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Beck Heck
Artist | Student | Film & Animation
United States

My name is Beckham and I draw a lot.

Always open for commissions, never open for requests.

Personal Tumblr: themarquisofdorks (/tagged/beckhamdraws for art)
Art Tumblr: beckhamdraws
Instagram: ohhecknotbeck
Twitter: ohheckitsbeck
Furaffinity (ew): heebjeeb

Contact me through notes if you really want me to see something.
I draw for you for money!!

Please read the TOS before asking questions or contacting me to order. My commissions are open unless I explicitly state they're not. Please contact me via PM instead of comments if you're interested. Thanks!

Each commission type can include more or less detail or be drawn in a more or less simplistic style as per request. Being as specific as you can get or using previous examples of my work that you like - even if they're not on this list - is very helpful and makes it easier for me to give you what you want. Communication is always encouraged.

All prices are in USD. All payment is made through Paypal. I don't accept alternative payment or payment methods.

Commission journal edit log:
  • N/A

A bordered portrait of your character's head for use as a social media icon. Can be any dimensions you want, but initially comes with 50x50, 100x100, and 500x500 sizes. Background can be any solid color, but comes transparent by default.
  • $5 each

Fuk U Love Eg 100 by Wreckham Shyanne-100 by Wreckham Uranium-100 by Wreckham Derby-100 by Wreckham Briarnowhisk-100 by Wreckham

A rough colored and shaded drawing of your character with minimal cleanup.
  • Portrait - $8
  • Body - $12 + $6 each additional character

Gravedigger by Wreckham Ashley by Wreckham

Cleaned up, colored, and shaded lineart. Lineart can be smoother or rougher per request (default is rougher.)
  • Portrait - $17
  • Body - $22 + $11 each additional character

Yagi B. [COMMISSION] by Wreckham Sits [COMMISSION] by Wreckham Harvey [COMMISSION] by Wreckham Forte and Feenicks [COMMISSION] by Wreckham Ire and Chakri [COMMISSION] by Wreckham

A painted but minimally rendered image of your character. Involves a lot less detailed texture, but includes precise, smooth shading.
  • Portrait - $35
  • Body - $45 + $25 each additional character

Inverted by Wreckham Holiday Spirit by Wreckham Hougen-Sama by Wreckham Deerty Kamputer [COMMISSION] by Wreckham Nine [COMMISSION] by Wreckham

A meticulously painted image of your character with great focus on detailing. Can also be of just an environment, or can be an environment mixed with one of the above commission types (e.g. a rendered background with a shaded character.)
  • Portrait - $65+
  • Scene - $125+ (each additional rendered character +$40)

Globglogabgalab by Wreckham Kuda [COMMISSION] by Wreckham Into The Woods [COMMISSION] by Wreckham At The Bar [COMMISSION] by Wreckham Ginga Zine by Wreckham

Character Design
A character or set of characters based on a description or your preferences. Includes a shaded version for display/sharing and a flat colored version for color reference.
  • Individual character- $30
  • Additional characters - $20 each

Clowning Around by Wreckham Silly Old Bear by Wreckham Rockabillygoats by Wreckham

Mature Content

Centaurs by Wreckham
The Roadkill Gang by Wreckham

Terms of Service
⦁ I can refuse or refund any commission at any time for any reason and without explanation.
⦁ If a commission seems especially elaborate, e.g. the subject has a complex design, I might request an increase in payment.
⦁ Refunds can be provided in full only before I begin any work. Partial refunds can be provided based on the amount of work I have not yet done. I will not refund finished works.
⦁ I need visual references of a character, quality doesn't matter. I also need a solid answer on what character(s) I will be working with. I will not choose which character(s) to draw for you. Please be specific about what poses, expressions, props, etc. you want included, otherwise I will take artistic liberties.
⦁ The deadline for every commission is 30 days from the day the invoice is paid in full. The average turnaround is typically 7-14 days, but there is no guarantee that it will be completed at that point. Refunds or complimentary artwork (customer's choice) will be provided if the deadline cannot be met.
⦁ Small adjustments after a piece's completion are free. Larger adjustments may cost extra or be declined altogether.
⦁ You retain ownership of any original characters featured in the art whereas I retain full rights to the artwork itself. All commissions are one off pieces - I won't be reselling, printing, or otherwise using the image afterwards for anything except my portfolio.
⦁ You are allowed to repost the work so long as you do not modify it or sell it on merchandise AND you give me full credit for its creation. If you've purchased a design, you are free to do as you wish with the character so long as you give me credit as their designer.
⦁ I WILL NOT DRAW: copyrighted characters (unless interacting with original characters; fan characters are fine), anything that I believe constitutes any form of bigotry (i.e. no racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, etc.), extreme violence and gore (blood and death is fine, just don't push it), anything sexually suggestive (nonsexual nudity is fine), pornography (which includes fetishes, even the "innocent" or "non-sexual" ones), or exact reproductions of other artists' work. You must be 18 years or older to order bloody stuff or nudity.

If you have any questions that are not answered here, feel free to ask! Thanks for reading!


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