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Stupid Powers: On Fire
Mohawked Individual Saves Nation's Economy Using Flaming Sneeze Power NEW YORK (AP) — Wall Street is reporting an unexpected boom today, with stock values of nearly every company on the Dow showing a drastic spike upward as the stock market came to a close Monday. Insiders and economic experts say that the cause of the sudden rise is a punk in Queens with the power to sneeze fire. Nathan Caulfield, a Clifton, New Jersey native sporting a spiked leather-clad jacket and a mohawk almost as tall as the head it sits on, says he was grabbing lunch with a friend when it happened. He was about to bite into a hot dog when he felt the sneeze coming on, and he didn't have enough time to turn his head away. The next thing he knew, his hot dog had an excellent char to it. As with all news in New York, talk of the flaming sneeze traveled fast, and in under an hour it reached the front steps of 11 Wall Street before it then quickly traveled inside. "It's the best news we could have hoped for,"
Six years ago, I stood at the coast, sand settled between my toes more strongly than I was to the earth around me, wondering when things would get better— better, like bathing daily, buying groceries instead of not eating, sleeping for more than two hours at a time and waking up better, like pool swimming, skimming the surface with a hand to save a beetle that landed and wondered if things would get better, like toes settled in sand at the beach, the Pacific reaching onward, outward, endless— and I wonder now how many times things got better while I wasn't looking
at night when the sea rushes in to meet the land I climb into the bathtub and make an island of myself
Desk Birds
When the beams finally gave way and the attic collapsed into the cloud of smoke that had threatened to billow through the roof, his eyes blazed the same orange-red that peeked through the smoke. He stared at it from the cover of a bush across the field behind the house, unmoving as it collapsed in on itself, bit by bit, board by board. Even as the last embers caught on the evening breeze before the fire ran out of things to burn, he remained, unmoving. When the last haze of light crept away over the horizon, he ran, eyes held shut until he cleared the first few trees that marked the edge of the forest. As he passed more trees—from memory, from practice—he slowly let his eyes creep open, the blazing orange-red illuminating the floor of dark forest in front of him as he ran. His guardians had taught him this. They’d practiced it over and over again, in case the day ever came. He was to run and not look back, to travel by darkness until he reached the bunker at the base of the far
It was far from the first time a dreamhopper tried to escape, and Dr. Markus Albrecht knew it would be far from the last. Hell, Reik had done it at least four times since discovering he could, and once his time in solitary was up, there was no doubt he’d do it again. The problem wasn’t that the dreamhoppers could bounce between dreams and potentially escape; every leap from one dream to the next left a trail of sorts, lingering magic that would lead to the next dream, and so on. No, the problem was more complex, and was one he should’ve expected that Belcott had figured out already. Once a dreaming person was pulled from their dream back into the waking world, their dreamscape would exist only in their subconscious, and it became much more difficult to find any trail to follow in the first place. “Sir, Reik has been locked down in simulated dream space. They recommend giving him about 6 hours to make sure his consciousness is still all there before speaking with him.” Markus sighed,
A Simple Task
It was supposed to be a simple task. Deliver the pouch to the old lady who lived in the house up the hill, get paid, then be on her merry way. As soon as she arrived and saw that the front door of the dilapidated manor was wide open, hanging on one barely attached hinge, she took her phone out of her pocket and called him back. When it went to the man’s answering machine, she said in no uncertain terms that the pay rate would be double the original quote. Once sure the message had been left, she stepped inside the house, braced for something far less than simple. Upon seeing the remains of the old lady on the dining room table, carved out in a way that could only be described as grotesque, she called him back again, this time demanding triple the original quote. He still didn’t answer, so as she climbed the stairs to the second floor landing, she sent him a text as well. After she killed the first hired gun on the second floor, she called him once more, this time stating that she
the Kamogawa flows from mountain to ocean— ritual routine like the sun rising and professing my love to you




