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Dec 16, 2018
3:12 am
Dec 16, 2018
3:07 am
Dec 16, 2018
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Dec 16, 2018
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Dec 16, 2018
2:57 am
Hello all!

As of this month, I have managed to survive a full solar lap (or one year) living off of my freelance art making! It’s so amazing to have made it this long and seeing the shift in style of my work over the course of a year!

September 2017:
NMS: Cow Belle of the Guild by Wrenzephyr2

September 2018:

Mature Content

CMSN: Bimbette Bowsette by Wrenzephyr2

However, with a growth in technique and style, there’s also a growth in time and effort required for production. Because of this, and general living expenses, I’m going to have to increase my commission prices and adjust my rules.

I’ve always tried to lean towards the cheaper prices, partially due to lack of confidence in the value of my work. However, I think the new prices I’ve come up with are fairly reasonable and still lingering on the affordable side given the quality.

This also means that New Moon Sale will be going through a bit of a change. I know this summer was inconsistent with the sale’s output (mostly due to the terrible summer of hospital visits and familial issues), but I am going to be bringing it back with some updates. There will be one more classic NMS post this weekend, but for the October/Halloween post coming MidOctober, there will be some interesting changes that hopefully will excite some of you who haven’t gotten to participate or haven’t been able to grab the item you wanted.

Anyway!! Just wanted to give an update before new prices go live and give a holler for the New Moon Sale coming up.

Thanks y’all!


Which would be the most fun to see? (No Context) 

426 deviants said Succubus
347 deviants said Harem Dancer
272 deviants said Teen Schoolgirl
174 deviants said Country Babe
138 deviants said Stripper


PATREON POLL: Seasonal Help Disorder
PATREON Poll Pinup

"Yeah, Santa's workshop is like... that way? I mean, not like there are a bunch of signs pointing to that little random tiny home that popped up in the middle of the food court or anything..." Clara grumbled as she vaguely pointed the way to yet another pair of mom jeans with two ankle weight brats in tow. She itched her head, "stupid felt elf ears... itch like crazy..." she grumbled before pointing towards the Santa Workshop again not even greeting the next family. "Just ten more minutes and I can go get that smoke..."

Clara Lane had hoped to get a part time job over at Not Toxic, but some preppy bitch got the job just because some rich slut named Brenda put in a good word for her... "Damn, spoiled princess... Over there!" She snapped at a couple kids crying about wanting to see Santa. However when she caught sight of her manager she paused and handed the crying kids a pair of jumbo candy canes, "Just... go wait in line and suck on these..." maybe they'll trip and stab the fat bastard... she sighed. She wouldn't even NEED a job if her sister hadn't refused to get her the clothes she wanted. Just because she was from a Podunk farm town doesn't mean she should wear gingham dresses or overalls and talked in some dopey Southern drawl... So if she wanted to avoid a Southern Fried Fate, she was going to have to work for her mascara and hair dye, even if she died trying.

"Yeah, over- Hey aren't you a bit old to want to sit on Santa's lap?" Clara raised an eyebrow at a lavender haired woman who merely smiled sweetly,

"Oh, me and the Big Elf's wife go way back. Just going to check in and see how tricks are doing," she gingerly pat the girl's head before walking by. Clara glared after her... what a bitch... though... had they met before? The woman's pixie cut looked weirdly familiar...

"Wasn't she-" Clara's phone started beeping and she lost her thought, "Oh FINALLY!" she smiled tossing off her hat and ears and calling to the blonde elf, "Hey Steph! I'm going to grab a Smoke! Watch my post until I get back!" The ditz waved back giggling as she sucked on a candy cane. "Yeah she didn't hear me... the bubble bimbo probably got the job because she couldn't do anything else... or she sat on Santa's lap just right..." Clara chuckled and headed out to the cold to grab a smoke. 

It was going to be a LONG holiday season...

Epilogue to...

