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Tilchi's new uniform

Ah, getting close to finishing all of the reference pieces! I'm so excited! Soon I shall be working on comic pages, I hope(If ever finishes editing my script.) Gyp-, this is one of the pics you've been asking about, so I'm expecting you to leave a comment on this! I mean it! X3

All right, now. We have General Kings wearing the suit to demonstrate how it would fit. The suit is a vacuum-sealed uniform, designed for both within starships and outer space. The imperial insignia is painted on one shoulder pad while the soldier's rank is painted on the other. This is a uniform now becoming common practice amongst enlisted, non-commissioned and commissioned officers alike. Attempts to prevent casualties is becoming a greater concern to the Joint Staff. Designs of the suit may vary from Kannist to Kannist depending on species, size, and some genetic traits like plantigrade or digitigrade feet.

The suit has is defensively strong. Titanite chest plating protects both computer systems and the wearer. Petroleum durasteel(A type of super-strong plastic enhanced with prolonged x-ray exposure) plating is found on various parts of the suit, mostly concentrated on the forearms, shoulders, and lower legs and feet. Areas revealing spacesuit material is reinforced with a bulletproof fiber suit that the wearer must wear over another skin tight suit for comfort. An energy shield generator along with an EM shield generator is located in the center of the wearers suit, and is operated with buttons and a toggle switch. As a means of self-defense, a small pocket sewn onto the suit holds enough room for a standard sized blaster.

The helmet, which is assembled around the head with three pieces, must be worn before venturing out into space. A solar powered detector automatically lowers gold shields over the visor for protection against sunlight. The opsat and lifesupport monitors are shut off when the helmet is on, and a wireless data card feeds information into the helmet, displaying an HUD, Threat Assessment, Life Support Statistics and an Opsat. The computer exexcutes commands through the voice of the wearer.

Venturing out into space can be dangerous, but the Vacuum sealed uniform is equipped with many tools. The Life Support pack will keep the wearer alive for at the very most twenty four hours. It is refilled with a small tubing measuring 15 mm wide and sealed with a Titanite Cap. A Voice command module in the back locks and unlocks it in place by the wearer's command. Hidden thrusters built in on the lower leg plates use gas propulsion from the life support pack to help the wearer move around better, though reducing the Life Support's supply in the process. Boots using magnetism allow the wearer to stick and walk on objects with ferrous properties(But cannot be used when EM shields are on.). The wearer can be dislodged if the ship attempts quick maneuvering or acceleration.

Overall, it is a good well-rounded suit, though this army version is not exactly designed for battles of attrition. Marines and other soldiers issued Power armor will fare better in battle.

Hmmm...something's occurred to me that I should use something for the Joint Staff's uniforms. I'll most likely use the uniforms worn by the detectives. What they wore was pretty standard issue. XD

C&C well appreciated! ^_^
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Awesome suit your comic is going to rick out loud bud.