallpaper by BullCrazyLight
Sheamus by Darknlord91
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Sin Cara #2 Mii by reneg661
Wade Barret
Wade Barrett Mii by reneg661
Triple H
Triple H by reneg661
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YOUR Olympic Hero Kurt Angle by conradknightsocks
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He's the Boogeyman by Giga-Leo
Charlotte Flair is Cinderella by HeroforPain
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The Shield (WWE) by reneg661
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Inktober 2017 - 01 by Variee
Mr. Fuji by PandaPawPaw
Jerry 'The King' Lawler by Baileexx3
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Rene aka T-Rex #4 by reneg661
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Brock Lesnar Grimace Icon by CassieCros13
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Paul Heyman OMG Icon by CassieCros13
Heath Slater
The Walking Legend by Roselyne777
Justin Gabriel
Cape Town Werewolf Comic - Page 28 by ChristinaDeath



Contests & Prizes

This is the place to look if you want to get in on the group's contests and get a chance to win some prizes, be they big or small. The important part is to have fun! New contests will be announced here with all the info you need to carry out your entries

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Streak Breaker


Undertaker is now 20-0 at Wrestlemania! That's quite a streak! Whomever beats him will be a big name for years to come! Who will that someone be? Who do you think deserves it? Who do you think would be the funniest wrestler to break Undertaker's streak?

That's the point of this contest! You, the members, gets to either draw a picture or write a fic which depicts Undertaker LOSING at Wrestlemania to any current wrestler of your choice and THAT INCLUDES DIVAS! It can make sense, it can be funny, the match type is open! It can be single, handicap, tag team, mixed tag team, cage match, Hell in a Cell, No DQ, the sky is the limit, so long as it is a match utilized by the WWE and the wrestler of your choice is currently on the roster!


April 16 - July 1, 2012

These will be the guidelines for the contest. Be sure to read them carefully.

:iconexplodelaplz: Any wrestler currently on the WWE roster can be used, including Divas. You do NOT need to portray a mixed tag match to utilize a Diva. Divas may fight Undertaker.

:iconexplodelaplz: You can either show the match in progress or you can show the result of the match, but Undertaker and your chosen winner must both be in the picture.

:iconexplodelaplz: Fanfiction is allowed in this contest! You just have to make sure your storyline is good, obviously. Please be aware of your spelling, grammar, and punctuation as best as you can.

:iconexplodelaplz: You may have multiple ideas. Or maybe you have a serious thought and a funny one and want to do both. Or maybe you can't decide who you want. NO PROBLEM! You can submit up to (4) FOUR entries!

:iconexplodelaplz: Be sure to put the name of the contest and the group name in your description so we know it's an entry.

:iconexplodelaplz: The METHOD of winning does NOT have to make sense. Like, instead of a knockout or pin, perhaps Kelly Kelly defeats Undertaker's stream by smothering him with pink stuffed bunnies. Or, perhaps you want to go Old Skool and have Michael Cole lock him in a casket!

:iconexplodelaplz: To verify the above statement, yes commentators and GM's are considered part of the roster. Also, managers are part of the roster as well.

:iconexplodelaplz: If you choose to use more than one wrestler on the roster, both don't have to be victorious. Perhaps you paired Sheamus and Hornswoggle together. So maybe you want to portray Hornswoggle as the victorious member of the team and Sheamus beaten senseless. That's fine too so long as Undertaker is not ultimately winning 21-0 against your pick.


If anyone would like to donate prizes for this and for future contests, note :iconwrestlemaniacs: privately to tell us the prize(s) you'd like to donate to the winner. After each contest, those who donated have the option to continue offering prizes in future contests or to just donate to one.

When you donate a prize, it will be added to the list of prizes offered for the contest.

Remember, it's not ALL about the prizes, so sometimes the prizes may be good and sometimes they may be basic. The important part is to have fun and interact with other group members.

The winner of this contest will receive:

:smile: The right to choose the next contest topic for the group








Welcome to #Wresltmaniacs! This group is dedicated to the best and the worst of the WWE Universe from ECW, WCW, Smackdown, Raw, and wrestlers from the days when WWE was WWF.

