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catwoman:here kitty...

darn scanner won't give justice to the toning and shading I did on this piece... oh well. Ladies in catsuits.... meowwrrr.
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the scanner didn't lose all the detail, this is a great pic, i love the leather texture work, great job!
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thanks! And check out the colored version did by the amazing :iconnorthchavis: !
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i saw it, it's awesome :)
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your work is definitely very sound and strong. I love what you do bro, really do, I am still enjoying your work, off to the next image=]
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whoa, sir! don't know what to say but thanks!
KMANN-55's avatar
GOOD GAWD, that's hot!!
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thanks sir! it's actually one of my personal favorites! will try to have it scanned on hi-res, hoping that someone might be interested to have it colored. :-)
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That would be a great idea.
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fantastic work here man
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thanks a lot, sir! :-)
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i have a thing for cats, and i have a thing for art, so voila! an all around favourite to be had! :)
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really? i used out own cat as my model for this piece. and wouldja believe that she plays along with our 10 dogs? :-)

will try to have it re-scanned with a beter resolution. :-)
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very nice my friend.
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thank you very much, fellow bat-fan!
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is it warm by you? just asking. I can't feel my feet. god to be in the batsuit in the winter months.
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I didn't know a scanner can do that to a drawing... I don't have one so I don't know what it can do to make a picture suffer so much...

It's really nice. I can't even draw animals or non-anime stuff well.

Well, I'm not in an artistic mood so I can't even draw anything well. Oh well... I'm in a writing mood but I'm having writer's block so I can't even write much. Bummer. Oh, wait. I'm talking too much about myself... Anyway, it's really nice, sir.
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ginamit kong reference yung cat namin... ;-)
maverickhunter1724's avatar
May cat pala kayo, sir!

May aso kami rito pero sabi raw ng doctor na huwag raw mag-rough play sa aso. Sabi nya na handa na raw mangagat yung aso namin anytime. :(

Babae pa naman... :XD:
FallenDevilYamiko's avatar
Aaah catwomaaan! :love: Your drawing is really beautiful! *__*
Eww, scanners always mess up colors and shadings... hmm... Maybe you could touch it up with photoshop?
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hi there, yamiko! thanks for appreciating my work!

thanks for the tip. will try doing that retouch when soon as i have time for that.

so, you're from France? wish i could visit that place!
FallenDevilYamiko's avatar
You're welcome, your work is good! ^^
Will you do other Batman (Joker, harley... ther are my favs characters XD) fanarts?

And you're welcome, it's normal! ^^

And yes, I live in France! ^^ It's a nice place (even if people are not always nice... I suppose my clothes disturbs them a bit! ^^;)!
wrathofkhan's avatar
I'd like to get to know more about the French culture and the language, too. Disturbed by what? your clothes? why?

and thanks again for really liking my work. Harley? i posted a sketch of her with Poison Ivy. you seen it? ;-)

yup, i'll be drawing Batman himself and other bat-villains for sure (i'm a big bat-fan). Will let you know.

Happy Holidays!
FallenDevilYamiko's avatar
Oh really? Well thank you! XD
And yup, disturbed my my clothes... you know, a bit dark... I love dark clothes, trousers with laces, shirts with dragons, weird necklaces, mystics-animals (bat is my prefered one!) jewels, blah blah blah... and it's not really the fashion where I live... ^^;

And you're welcome! ^^ You have great skills! *will surely watch you*

And thanks for letting me know!

Happy holidays to you! (I still have a week of exams now. '-_-)
wrathofkhan's avatar
really? i love wearing black clothes as well. be it street wear, casual, even formal. and i made sure i wore black when i met NEIL GAIMAN just 3 weeks ago. hehe.

whoa. goodluck on those exams, girl!

and Joyeux Noel! (hope I spelled that right!)
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