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Professor of Music

The Professor and Luke jamming on 4 strings. I drew this one a loooong time ago, but realised I didn't upload it here yet. ^_^

 Professor Layton and Luke copyright Level5. Art by me, wratty. 
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Probably playing the Lincolnshire Poacher. An old English folk song that is known in America as The New York Volunteer.
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This is simply beautiful. The piece is just so warm and inviting... instruments are crazy hard!
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I love the soft shading on the fiddles.  The contrast with the normal cel shading gives the drawing a more complex flavor :3
Star-Gamer's avatar
This must have been hard to do. I really admire this kind of work. :)
qrx67111's avatar
one of the few drawings i've seen where they're actually holding the instrument right. :D
buslimpan's avatar
They look awesome!
Deyanira42's avatar
These games DO have the best OSTs, don't they? This is really adorable, btw. 
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this is wonderful, it's definitely a challenge drawing characters playing instruments (especially stringed instruments) and you've done such an amazing job! so sweet :)
MariiCreations93's avatar
I love all your Professor Layton fanart! *w*
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Awww, it always makes me smile to see your Layton art. :D
FinchFish's avatar
This is fantastic!  Violins and Laytons just go so well together! :D  Well done!
KatInATopHat's avatar
absolutely amazing and well drawn :heart:
janthekiller's avatar
i love professer latyon!
Miss-Nekoo's avatar
I Love that game!
Viva Professeur Layton! <3
ActionAuthor's avatar
oh, i love that game!
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Luke is just so chibi! >w< He's so cute!
Lt-Hokyo's avatar

Heeey, have you played Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney ? It's really good !

And I'd love to see you draw the professor with Phoenix :)
Eyecager's avatar
Ouhhhhh I love this!
corink's avatar
This has always been one of my favorite Layton arts I'm glad its on dA now!
DreamPalette's avatar
I love your Professor Layton fanart! 
pockyboxes's avatar
your layton fanart has always been some of my favorite, it's so great to know you're still doing it > v<
zillabean's avatar
Wratty you are still the greatest Layton fanartist in my hearttttt <3 <3 <3  I love this so much.
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