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Code of the Gentleman

By wredwrat
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"A gentleman will remove his hat in the presence of a lady"

Professor Hershel Layton, archeology expert and the best puzzle solver in all of London.

My half of an art exchange with the one and only :iconzillabean:, up to my old bag of tricks again and drawing him in my style. I still haven't seen shots of him hatless yet, this is just what I picture him to look like under the hat.. so I don't know if it counts as a spoiler? (too late anyway now that I have forced you to look at it :P)

sorry for the lack of updates lately! I've been playing so much Basara haha ohhhdear.

Please enjoy, thanks for all the support <3

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Ooooh, you made him gorgeous!

Astrogirl500's avatar
This version of Layton that you've done is better than in the original game!
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Dios ,que guapo 😍
SteamPoweredWerehog's avatar
That's amazingly accurate for someone who hasn't seen him hatless yet. Bravo!
Kurarukisoldier's avatar


But no omg he looks great

its a wonder what people can do with their own styles and use others while still keeping hints of theirs. Agh
Kurarukisoldier's avatar
Fangirl levels....RISING!!!!
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this is beautiful 
miblover334's avatar
this is one sexy drawing
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I'm fangirling but shouldn't! Oh god this is amazing :D We'll done!
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"A gentleman will remove his hat in the presence of a lady" ..& take off his jacket & unbutton his collar too! XD
Whamtasticjin's avatar
You see, I absolutely love how you took the way he looks in-game and made it just a tad more realistic. Even though he doesn't look 100% the way he looks in-game, we can still tell that it's him. Lovely work.
S7alker117's avatar
I really like how you draw Layton. You make him look so... cool.

Great work once again. :)
Sir-Austria's avatar
good work indeed.
DanaNicole96's avatar
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Wow this really looks like Urasawa's style :p
RubyCosmos's avatar
Found you via Tumblr, awesome Layton art = insta-watch. You rock!
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bilbo-sama's avatar
OMG Those suspenders sjlkhdhgfsgkl
ladysisyphus's avatar
Oh, your Laytons always make me so happy~
Luckyoctopus's avatar
This is pretty spiffy!! Great job and I love the pose!
SufjanCat's avatar

MY MINE WAS JUST BLOWN :iconlachoirplz:

Codiegirl's avatar
HHHHHHHHNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGG (Professor Layton is sexy is already sexy but this..)
MariStars15's avatar
..are you sure you haven't seen the Professor hatless? I've played Unwound Future, and this is awfully close. :D

Hurr, he looks sexy. Just saying. A cranky Professor is suprisingly not that hard on the eyes...~
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