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Mean 2012

Get on a tee at this [link] or (new apparel!)

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Bahaha. I love this! :D
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amen ! someone here has got this and would be you
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if you don't mean what you say- you are the 99%.
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Story of my life xD
WinryxOxRockbell's avatar
I've seen better art ;D
docsheiman's avatar
handwritten? love it. !
stick-it-2-the-man's avatar
crocty's avatar
But...This would apply to actors and comedians. D:
Ennayenaled's avatar
YES! So true, love this!!
Story of ma life. Faved
Slade366's avatar
oh mai gawd! dis shurt is sao ribilieous!! oh mai gawd da faunt is sewper aurtistic! sai trew!!!
TeiMari's avatar
THAT is what I have been saying for YEARS!
Kurri-Rooster's avatar
That's what she said.
TheCreatorOf4's avatar
---said the Mocking Turtle.
D-Mythos's avatar
Fucking awesome!
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Yes!!omg I love u pple really need to shut the fuck up
fourquods's avatar
...but ....but ....but! ...ah okay!
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