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The story:
Firstly, this is not a commercial project. It's very different from what I normally do and even though it is available on a tee/poster, it's not commercial. It's not easy to read and I applaud you if you decided to spend some time to understand it.
Secondly, the quote itself was born some time ago, but like most designs, it needs to grow on you and reappear in your mind a couple of times before you give in. And I did, mostly because everything today seemed to speak the word "path" to me. I heard it on the news, I heard on the songs. So I gave in.
As you can maybe see, the chaotic way the letters are portrayed is just an illusion (much like in life - it's pretty chaotic, but when you look closer, you'll see a pattern). The O's fall under O's, so do T's, I's, E's and NG's. The dark line is the path itself, and it also helped you read the whole thing. What the quote means to me, is that maybe we don't really have that much control over our own lives - maybe the control we think we have is just an illusion, maybe we're following our path regardless we want to or not. And if that's the case, maybe it's smarter to give in, follow it...if we're smart enough to see it.

You can get this on a tee at this [link] or you can also makeyourownwordboner.com.
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KamiGamerHobbyist Artist
Who else took 5 minutes to read?

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Tenshi-no-hane-OkamiHobbyist Writer
This is awesome!
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Pretty cool; I could read it at first go. :D
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AlexanderKennedyALTHobbyist Traditional Artist
i just ran across this in the print store, and i gotta say it's pretty cool and inspiring.

however, i took a different meaning from it. i honestly took it to mean that we may have a path laid out for us, but we don't have to take it. it's not necessarily who we are. i thought it meant to do everything you can, even die trying, to change your stars and make better for yourself then what the world may have laid out for you. i don't believe in destiny, but i do believe in social destiny, ie, unless you try hard to change it, a poor kid from a poor family will grow up to be a poor adult.

it doesn't always hold true, but that's because those people die trying to change their path.

i dunno, but i think it lends itself to interesting discussion, and this is a great piece
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AlexanderKennedyALTHobbyist Traditional Artist
oops. i meant to say 'fight and die trying to change their path'
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JessiJellibeanHobbyist Digital Artist
Very awesome concept. I really like it. Also I didn't have any trouble reading it at all :XD:
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HabibaELGHobbyist Photographer
Featured here: [link] :)
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HabibaELGHobbyist Photographer
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Your work is just amazing!...*applauses
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solefieldHobbyist Photographer
Very interesting concept... definitely worth some thinking about. :)
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Thanks for your input:)
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JessieMyersHobbyist Photographer
I love this. I saw the message straight away then started to notice all those little things that you point out :P
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does thay say...make your own word boner..
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Yes it does.
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i erupted in true laughter.
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hybridinsurgencyStudent Traditional Artist
Randomly journal featured > [link]
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Thanks for featuring!
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RichardTheRoughProfessional Interface Designer
Nice job man.
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itt0ryuProfessional General Artist
Adaptation is my second name :D
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