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Is sad, cause it was superb. Had a really good time.

NOW! on to prints...
Hey all! As some of you might know, I am a Guest at BUCK this year. I am however unable at the time to attend due to lack of money to fund accommodation and flight tickets. As a result, some of my best art pieces are now available as prints for purchase over at

So if you have the spare cash and like my drawings, you can now get hold of a copy :)

Thanks for your support,

Funds will go to flights and accomodation.
Well its about time i get some time off, feels great! I wont start taking commissions right away since I already have a few stacked up.

Comission - BUCK Tshirt print (2013)

Comission - Persona Ponification

Comission - Project for 20pc

Own project - Skypirates

Gonna try to get most of these done before i get dragged on vacation, oh well!
Will work to finish a high detail image of crystal vinyl this week, stay tuned!
Starting tonight (RIGHT NOW-ish)! and it will be going for 24 hours!

I will myself be drawing here aswell but starting first at 12:30 GMT+1 (in aprox 12 hours from this post)

so drop by and support these lovely people! or atleast see me draw for a bit ^_^ might catch me talkign on their skype and all aswell, who knows... <3



Hey all you lovely faces!
So i have a very huge milestone coming up in hopefully not too long, but I'm short for ideas on what to do for it. So I turn to you fellas for some ideas!

What I can say is that it will be 1 image thanking all watchers etc, you know the usual stuff<3
So yeah leave your ideas for the milestone in the comments, hoping something will come of this x3
People really seemed to like my latest luna pic, so im currently drawign anotehr one. if im lucky i can upload it tonight!
OK so i know i havent dashed out any finished are in a while, I'm having a hard time gettign inspired to finish something really awesome.
does anyone of you guys, my fellow watchers that I love so much<3 got any ideas? im waiting for that spark that will kick me into drawing "that awesoem image"

also on other notes:
hoping to have an art stream today or tomorrow, when/if i do i will make an entry here for that as per usual.

Stay safe you awesome people!
But when I do, they contain mostly nothing!

Note: When I do art streams I will post a journal entry wit ha link and maybe a plan on waht i will stream, said entry will also be deleted when the stream is over so that I do not guide people wiht fasle hope of art streams.

Note 2: been so busy lately I havent been throwing out as much art as I want to, sorry about that!

Note 3: Twilight Sparkle is best pony.

Not dead, Yet.

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 7, 2012, 5:51 PM
Facebook l Gallery l dA Portfolio l Watch Me l Note Me

Still Alive! but I havent uploaded in ages :| lest just say i keep drawing and giving up because something little. then i practice that little and continue and then another thing gets in the way. GAH.

Things I must get done:

1: New DeviantID and/or Avatar for DeviantArt and other places. [DONE]

2: Epic Firewall from the fic - Through The Eyes Of Another Pony [I'M STUCK ON THIS ONE]

3: 20pc Comission [DELAYED UNTIL SUMMER]

4: Other Comissions.

Hope that gives you a decent update on shit!

See ya starside.

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Texture by Princess-of-Shadows

No rest for the wicked...

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 24, 2012, 1:56 AM
So much art to draw, so many techniques to improve upon... to practice...
Time is running out, slipping through my imaginary fingers of time as I spend every free
wake hour to practice. As my limbs ache from strains and vaining health
impedes my progress. Suddenly the urget o draw fades away, giving a slight
breather from the stress of life, of work, of my passion.

I need a smoke...
No rest for the wicked...
No further commissions untill the queued ones are done...

Shit just got premium...
I hope all of you had a great weekend! Atleast I did. I will probably leave for home today since I have been at relatives. If such once I get home I will spend most of the day on cleaning up my desk and such to get all new hardware installed.

(Like my new Wacom Intous *cough*)

So yeah, Hope you all have enjoyed yourselves.

Onn other notes I just got a new job so I suspect I wont be throwing out art as often, atleast not pony related. DONT WORRY THOUGH! I will strill try my best to supply your greedy eyes .^_^

The pony Line-up Currently is:
RAWRity's Request (as won by the BMN lottery)

BMN related banner.

Milestone Image; Dohvakiin. (yes thats right, I went with the skyrim suggestion)

Starcraft 2 Ponies.

Thats all I can think of on top of my head.

And as a finisher, thanks for reading my silly little Journal, It means alot to me that there are a few ponies that care.

On another last note, Sending requests of OC's to me is rather pointless. Finding the time for anything else than a few images a week is hard so time to draw said OC will probably not exist. However I am more than happy to have Crossover requests (with proper example images provided) and say ideas in the manner of "hey, how would you like to draw some steampunk-ish Celestia" or the likes. And if I find time and like your idea then sure I'll probably end up doing it. No guarantees though. All requests in this manner I want sent to me through the note system, comments wont do.

As for commission based work, just ask and we'll see.
OH MAH GAWD 100 watchers????
My mind can't handle this overload of joy I currently experience! thanks for watching! oh wow...
So I suppose a milestone image is in order then eh? I'll tell you what, post your ideas for the milestone image in the comments, something fun yet reasonable though. and I will hand pick the Idea I like the most.

Thanks once more guys, YOU all rock.
So time to list everything I have planned to do for the coming weekend, roughly of course.

The holy ASCA(tm) for "Through The Eyes Of Another Pony".
A head image for the fic "Chimes" that still havent been released on EqD
An image of Me. (as pony... again....)
And if time allows, a few more OCs for the people.

That more or less covers it.
talk with winter sky himself!
Gona draw storm wing now, tune in at if you're bored!
planning on 2 things once I get the time. Drawing Lafters Storm Wing, and Caramel as a blacksmith, thoughts?
What to draw next? I'm thinking of drawing one of the actual mane ones, but oh well. anyone have any suggestions?