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Shade of Aran

By Wreckonning
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Another Art Piece for the World of Warcraft.
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"I SAID.  Get. Off. My. Lawn."
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this guy for some reason hates Alarm o' Bot 
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This is so awesome!

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Yes, yes my son is quite powerful...BUT I HAVE POWERS OF MY OWN!
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This is bar far one of the best WoW fanart pieces i've seen in here, well done!
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Wow that's a great compliment. I appreciate it. Thanks.
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The quote "I am not some simple jester! I am Nielas Aran!" comes to mind, badass and excellent work! Really like the take on the Elemental too.
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Cool. thanks i had fun on the elmental design.
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aweeeeee....... its about to bo down!!!
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so yes i love this dev. well, later
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The coloring and detail on this is simply amazing. Interesting take on the Water Elemental.. I'm going to be imagining them ultra-buff that way from now on, haha. :D

Unfortunately for me, only one thing comes to mind with him...
"I will not move when Flame Wreath is cast or the raid blows up."
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Thanks. I'm glad they let me push the style of the water elemental.
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Great detail, amazing colors.
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Lol Its a bodybuilded water elem' ! He should go with titan grip instead of his pew pew pew bolt or ice or something like this ^^ (anyway I banned them when I used to play)
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Lol. Imagine that a Water elemental with titan grip.
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Thanks. Appreciate the comment.
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