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Get this on a tee at this [link] or You can also get it in European store at this [link] .
More daily wordboners at, where else?
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i love it because it's true
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I like the typeface and execution but I have to disagree with the message.

Actually I think that being a human is a wonderful thing and fear and despond are what keep us from realizing that we could do ANYTHING :meditate:
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We're humans. It's wonderful, but we're not almighty.
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nice effect! i see a pac-man there!
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You win a prize.
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I've seen this saying as a typography piece somewhere around here before.. was it you?
But whatever, I like it!
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Yeah, it's a new version of the same quote I came up with a while back.
And thank you!
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Really cool, and ur msg, is quite, true, too!
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So I originally read this as "After everything, you're just a human."
But I like your idea bettar.
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Yours makes sense too.
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Inspiring look.
Love the style. ^^
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that amazing what font did you use?
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I believe it's Moo.
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Fresh idea.
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Being a human is diffecult lol .. love this one, and the font is beautiful (:
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Thx:) I appreciate it!
Beauty-Sama's avatar
i'm sorry, 'difficult' that's what i meant
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