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Love is Lust

This piece represents the theory that lust is a part of love. Lust creeps around it and disguises itself as love. The shadows are also symbolical; lust is often casting shadows on love, and love sometimes lives in the shadows of lust.

It's not easy to read and it's not supposed to be. I wanted the viewer to go deeper, appreciate the details more, and discover the double meaning of the piece without any hints.

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In reverse that most peoples thinks, lust is not actually only about sex. It's actually the immaterial counterpart to greed:

While greed is the uncontrolled, corrupted desire for material things, lust is the uncontrolled, corrupted desire for more "conceptual" thing.

We can be lustful for sexual pleasure, obviously, but also other kinds of pleasures, power, popularity, knowledge, and even love.
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Lust is lust, but it can be very sly and hidden, and it can fool the masses BIG time into its agenda. My dear friend is in a dangerous relationship she dubs love, but the boy she is with is not in love, he's in lust with her. When in a relationship, know the difference so you don't regret it later.
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i see lost between love and lust
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When I look at this, Not only do I see the words love and lust, but I also see the word lost. Probably just me though.
Love the meaning anyway.
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Lost between love and lust...? ;)
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You've made a great combination of these two words! It's still readable. It's great that you've putted the first two letters of the first word to the front and the last two of the second word. It makes a great combination and contrast.
Really like this one!

:love: from Belgium
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xToushirou-Kurosakix's avatar
Wonderful :D What more can I say?
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Haha thanks!:)
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Really nice execution - I like the symbolism of the shadows and how lust casts shadow over love, but not love over lust.

But I don't agree with it in whole. More of a one way equation.

Example: I love my mother. I don't lust after her.
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Obviously, the love in between family members is not the topic of this piece.
Thanks for your input :)
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My current wallpaper,
I totally agree with this piece.
It's always Lust @ 1st sight..
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It's very interesting - people usually see what they want to see there. Maybe what's more important to them, I don't know.
For me, I see Lust too, everytime.
ivana-martin's avatar
Is that why Lust is more noticeable than Love?

Because it's Lust @ 1st sight?

I think I just saw the piece in a whole different way.
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Hi, I just wanted to let you know that this has been featured in this news article:- Typography Love I hope you don't mind, I just love this image so much I couldn't not add it. :iconkissmeeplz: :iconredbullglompplz:
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good execution...
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Thank you, I appreciate it.
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It's sad really. Everybody thinks about sex first and their relationship later. To me there is no such thing as anymore. It died a long time ago. Good job though dude. You make so much since.
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That's one way to look at it.
For me, personally, it was the thought that there cannot be love without lust that started the piece going.
Imadumasslol's avatar
Which is why I think it's sad. You don't need sex to love each other. Well that's what I thought, but aparrantly not.
WRDBNR's avatar
I don't think you can have love that works without lust and I don't think you can have lust without love.
Imadumasslol's avatar
I believe you can but it's very uncommon. I believe lust is the cause of a lot of relationship problems.
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Not if it's channeled right.
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