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Drek-Ajikk: The Jungle World of the Ten Empires. It has a much higher gravity than Orodon, and a tilt of 0 degrees. Even stranger is that its tilt is a perfect circle around the sun, making it summer all day long. Though on average, combined with humidity, the temperature is 105 degrees Farenheit, trade winds around the coast lower it to 80 degrees on average.

There is only one continent on Drek-Ajikk, a super continent which is almost overrun entirely by Vegetation. It is the oldest planet of the Ten Empires, where not even the mountains are visible. They've been slowly eroded away to a verdant state. Rainfall occurs very frequently on Drek-Ajikk, causing the jungle to flood. As such, much life lives in the trees. Even Berserkers and Kannists have adapted to a lifestyle of hanging villages, safely dangling in the trees as the water comes through. While this is troublesome, it also washes in sea life, including the delectable Golden Albacore, which often is lured to the inland shores to feed on its favorite prey, the Sand Krill, where it will unfortunately get stranded on land when the water drains out, suffocating itself.

Drek-Ajikk's wildlife is far more diverse than on any world ever recorded. Two noteable species are   the Butler Wasp, a creature from the Hymenopthera Class of insects about the size of a Heracles Beetle. It's superior social intelligence makes it more trainable than a dog, and the local Berserkers use these creatures effective to hunt small game or smell out larger game. The other is the rock worm, an invertebrate growing to about two feet long and eight inches in diameter. A behemoth of a lithivore, they live underground only to come during rainfall to absorb moisture through their porous skin.

These species and many more have yet to be discovered. The Science Division has been struggling for decades to enforce the ICRP on Drek-Ajikk just to accomplish this research. However, there's a bit of tension between the Science Division and the Joint Staff, Land Development, and Industry Division. The world has an abundant supply of timber and fossil fuels, not to mention rare jewels and mollusk shells deep within the oceans of Drek-Ajikk. Much of the Industry's transportation around the planet is fueled by petroleum-based power sources, and to some degree, has some economic value to the general market of the Ten Empires, including in some vehicles and ships. As such, deforestation and oil drilling has been a constant issue for Drek-Ajikk, along with global warming. On the other hand, however, dealing with the local predators often results in major budget cuts, pulling out loans, etc. etc.

It's a mixed blessing for the Science Division. While it does discourage mining and pollution, it also does result in the Industry Division being even more determined to get at it, even as their budgets continue to plummet from the losses of manpower and machinery.   
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Credit goes to :iconidai-kitsune: for helping in the construction of many of these worlds.
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