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Love is Lust



This piece represents the theory that lust is a part of love. Lust creeps around it and disguises itself as love. The shadows are also symbolical; lust is often casting shadows on love, and love sometimes lives in the shadows of lust.

It's not easy to read and it's not supposed to be. I wanted the viewer to go deeper, appreciate the details more, and discover the double meaning of the piece without any hints.

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In reverse that most peoples thinks, lust is not actually only about sex. It's actually the immaterial counterpart to greed:

While greed is the uncontrolled, corrupted desire for material things, lust is the uncontrolled, corrupted desire for more "conceptual" thing.

We can be lustful for sexual pleasure, obviously, but also other kinds of pleasures, power, popularity, knowledge, and even love.