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One of the oldest and well known worlds in the Ten Empires...and the central base of operations for the Joint Staff, the High Council, and the High Emperor Himself. It is exactly like Earth in many ways, but there are not so much problems involving pollution or poverty, though the gaps do still exist in cities such as Neo-Twin Pillars.

One major difference is that it's slightly larger gravity gives locals a higher amount of strength. Though it is often depicted to having four moons, one of them has been dubbed a dwarf planet, as the smallest Moon, Bearclaw, is found orbiting Nightshade, the largest and closest moon within safe orbit of Orodon. The four moons have tremendous effect on the tidal pulls of the world's oceans, and in Berseker and Ikish culture, they are worshipped as Gaea's Angels.

It is one of the more technologically advanced worlds, but the cities blend itself with the natural wilderness. As the resources required to build structures no longer require timber and fossil fuels, environmentalists have been given full privilege to preserve the wildernesses as they are. National Wildlife Parks, Game Preserves, Public Gardens...all of these have been saved for the purpose of keeping the planet a green and healthy place.

It is here that most military training takes place. It's diverse environments allow drill sergeants to train their soldiers in all fields of combat, from close combat to guerilla warfare, to naval fighting, and much, much more. With the war, despite the drafting bill having been rescinded ever since the Atomic Wars, a steady loss of soldiers and Mutant Zero's latent ability to control machines forces them more and more to turn to infantry as their way to fight.

Orodon is most well known for its berry, the arcticberry. Cyan in color, arctiberries have a dry texture, a bittersweet flavor with a cool aftertaste. Originally introduced to the Kannists by hired Berserker scouts many ages ago, they used to be found everywhere in marshlands, where whole shrubs thrived in the pungent, damp environment with little sunlight. Today, they are found in controlled processors for their juice. They are good sources of ethanol-far better than any fruit on Orodon-when under the influence of fermentation, using sugars and acids in the berries combined with small amounts of yeast. A potent alcoholic beverage, Arcticberry Wine is 10% more concentrated than Japanese sake, so many kannists prefer to add sugars and enhance the fruit's sweet flavor to be more tolerable; still, Arctiberry is recommended to be consumed in shot glasses. Only the most daring of teeter-totterers will drink them straight from the bottle.
Hehehe, decided to start something to help people for contest entries. A bit more details on the worlds and what's there.

This one is Orodon(Upper Left)
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