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Knowall: One of the more backwards worlds, Knowall is a frigid world with many similarities to earth. However...a thicker atmosphere and high altitudes along with a further distance from the sun results in colder weather and longer winters. Longer re-entries put strain on aerospacecraft coming in and out, forcing them to attach inertial dampeners and G-Diffusers to any local craft. The lacking of a moon creates tides at safe levels, but waves are very strong due to high widns. The atmosphere is very cloudy, with barely any visibility in or out of space. Occasionally, the clouds will clear, but only for a matter of hours. The rotation of the planet is also two hours longer than Eden, forcing clocks to be built with 13 numbers instead of standard twelve(Almost creepy in a way)

Knowall is a very poor planet for machinery. Freezing Weather, high humidity, constant blackouts due to breached energy transformers put a strain on budget, leaving little room for housing or much else. Many houses are deprived of heating during the winter, and are forced to live off inexpensive but more quickly expended oil lamps, or invest in high amounts of insulation. Above all, though, the abundant source of power is steam power. As water is very abundant in Knowall, Snow Harvesters are often seen during the winter shoveling truckloads of it to be processed in steam heaters, warming up entire villages. Some companies that supply these harvesters also provide fresh spring water, depending on where they're set on.

There are a two major continents seperated by a large ocean. Anything beyond the equator is glaciers and ice desert. Due to a high population of Knowall Kelp, one of the fastest growing plants in the Ten Empires, entire coasts and open water take on a tint of green, which can be seen even from space. The Kelp is a good source of riboflavin, vitamin C, and other vitamins and minerals, and thus many homes have the bitter smell of Knowall Kelp Stew, a staple meal for lower and middle class alike(Much like boiled cabbage in some rural areas of europe).

Due to the lack of metals, since most of it is imported from Mya-Kin, many homes are built out of pykrete and fiberglass insulation. Those that can actually afford homes made from wood or plasteel can enjoy the luxury of steam heating, though complaints of congestion, runny noses and stickiness are often heard.

Knowall is beautiful during the Summer, and is often a favorite site for tourism, skiing, taboganning, bobsledding, and every other winter sport you can think of. Other than that, economically, Knowall also has almost no economical value to the Ten Empires. It is, however, a place of military value. Anyone who can fortify Knowall during the summer before autumn hits controls the planet for an entire year, as the winter becomes too bitter for effective fighting. Because of this, some of the strongest military bases of operation can be found here, besides Orodon.
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Credit goes to :iconidai-kitsune: for helping in the construction of many of these worlds.
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