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Vinicunca Peru
Nature paints the new day.
The Edge of the World
Sky Habitat 23
The Pisces Journey
Winter door
Rooftop over Berlin. (III)
under the skin...
Otherwise Good Condition
I have worn the same dress for four days, because I am sick, exquisitely sick -- black and gold, your drunk dimestore Nefertiti. A white stain announces itself, a muddy star: she coughed here. Undo yourself, those sallow words you drink, let the silk fall loose. I've got a face like dirty laundry and burial grounds -- What I touch becomes unwell. I wear my hair like it pains me, blow kisses like a little girl sucking her teeth at cars, the caked little tombs of sugar that crumble, naked under the hot milk of the sun.
Author's note: This story is set in a world just sideways of our own, where the heroes of American legends are real. But then again, so are the villains. "I say," said the tall, black man with the perfect smile. "I say, come along over here and sit a spell. You look plum tuckered out." And he played a little arpeggio on his guitar, which he held like it was a woman he loved. It was dusk then and the sky was fading from its cotton candy dream color into a deep lavender, dark and low on the horizon like a lady singing blues, and Ted Swanson the securities salesman was grateful to sit down. He took a seat beside that old black man, right in
the split the spread the thread
you were standing in the lamplight with all the grace and incident of the black sea and i sat with a scrape of skin pressing into the carpet uncomfortably. a shift of light moved us quietly into arms, some forgotten touch newly placed. the only stirring in all the world was the moving of our chests which at their crests would touch—a faithful mythology of meeting. titular gestures carried italics and lost their momentum mid-air. we were xerics of this arid landscape brimmed with sea air. the shifts of light moving our bodies glared ceremoniously, our puckering sensations forming a stunning tear. we danced as statues with flesh a
the letter that never arrived
as if grief had never hollowed out my heart, caverns echoing with the memory of a laugh, as if despair had never stolen my voice until love whispered in my ear and I knew what mattered, to speak of knowing: there are things you will decide to protect yourself from, pain you must never relive, and some you must live and live again, no matter the cost
Mother, eighty-four, took Uncle James for a ride yesterday. Drove her brother to the cemetery To visit Daddy and Mike. After, she called their flowers lovely, Then asked, "Where's Daddy? Where is my Husband?"                      * For the first time in fifteen years I dream of Mike, him driving up In Mother's big Oldsmobile, Then waiting.  We talk, he nods. Now, I realize he has come For Mother.  As the old ones say To take her home.  I go to her Bed, grab her hand.  I'm waking, Mother's hand cooling in mine.                      * April 15, 2009 Today, my little sister and I Will go to select a coffin For Mother.  Eighteen years ago, I
Magic Flute
The moment I felt Death courting you my rib cage collapsed. I curled into childhood: the strange little girl always alone, talking to herself on the playground, thinking she was whispered a safe solitude of hush-holy clouds, relieved to slip away from mating rituals unnoticed; a detached solitude seeing only in shades of rock beneath a surface any touch or even death couldn't reach. Listen: Love is the beginning of Truth you were the first coup de foudre I climbed and the last amour out of this place. Wherever the courtship carried you, if ever a marriage or honeymoon, I renounce this waiting of hope; this solitude of celibate
The Rumour of Icarus
Icarus— there is a rumour that your father killed you, that he bent your wings until they broke and then told you, "Fly." If this rumour is true, then it lives in the throats of those fragile boys who wear your death like Cain's mark, whose tender hands split like swollen tomatoes when they pluck strangled seabirds, whose arms slump beneath the weight of their father's genius. And this rumour lives on the under-skin of their eyelids so that when they die or simply sleep they dream of their fathers or maybe just of Daedalus, standing with his hands full of feathers and wax, their blood-flecked down under his fingernails
Unbound Ties
You choke on the meds— the bitter taste of failure, the coffee thick in your indecisive throat. Downstairs, a baby howls like a mistreated coyote at the vaporizing moon— the all day affair of listening to abandonment thumping in your ears. Across town, a man you might have learned to love boards a bus for greener pastures— the promise of keeping in touch rolling in your mouth like a pendulum uncertain of its true purpose. & in a tiny town on the edge of oblivion, your one-time, for-all-time lover chokes on the daily defeat— feeling the chorus of your blood burst against her lips, all the unspoken
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Last year in music felt like the year of the album. I made a journal toward the end of last year featuring some of my favorites from 2018, and I remember struggling to fit them all in. This year felt very different. I actually don't know that I could name many albums from this year that felt like coherent standouts to me. Nearly every full-length album I listened to had one or a few songs that just didn't seem to fit, in one way or another. There were still a few standouts of course, but I feel like in the wake of my general feeling about albums this year, it'd be good to focus on the songs I particularly loved this year instead. So, here we go! Sakanaction - Moth This one is a standout off of one of the few albums released this year that I DID feel strongly in favor of from start to finish. An upbeat, frenzy-driven track early on in the album, Moth is set in between two of the best singles released by the band before the album came out, which is always a dangerous place for a
Found on Newest, Vol. 13
One of the most polarizing things about the Newest page is that there's no filter, and that it's literally just deviations right as they're submitted. The bright side to browsing Newest is that you have the chance to run into a variety of good art of...well, anything and everything, really! So, here are some more great works that I've found while browsing Newest!
Found on Newest, Vol. 12
One of the most polarizing things about the Newest page is that there's no filter, and that it's literally just deviations right as they're submitted. The bright side to browsing Newest is that you have the chance to run into a variety of good art of...well, anything and everything, really! So, here are some more great works that I've found while browsing Newest!

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A deviant for nine years, ikazon is a monumentally influential member of DeviantArt. A champion of DeviantArt’s literature community, he’s contributed his own writing and journal skins to the community since he first joined DeviantArt. In 2011, ikazon became a Community Volunteer, shining a light on undiscovered pieces in both the DeviantArt related and literature galleries. His dedication to the community quickly made him a beloved figure on DeviantArt. Soon after, in 2012, he was hired as a full-time staff member, where he ran multiple community projects, such as the 2014 and 2015 Valentine’s Day Exchange!

However, ikazon’s contributions to the community extended past his time as a community volunteer and a staff member. From contributing journal skins to the CalendarProject to leaving encouraging comments for his fellow community members, ikazon’s supporting presence has been felt all across DeviantArt.

We’re proud to name ikazon as the Deviousness Award recipient for March 2016!
Awarded Mar 2016

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t h a n k . y o u . f o r . t h e . n e w . f a v e s . a n d . c o m m e n t s . =)
ikazon Writer

No worries at all :la:

Beyworld101Student Traditional Artist
Hi. I'm having so many issues trying to upload a new avatar. On Saturday night, I uploaded a image to use as my new avatar for the holiday season, I got this error message about something. I didn't know what it was about. It's been giving me issues from the last two days and I don't know what to do about it.

*DeviantArt is experiencing high load and your request was interrupted or timed out.
*There was a server error while processing the request.
*The setting of your browser privacy controls or firewall may be blocking the response from DeivantArt.

That's the same message I kept on getting over and over again whenever I refreshed the page, logged off and logged back on, restarting my computer, and tried it on Firefox and Internet Explorer and got the same message in the other two browsers. I'm starting to get unhappy and I don't know what else to do with it. Can you please help me out with is serious issue and tell me what's going on.
ikazon Writer

Hi there! You'll want to file a bug report with our Customer Service team and they'll assist you as soon as they're able! :)

Beyworld101Student Traditional Artist
Never mind, I've found a way to change my avatar now. 
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Thank you for the fav of my work. I appreciate it.