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I can't do better then Disney, but all that discussion about how The Lion King was better 2D animated because in 3D it's expressionless and boring got me thinking of what the remake would look like if instead of hyperrealism, Disney had combined realism and cartoony proportions. The character design of the original TLK is really good, after all.

So here's a little prince. I sculpted his entire body as opposed to just his head/upper chest like I do with a lot of my 2D/3D hybrid pieces, but you can't see a lot of it. Mostly used him as an excuse to learn normal mapping and clone painting. A time consuming piece, but fun.

Zbrush > Blender > Photoshop


EDIT: Well this blew up! Thanks a ton, everybody.
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This Simba is very cute

is this file for sale on Hi-res? , thank you

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'fraid not, sorry!

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I loved :heart: :heart: :heart: :rose: 
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You're very welcome!❤️😊, how are you?.
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So I have analyzed your image. It has very saturated colors. Pros like Aaron Blaise use less saturated colors becasue they don't hurt our eyes. If colors are too flashy wee need to look away. You took colors that have 70-90% saturation although the use between 0 and 70% is more common. You use bright flashy colors for attentional details and need to be used sparingly. When I look at the histogram I can see that you haven't used any bright colors except red. All colors are in the first 3/4 of it which means that it's a darker image with little light. Your greens are exactly from 0 to 75% brightness. Your red is a bit brighter as stated before from 10% - 100% in which the main distribution is fron 10 to 75%. Blue is from 0 - 90%, but the main peak is from 15 - 20% that is the clear indicator that blue is the darkest color. So the balancing color for that is a bright yellow, like I stated before. The histogram proves me right. The picture is too dark and saturated. When I use auto contrast it shows a huge improvement. That alone would have been enough. Even turning down the saturation of the lights is an pleasant improvement. And you don't lose details, in fact you see even more. You need a more even distribution of the colors. It's always good to adjust your work using adjustment curves. Aaron Blaise does that too. You should check him out. Especially when you are into the Lion King.
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I would prefer if the movie they were going for looked more like this. The thing that makes Simba, Mufasa, and Scar so memorable is the fact that they can express. They can smile and scowl and look confused and sing without breaking some barrier of realism and making things uncanny. They can really make Scar look villainous and Simba look heroic. Not to mention that Rafiki looks absolutely terrifying when realistic.
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much as i like the realism of the remake, i have to agree. the hyperrealism is something different from the original, but it will have to rely on different strengths to get across the same emotional depth or else risk looking either unrealistic or creepy.
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Really cool work. 
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Is he King yet?
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nah he's still waitin
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