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Tetsame: An odd little grassland world. It's got low gravity and an eccentric orbit around its sun, leading to scorching summers and freezing winters. Because of its tilt, however, it only affects the northern hemisphere, leaving the southern hemisphere far more tolerable. The air is breathable, with   higher traces of nitrogen in the air than earth, often coloring its one moon, named after the Dragon of Shadows, Dusk, red in the sky.

There are no open bodies of water on Tetsame, but it does have a high amount of inland seas, foul smelling with higher concentrations of salt than seawater. It is a good growing spot for Speckled Onions, renowned to be one of the greatest tasting onions in the Ten Empires. There are few sources of open fresh water, even fewer still that are drinkable. Most of these are found in aquifers deep beneath the earth. Local-Based Wellers is, thus, a great business for this planet, as they help to provide the only known sources of water besides open rain. Precipitation is very seldom, so inhabitants who cannot afford well drilling resort to rain catchers, huge barrels which, with their funnel shape, capture rain for drinking far later. It accumulates very quickly, as rain pours hard and very abruptly.

The Northern Hemisphere of Tetsame is mainly deciduous, though mountain ranges along the hemisphere create rain shadows, resulting in desert areas. The native trees are excellent storers of water and help add humidity to the sky for more rain fall, if only by a bit more than the southern hemisphere. Gaps formed by what is believed to have been glaciers fill up with water quickly during the fall, freezes over during the winter, thaws out and is filled up even higher during spring, and then dries out during Summer.

Local Creatures who live on this world have adapted to a lifestyle of high energy storage, often resulting in low metabolism and poor stamina. Creatures in the Northern Hemisphere hibernate during the summer and winter, when the weather's intolerable, and emerge only during the spring and fall to restore their bodies with water and food that quickly disappears. Animals in the southern hemisphere, however, stay very close to areas of fresh water, or live underground most of their lives, digging for water. Then some animals are migratory and always on the move, with high stamina and low metabolism, always working to get water. If only the same could be said for Kannists and Berserkers, eh?

The planet holds little economic value. The few mountain ranges in the northern hemisphere have some rare minerals and metals, along with moon jade crystals used as fuel sources. Inland Seas are good sources of salt harvesting, but most of all, the soil is most suitable for agriculture and the local “Sandgrass”, high in nutrition, makes a good feed for farm animals. Most Towns you'll see in Tetsame are a cluster of small buildings with acres of farmland all over, mainly obstinate, sleepy towns until they get to work. Despite its unusual qualities, Tetsame does play a good role in feeding the Ten Empires.
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Credit goes to :iconidai-kitsune: for helping in the construction of many of these worlds.
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