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Rock Me


Rock Me

autumn blunders in, clumsy stiff fingers frosted still by early winds, rocking trees back and forth red leaves splatter the ground paint drops, hanging from drooping branches, rotten fruit still litters the sidewalks i head south for the fall with the ducks. the train creaks like aching joints there's a crow on my windowsill, ruffling his feathers the trees flash by red -yellow-red my ticket's got a hole in the middle from being folded over and over the crow says "summer ain't that great, Peach Girl." i watch the sky and ignore his clicking black beak "the autumn's gonna follow right behind ya 'n turn the whole world re

swimming, not drowning.


swimming, not drowning.

when you're waist-deep in a love you know you shouldn't have even dipped your toes into, you spend a lot of time cursing the current. you try to stamp your feet but find the sand's up to your ankles and seaweed is tied in bows around your calves. the waves begin to climb, breaking on your collarbones and splashing your face. breath seems to take up more space in your chest. you bring air into your body in the shortest bursts possible and it spills back out like machine gun fire. sometimes, though-- mostly in the first hours after sunrise, when you're alone with the space she inhabited on your couch and her perfume on the back of your knees--

Actinium Dreams


Actinium Dreams

Y'all have any idea how downright frustrating it is to be the granddaughter of one of the most powerful and celebrated superheroes ever — Ulysses Randall Martin, the iconic Mr. Uranium — and yet have no special talent of your own? I mean, it's not like I don't have my own elemental superpower: like almost all of Grandpa's progeny, I do. But how much good is the ability to produce hard-hitting Alpha and destructive Beta rays if you can barely control it and never quite turn it off? At least I'm not as bad off as my son Frankie; I love him to death, but when left alone the poor boy is totally unstable and downright dangerous: the wor




After the wet season, before the midsummer night's drought, I flight for the floodplains, where the northern downpour bleeds out and sweeps its love to the mouth of my lungs. I sleep in the crux of an oxbow, let my dreams flux and flow fractured, deltaic. For this is the way I piece myself apart, a resolution, my absolution in a new avulsion. During the day, I move south towards the river mouth, picking pebbles, coral fangs from the riverbed. A loose tooth is a common truth in these parts. Bones are febrile, eyelashes are made of chalk, salt. Tears turn brackish. They cake and crack on the flats of my hands. This is my Pang




Nanny thinks the carpet is too soft to be my torturecage and the sofa and endtables are poor jailbars, but we are feline and we're too tough to care bigsister and littlesister are lioncubs today baby lionesses, authentically, we even lap milk from ceramic bowls, bellies swollen from the orders we give: 'emily, you're the zookeeper. Get us more milk.' She hates serving us, she's only four but she's getting strong and someday she'll earn predator status. (give thanks that we do not consume you, emily, your fingers peek through the cagebars and they are white and young and blood is sweeter than breastmilk) Roar. We are learni




She opens windows in  their wintery home, hopes to let the cold out when it doesn't work she scratches matches to life and burns the house down.

Poetry Self-Edit Checklist


Poetry Self-Edit Checklist

Poetry Self-Edit Quick Start Guide and Checklist Introduction The idea behind this is to give newer poets a way to better edit their poetry themselves, without having to rely as much on an external editor.  It can be frustrating, especially for new poets to request feedback from a friend, or worse, to post a poem, and have all of the responses be about grammatical errors and other details.  We write poetry to convey ideas and emotions, and when something is off technically about the poem it distracts the reader.  When a reader is distracted enough to notice an error or other problem it means they might spend th

Even Though


Even Though

There will be no caged fingers, no tendons finely tuned to A from tension. There will be no clenched teeth, gritting rosin, to make the final singing note growl. There will be unwinding bed-sheets, hands slowly releasing the tuning pegs. There will be slowly sliding scales as the four limbs loosen past playing. There will be a simple, quiet exit, not to ovation, but to a hushed audience who anticipate an encore, even though it is uncertain.
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Hi there! I'm a storyteller of sorts, and a Community Moderator here on DeviantArt! Feel free to say hi, and if you need help with something, send me a note and I'll be happy to help as much as I can.

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"Even if nobody else came ready to party, I'm gonna make this a knight to remember." @team
I'm most nostalgic for the childhood sense of discovery. Never too late to learn new things though!

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A deviant for nine years, ikazon is a monumentally influential member of DeviantArt. A champion of DeviantArt’s literature community, he’s contributed his own writing and journal skins to the community since he first joined DeviantArt. In 2011, ikazon became a Community Volunteer, shining a light on undiscovered pieces in both the DeviantArt related and literature galleries. His dedication to the community quickly made him a beloved figure on DeviantArt. Soon after, in 2012, he was hired as a full-time staff member, where he ran multiple community projects, such as the 2014 and 2015 Valentine’s Day Exchange!

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