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UEFGF Military Attack Drone

This is a groundrunner class military attack drone put into use by the United Earth Federation when they could afford the resources to provide a war machine of robots. Near the middle of the 23rd century, however, resources had been expended so greatly, production of all robots had to be stopped immediately. For once, human beings were slowly gaining the foothold in the backbone of the world's armies. All that was ever done to robots and machines from then on were second rate maintenance and repairs. Military machines received better treatment than household robots, of course.


The Groundrunner is equipped with a Galvanic RPK 300 with a five round semi automatic grenade launcher. Four 300-round drum magazines are mounted on its shoulders for reloading purposes, but no extra grenades are given. Any amount of grenades(a maximum of five per unit) issued to the drone would be the only ones they'd ever received. Afterwhich, they're on they're on. Also, in the back of the robot's upper torso is a cache with an auto-lock only it's primary cpu can unlock. When it's unlatched, a weapons' casket will land on the ground, containing all the parts needed to assemble a lightweight hornet class rocket launcher. The catch is it can't mount it on its shoulders until it's expended the drum magazines first...or at least chocked them to make way for the ballistics weapon. The rocket launcher is used as a last resort, in conclusion.


Some parts of the drone may seem rather bare, but the alloys used to construct the spindly arms and legs are rather dense, and yet are molded hollow to fit in electrical wires and fluid cords. The only way to attack these wires and cords is through openings in the joints of the robot. Durasteel armor plating is installed as best as possible to ensure efficiency but not reduce mobility. Durasteel plating is also placed heavily around the hands and feet and the chest cavity, which houses the drones vital hardware. Any damage to these delicate pieces of electronic can result in severe malfuntioning and, ultimately, termination of the drone.

The drone has two units with system hardware. The primary system is located in the chest cavity. The other is located in the head. The head serves as the main camera of the drone which houses multiple types of vision, including TV, IR, NV and EMF. The unit also houses the drones combat microchip, which allows it to make complex decisions on taking the best action to ensure victory. The head is not essential to the drones' function, however, but if it's removed, the drone is limited to motion detectors and basic commands. In order for it to make any decisive tactics, it must be aided by a manual voice override.

I think that's all the information I have on this drone for now.

Questions, critique and comments are well appreciated! :D
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