Any wrestling fan is welcome here, whether it be of classics such as: Andre the Giant, Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Mick Foley, etc

to modern legends such as: Rey Mysterio, Undertaker, Kane, Randy Orton, John Cena, etc

From the best to the worst, this is where to be to enjoy Diva and Superstar artwork.

BTW, I know many classic WWF/WWE superstars/divas are now on TNA, but the rule here is, if they were EVER on WWF/WWE and the brands held thereunder, they can be featured here. In fact, perhaps you've created your own OC wrestler and would like to share them as well. It's all good.

Here's a little info about the gallery folders. If you are not sure where your art belongs, you can put it in Featured and we'll move it. But if you know where it fits, submit it there.

:heart: Contest Winners: Members do not have access to this folder. The winning entry of each contest will be placed in here, sort of like a hall of fame of winners.

:heart: Contest Entries: When a contest is being held within the group, submissions to that contest should be placed in this folder. All entries should have the name of the group, the contest, and a little about the entry.

:heart: All superstars currently on the WWE roster will have folders. This will take time. So, if you can not find the folder where your superstar belongs, place it in the featured. Note :iconwrestlemaniacs: to tell us who is missing and we'll fix it. This is optional, as if I see stuff in the featured, I'll try to find a place that it belongs

:heart: Past Wrestlers: This folder is for wrestlers who were part of the WWF/WWE at one time and have since passed away, retired, or changed brands.

:heart: Novelty Characters: This folder is dedicated to the more...odd sort of wrestlers spanning from any time in WWf/WWE history. Such characters would include: Doink, Dink, Boogeyman, Hurricane, Hornswoggle, and any other very eccentric or very odd character that looks like they belong on the set of a movie or circus rather than a wrestling ring.

:heart: Divas: This folder is dedicated to WWF/WWE Divas: Past and Present. It's just that simple ^-^ Put the puppies here.

:heart: Tag Teams: This is for images of wrestling tag teams. Please note: Brothers of Destruction have their own folder. Tag teams past and present are welcome in this folder.

:heart: Group Images: This is basically when there are multiple wrestlers in an image.

:heart: Managers: The WWF/WWE managers need love too. So this folder is dedicated to them: Vickie Guerro, Paul Bearer, Hornswoggle, and any manager past and present.

:heart: Commentators: The voices we hear every week go here. Jerry Lawler, Michael Cole, JR, and Booker T can go here too. Let's also not forget the commentators of the past as well as those from other countries. ^-^

:heart: Fanfiction: It's out there! If you have fanfiction you've written about wrestlers that have wrestled in WWF/WWE at any time, it can go here. Brand Cross-overs are accepted. This means that Non-WWE wrestlers can be featured from private circuits, OC's, and other Wrestling programs, such as TNA/IMPACT.

:heart: OC Wrestlers: Be it a Diva or a Superstar, if it's made up, it can go here. Perhaps you've created a character on one of the many WWE Wrestling video games and would like to load a screen capture of your character. Or, perhaps you've just drawn or dressed up as a character of your own making. They'd fit here.

:heart: Comics & Memes: Self-explanitory. If someone has filled out and submitted a meme, it goes here...and if someone has done a little comic strip or fan goes here too.







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DarkDawnDesigns Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2016  Professional General Artist
Thanks for the Add Guys Hope you like my Work :D
ChristinaDeath Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Ehm... is there really no Justin Gabriel folder or did I just overlook it, Miss Werewolf?! ;)
PunkRoXanne Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I haven't noticed that there isn't one , so I created it :D
ChristinaDeath Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
uhm... I just noticed I can't contribute to the JG folder :(
PunkRoXanne Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
what does it tell you when you try to submit something ?
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ChristinaDeath Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Yaaaaaaaay! Thanks! ^^
Roselyne777 Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2012
With the rise of 3MB in the heart of many ppl in the WWE Universe, group lead by Heath Slater, would it be possible to create a folder either for 3MB, or for Heath Slater?

( Plenty of illustrations/Comics are ready to arrive, if so :P )

Thanks ;)
PunkRoXanne Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
hello !
I will make a folder for Heath Slater so you could submit your deviations there ;)
Roselyne777 Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2012
Yay! Thank yoooou ^____^
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