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I've had this thing for short-one-word bonerisms lately. This one is simple enough, I simply wanted to create something that would be a statement similar to 'seize the day' but concerning place, not time.
Also, I love how it asks a question and responds it in the span of one word.

And it looks smashing on a tee.

Get this on a tee at this [link] or You can also get it in European store at this [link] .
More daily wordboners at, where else?
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Great! And I see you have more, that's splendid. Only fails in capitalizing the H.
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pertanyaan yang dijawab dengan kata yang sama... SMART
-simply- effective.
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Beautiful yet simple concepts. :) Love your works. ^^
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It's amazing how you manipulate words. 2 thumbs up! =D
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Really like what you do with words.
Keep on.
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haha i likee :)
might be a bit too provocative as a tee for a girl though ;) ahaha
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Haha it might be! But good provocative, nothing sleazy.
Thanks for the comment!
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Oh wow. I love the simplicity. Brilliant design! Very creative :D
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