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Into Nothing

In this piece I just wanted to portray a simple and literal example of how everything you have can turn into pretty much nothing in a heartbeat.

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I faved this a long time ago, and I just saw it again and had to come back here and comment about how much I admire it. Instantly, looking at it, it's like this huge clashing crescendo and then an empty pop accosts me in a very auditory way. Music that can make you see something is amazing. Likewise is visual art that can make you hear something. Very cool. Props.
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Wow, awesome concept! Love it!
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Nice one , it can also means that from nothing u can have everything too , thats how i saw it before readin your description
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I thought you were making an allusion to Everything is Broken by Mr Hudson feat. KiD CuDi like your Many Moons lyric. [link]
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No, but it makes sense!
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everything falls apart?
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good idea. i like it:typerhappy:
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You know, this would make a pretty cool animation too :D
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I know, I know:)
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I don't necessarily think of this concept as a bad thing - perhaps a little like falling quietly into sleep, rather than shattering dramatically.
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In my head, it was the drama effect I was going for. Falling piece by piece could make a mess out of it.
Thanks for your thought, though:)
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man this is just gorgeous, I would buy it, if I had money:) I just love it
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nice concept :)

i think it would have even been cooler to have the cut parts more turned/twsited in the last 2 steps and with more space between them like in an explosion
but therefore you would have needed more white space aorund the words and i am not sure that would have looked good...
just a thought ^^
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Thanks for your input:)

I didn't want it to look like an explosion. I wanted it to look like it's cracking, more and more with time, and then when the cracks are deep enough, it all falls apart in a second.
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you're welcome :aww:

yeah, i understand your intention and it makes sense :nod:
explosion would have been too much to the outside... if its falling apart its better the way you did it :D
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thank you;) I had a very strong visualization of this in my head and I just did what I had in my mind.

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when I saw the title and the top of this deviation I almost expected the shards of "everything" to shuffle and form the word "nothing". but what you did is probably even better.
good. strong. I like it.
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me too.
This way is better. The everythings breaks apart and left nothing.
It´s like something get a crack after the next and someday the next crack the last one because it´s to much. Hm I don´t know if my explanation i understandable ^^"
But I like this piece really and the idea behind it.
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