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The Energikes


Ah, Here we go. Now that I've basically finished all the Kannist starship designs for this particular chapter, I can move on to other parts of designing...such as the creation of my newest alien race, the Energikes. Heh, their name is a play off the term, “Energy Spike.” Pretty clever if I do say so myself, eh?

I've been discussing the pros and cons of Energikes for quite a while with Deathscythechan, and the pros outweighed the cons by a landslide, something I had never intended. But on the last minute, it finally occurred to me what I could do to the Energikes to make them seem less omnipotent, even if it does sound rather science fictiony. Forgive me, Deathscythechan. :3

Well anyway, a bit of a background story. Ahem.

After the recovery of the Mutants, a recon ship had seen a black hole stabilize a few million miles away, spitting out all the matter that it had devoured. Five minutes later, power supplies began to run low. Technicians investigated the trouble to discover a band of aliens had unexpectantly breached their ship and had begun to sap away at their power supplies. After a mild confrontation, the aliens came to their senses. They spoke to the Kannists in Telepathy and apologized for their nonsensical behavior.

And for a long while, both races exchanged stories and histories. The Kannists then had heard the whole story. The Energikes were once a race of physical alien beings who had discovered faster than light travel. Consequently, it translated them into a sort of energy beings themselves in the process. They had never seen their new forms as an excuse to conquer other worlds. They saw it as a new form of existence of peace and enlightenment. But at one point, their whole civilization had been caught into a black hole and were all sucked in, but not destroyed. Their new forms allowed them to stay in a state of suspended animation before they finally broke free, but emerged disoriented and somewhat “hungry”.

Once again apologizing, the Kannnists shared their history and their current war against the Renegades. In their state of slumber, the Energikes themselves had seen lucid visions of a race of machines founding a empire of steel and fire, entire races and civilizations falling slaves to it. Fearing for the balance of the galaxy and the cosmoes themselves, the Energikes swore an alliance with the Kannists to be rid of the Renegades and their Empire. With their aid, the Kannists have advanced their own technology in ways they never imagined possible before.

An Energike's life cycle is similar to that of the stars themselves. Their lives span as far as a hundred million years until their lives begin to fade. Age takes it toll when their bodies hue from a bright yellow to a deep red...then they shrivel to a sort of white shade, and finally diminish into a “black dwarf” sort of corpse. They commonly live only once, but they can be “reborn” through an unnatural death.

Studies of the Energikes shows immunity to most Renegade conventional weapons, though energy weapons can be put to good use against them. Magnetism traps them, and a field of EMP results in their instant termination. High concentrations of gravity cannot kill them, but will place them in a state of stasis. Their own array of offensive weaponry is amazing.

They're able to move as fast as the speed of light, almost as if they were teleporting. They can pass through some conductive materials but not materials like rubber and wood. In addition, they can travel through electrical power systems in the form of a power surge. Along with shifting themselves into an array of energy based melee weapons, they can discharge blasts of energy from their own bodies, but must restore energy back into themselves soon after. It is a parasitic behavior they loathe above all things and try their best not to be trouble to lesser beings. Some theories suggest they may have been using their own starships as a source of “food” before they began taking advantage of the Renegades' power supplies.

In spite of being forms of energy, there is a limit to how much energy they can intake to remain stable. Excess energy is expelled in a sort of radiating aura. Energy weapons can be used effectively to overload them with more energy than they can take in, resulting in them to explode in a very small scale super nova. Seconds later, what little remains of their stability collapses, forming into a gravity well, sucking everything within reach for a matter of seconds before stabilizing. The Energike's life is terminated, but the particles that had created it would still exist. Eventually, the particles would reassemble, resulting in the Energike being “Reborn from the Ashes.” Though still only in theory, antimatter weapons are believed to be super affective against the Energikes, though perhaps a bit too costly to use.

Energikes are genderless, though they possess the distinct outlines of male and female before they had been translated. Children version of Energikes look like a mix between both males and females. As Energy Beings, they are unable to reproduce. They can divide themselves into smaller, weaker versions of themselves or unite into super giants...but they lack the ability to create more of themselves, unless they were to have other species go through the same process that made them who they were today; that is unlikely, however, as they find it morally wrong to burden lower creatures with such power. As a result, they are a dying race. They are not in danger of going extinct yet, but their numbers are dwindling. It's only a matter of time before the Energikes and their secrets sink away into darkness.

C&C well appreciated! :D
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nice pic and your descriptions are interesting