Patreon Poll: Super Resistance by Wrenzephyr2

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GIFT: Form-Fitting to Fitting Form
Quick Christmas Thing for :icondragon-fangx:

Both Eliza and Beth received some cute full body pajamas as early Holiday gifts. Eliza got a fox onesie while Beth's was a cute little bunny. Neither really knew where the gifts had come from but the PJs felt really soft and it couldn't hurt to just put them on for a couple quick photos. They zipped up the outfits, then giggled at how silly the other looked. Beth kept playing with the long floppy ears and Eliza couldn't stop petting her chest fuzz... though it was feeling a little tight in the chest. Actually... hadn't the zipper been in the front of the suit? How was it hiding under the fluff.

"Hey, Beth?" Eliza spoke concerned as Beth felt the ears on her head suddenly perk up at the sound of her name. Both looked at each other concerned as they noticed the room looked a little bigger...

Later that evening, Marisa arrived home carrying some groceries when she saw something she hadn't expected. In the middle of some chewed up wrapping paper and packing tissue, a little fox and rabbit were happily staring up at her. However, they had human faces... very FAMILIAR faces.

"Mari home! Play with us!" The fox yipped excitedly as her tail flicked side to side.

"Pet me! Pet me!" The bunny interrupted as she hopped over and nuzzled against her owner's leg.

Marisa sighed before heading to the kitchen, "I'll deal with that in a minute... Huh, when did that get here?" She looked at a present on the kitchen table. It was addressed to her...

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Quick question:
Are people into, like, REALLY long hair? Like, billowing out onto the ground, Repunzel tresses?
Big Poll XXX (30)
Got some lovely options once again over on the Patreons. Vote now and let's see what we get Saturday!
PATREON POLL: The Brat Rises
PATREON Poll Pinup

Brenda Wayne smiled at the boy she’d invited back to her beach house. She always relished seeing the faces of her new toys when they finally find out she’s rich (pretty much the only reason she goes out of town for Spring Break). It gets sooooo tiring having her little satellites always telling her what she wants to hear or doing this or that for her... and the boy toys are no better. Sure, she has anyone she wants wrapped around her little finger once she tells them her name and they realize who her family is, but where’s the sport in that? Only one boy kept her attention in that city...

While on Spring Break though, she’s completely anonymous, her Wayne last name not carrying the same weight the further from Gotham she got. The boys would always follow her around of course, hard to escape the gravitational pull of a slutty little brat beckoning them to buy her a drink for the pleasure of her company. Her latest conquest was a nice college boy, big and buff, a nice chiseled jaw like she always looked for... she smiled as they entered her beachside resort sized estate, “aren’t you coming? I doubt you’ll find a better offer than what I’m selling,” she purred confidently, flicking her hair. However, he still hesitated, his eyes flicking about as he seemed to be putting things together.

”Oh shit, you’re that Wayne chick aren’t you?” He gulped looking down at her, “you’re dating that mobster guy! The one with the fucked up face!” He looked panicked as Brenda sighed in bored frustration.

”Come on now, we were about to have some fun!” She purred lifting up her bikini top, “are you really going to let a little hang up like my boyfriend ruin our good time?” the boy remained unmoved as she started to glare, “ugh, you’re such a wimp! She turned and flicked off her top, “okay, new game... the Wayne estate has a bunch of security cameras that recorded you coming in,” she started already seeing the boy stiffen in fearful realization as she turned hands innocently behind her back, “and it’d be a shame if Big Daddy had to hunt down some twerp who got his darling princess in a compromising position...” she wiggled her hips.

”I-I didn’t do anything!” The boy pleaded sweat glistening on his brow.

”Oh I’m sure Big Daddy will listen... he’s very understanding with boys her touch his toys,” she grabbed and bounced her tits mockingly, “especially when his little Princess is upset...” she frowned, “ or...” she smiled and turned, “or maybe, you do as I say through the weekend, play some of my games, help me not be so bored... then maybe I erase all those naughty videos of you following me up to the beach house... what do you say?” The rich bitch was a dangerous manipulator, her sense of morality corrupted some time ago... maybe it was her parents who were never around... maybe it was the city’s general fall to chaos... or maybe... maybe she was always meant to be this way... fate was a difficult thing to unwind and stitch together... these thoughts were pretty far from her focus as her new toy followed her obediently to the master bedroom. Big Daddy always said she had a knack for the business... maybe she’d take him up on his offer to join his crew after she graduated.

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