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Dragon Kisses

By wredwrat
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Sen and Haku from Spirited Away. One of my all time favourite films, I watched it again yesterday and felt a great need to draw something for it. The blossoming of the relationship between Sen and Haku in the film is so endearing! :heart:

Once again I found it very hard to stay away from the house style, though I tried to let a little bit of how I usually draw seep in.

A process cap. Rough and Inked versions, both in SAI. Colours were done in Photoshop.

Please enjoy! :)

Sen & Haku from Spirited Away © Studio Ghibli
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Ahh that dragon...i drew him so often after i saw the movie.  He's just so awesome, and the way you drew him is great! 
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Nice work! Really feels like something that might have happened if they'd been around each other a tad bit longer than what was shown in the film. :)
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thx for this draw
it's so beautiful!
I love all films of Hayao Miyasaki =)
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Yes,I remember that movie.
It was one of my favorites.
Thanks for drawing this one.
I'm so happy now!!!
I love it!!!
Love Love Love 
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Aww that's so cute.  I love the title and your detail is nicely done.
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This is just too cute
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So sweet! I love it!
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WOW!!!!  Amazing!
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There are some pictures that really makes you feel happy. They are sometimes simply, but inspire tranquility and peace of mind. To me, this is one of these pictures. Congratulations!
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OMG I LUV THIS MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I love studio ghibli especcily Spirited away ad princess Mononoke
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Spirited Away is a great animation that is meanin'ful and sad, right?
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Your art has been featured on our Awesome Alt Art blog! You can check it out at: [link]

All the best!
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I love Chihiro and Haku together!
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I loved that movie, too.

Thanks for bringing back a sweet memory.
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A kiss speaks more than 1 thousand words.
Nice work :thumbsup:
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uber cuteness!
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spirited away is such a great movie, im glad your artwork has given them justice....FTW :la:
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