Worlds of M-59: Aquarius III

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Aquarius III: a recently new planet added to the worlds occupied by the Ten Empires, it's not officially rectified yet. It's only under the protection of the ICRP, not the Ten Empires, which means that any form of military protection comes directly from the Science Division's budget, and are only allowed to hire mercenaries.

It's the third moon of a Jovian somewhere in the Ursae Majoris System, a planet recently discovered by a rift science probe. Photographs showed images of ice rock/lava based and no traces of an atmosphere...but further seismic and geological scans picked up what was possibly hotspots and water flows. After some troublesome paperwork, a science team was sent on a five year mission to explore Aquarius III in the hopes of discovering life or possible commercial opportunities for the Ten Empires.

That's how Brine Labs was founded. Ever since then, they've learned much about the planet, and that there is an ecosystem thriving entirely devoid of sunlight, using a unique energy source known as chemosynthesis. Even greater is that this world possesses an intelligent life form and communication has slowly become effective between the two.

Aquarius III, the unofficial water world of the Ten Empires, is an exciting world currently for the Science Division.
Last world of the Ten Empires: Aquarius III(Lower right, bottom)

I'll possibly post human worlds next.

Credit goes to :iconidai-kitsune: for helping in the construction of many of these worlds.
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