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VG-15 Cleaner Drone

This is the 15th model of the “Vigilance” Class cleaner drones. This medium sized drone was not built for combat, but rather simple cleaning duties. The chemicals it uses to clean walls however, along with its brushers, have limited self-defense applications.

It moves on a tripod system of wheels, with the two front wheels fixed and the rear wheel moving freely on a pivot joint. It scours the floors spraying a floor cleaning chemical on the floor in a foamy shape, which it scrubs across the floor with its large bottom brush. The chemical is an aqueous solution at a high temperature, and will evaporate in a matter of minutes. Using its Infrared Camera, it comes with a voicebox to warn passerbys of slippery floors.

For polishing walls, it has two mobile arms with rotating scubbers on the ends. Making use of both TV and UV imaging, along with magnification lenses going as far as 100X, it searches for messy spots on the walls and cleans them with great vigilance. The center of the scrubbers makes room for a nozzle that sprays cleaning chemicals while it scrubs away. The supply comes from dispensable spray cans that are attached on in a cylindrical cache. It can also be used for glass cleaning asides from polishing, but the scrubbers would need to be replaced with a spinning wiper.

It runs on a wet-cell battery power supply that needs replacing every two decacycles. The computer system itself is installed beneath its body, and comes equipped with an advanced Artificial Intelligence system, though most of its thinking processes are centered around its cleaning duties. Making conversation with a Cleaning Drone is almost pointless, unless you took an interest in cleanliness or chemical products. :P

All right! ...That's everything for this next chapter. D: Everything that needed's been finished! ...It's up to you now to finish the script. Hurry soon. I'm eager to start on this chapter already. :3

As always, C&C well appreciated! :D
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