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CMSN: Downsizing

Commission for :iconthrandrall:'s site The Transformation Repository

An older board member finds herself in a new position. At least it comes with BENEFITS.

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Does she have a name? Her Bimbo self looks like a Britney. Her original self can be Helen or Heather.

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I was inspired to write my own little narrative for this transformation.

"Turn back time? That sounds ridiculous Mr. Putnam. I didn't get to be the CEO of this company by taking undue risks. Even if it was possible, who would we sell it to? As the Vice President of Marketing, I can tell you that the return would be incredibly low. It certainly sounds like an interesting idea though. I may only be an executive assistant, but I the boss would get a kick out of something like this. I imagine several people would like the chance to get back their youthfulness. I can tell you, a receptionist like me has to count on her looks more than you might think. But I'm not sure who you should talk to, to be honest. I totes just started my internship last week and I barely know were all the bathrooms are."

The one on the right looks a lot more fun to work with.

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This is actually my favourite Bimbofication page on this entire website. She can still likely keep her job, and still seems pretty intelligent to top it all off, just new to the job in more ways than one. I salute you my friend. You've done an excellent job.
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She doesn't even know what downsizing means...
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Well, neither do I and I work as a schoolteacher.
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OK, so maybe I might be lying, but srsly, have you SEEN any other bimbo pics where something that would at least allow them to pass a Key Stage 1 SATS Test?
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Funny, it doesn't look like she's gone down any sizes... Well, except skirt length.
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Oof, this is so good
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a fun and simple tf that is well done
thanks for making this and thank you to the commissioner as well
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Big fan of middle-aged to elderly regaining youth like this.
Mmmm hot and spicy
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This was very cute~
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She certainly seems better off like this
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What a cute bimbo
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This is the best!
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